Today is the start of Week 4 in Lockdown Britain. The CV-19 news and death stats haven’t changed significantly. Boris Johnson is out of hospital and recuperating at Chequers. Some very brave authors are very carefully starting to ask tentative questions about China in ‘Our MSM’ . There are questions about the Lockdown Exit strategy. Then there are questions about numbers, about care for patients not infected with CV-19, and about the EU. 

Firstly then the reports from across the Channel. They make me glad that we’re Out, and they ought to be a potent reminder for our government not even to think about an extension. According to Ms EU vdLeyen, all old people ‘may need to isolate’ until the end of this year (link) – words fail me!

Then there’s the simmering strife between the mediterranean states and ‘the frugal North’. It’s about money, about those ‘corona bonds’ which the southern states want and the northern ones do not – see here and here

More particularly there are reports about France and Macron. This one is interesting, or ought to be, not just because of the French poll about the French being extremely dissatisfied with Macron’s handling of the pandemic, but because of this statement by one of his EU Commissioners:

“The French24 host said: “The latest polls show that 3 French people out of 4 believe the government has lied about the crisis. “Did Emmanuel Macron and his government show a lack of insight and preparation according to you?” Mr Breton responded: “No one was prepared for this crisis. We need to be fully aware of that fact. We have all been swept away by a tsunami of an unprecedented size it is affecting all of us.” (link)

Ah! So it’s not just our bumbling (according to ‘Our MSM’) government which was caught out but France and, it seems, the whole of the EU. How did that happen?

Next, a report pinpointing another issue which the French are apparently not going to take lying down. It’s the infamous tracking app which is fascinating not just our government and ‘Our MSM’ but governments in the EU as well:

“The [French] government is developing a “StopCovid” contact tracing application that would use location tracking to send phone alerts to people who have come into close contact with a person infected with the coronavirus. They would then get tested or self-isolate. But nearly half of French people would refuse to download the “StopCovid” app because of concerns about confidentiality and privacy, according to an opinion poll published on Sunday. The survey by IFOP, a leading polling firm, for the Jean-Jaurès Foundation think tank, suggests that 53 per cent of people would be hostile to a compulsory tracing system using mobile data.” (link)

Such track-and-test apps seem what governments will try to foist upon us to ‘allow’ themselves measures to lift Lockdown restrictions and get the economies going.

The DT writes that Sunak and Hancock are going for a ‘holistic’ approach, with ministers going to be presented with yet more models (link). They are talking about ‘tipping points’ and the threat of a 30% decrease in GDP. That is certain to affect the tax basis which would shrink while expenditure is rising. ‘Ministers’ in cabinet are thus starting to ask for restrictions to be lifted, but see this:

“Tomorrow scientific advisers are meeting to discuss the latest evidence on the lockdown before a decision on Thursday on whether to extend it. However, The Times has been told that the review is a “formality” and it will be extended for at least another three weeks. Ministers are now pushing for restrictions to be eased in May […] They said that Boris Johnson would probably be fit enough by then to make the decision himself.” (link, paywalled)

That looks like more ‘jam tomorrow’ to me. I also note that none of those ministers are willing to raise their heads above the parapet and allow themselves being quoted by name for this article. Why are they allowed to remain anonymous? Meanwhile, expect more ‘experts’ to be wheeled out in order to attack whatever the government comes up with (link), playing with the death statistic numbers. 

Since we’re now confined to argue with friends and family on social media (that includes emails), here’s a report, with excellent graphs, from our friends at facts4eu which you cannot afford to miss. Why is it that neither ‘Our MSM’ nor government nor government agencies are making the distinction between dying with and dying of CV-19?

Why is it that only now are some in ‘Our MSM’ looking at the effect the Lockdown has on the elderly, not just those living in our communities but especially those living in care homes (link, paywalled)? Worse, why is it that, thanks to the effect of the Lockdown and the focus in ‘Our NHS’ on CV-19, cancer patients are protecting ‘Our NHS’ to such an extent that they aren’t even seeing their GPs (link), never mind asking for referrals? 

Here’s the next stick with which the government will be clobbered in the coming days. It’s not the lack of protective clothing which is solely the fault of the government, never of PHE which must not be criticised because it’s part of Our Sacred Cow – it’s drugs for anaesthetics:

“Intensive care units across the country are suffering from shortages of vital medicines including anaesthetic as the coronavirus crisis hits supplies. Reports emerged yesterday that stores of key drugs were “running low” with hospitals in the Midlands especially badly hit. […] Ron Daniels, an intensive care consultant in the West Midlands, told the BBC that his hospital was “running low” on propofol, a commonly used anaesthetic.” (link, paywalled)

Propofanol and other drugs as well as their precursor substances are being manufactured nearly exclusively in China. German anaesthetists have been pointing out the increasing scarcity of those drugs since September last year. Why have our ‘journalists’ been unaware of these reports? 

That brings us to China … and there are first signs that people are now starting to focus on that country. Here’s a report based on a poll of British people, and here are quotes from an opinion piece in the Times:

“First, the death and destruction caused by the coronavirus stem directly from the deceit and bullying that is the hallmark of the Chinese Communist Party. The authorities have given no clue to the outbreak’s origins, other than to quote conspiracy theories blaming an American military delegation that visited Wuhan in October. They have silenced brave local doctors and journalists who tried to give warning of the danger. The mainland regime’s obsessive desire to make Taiwan into an un-country meant that the World Health Organisation, supine towards Beijing, ignored the offshore Chinese democracy when on December 31 it sounded the alarm, telling the UN body that something more than pneumonia was spreading there.” (link, paywalled)

Why is it that journalists in ‘Our MSM’ prefer to accuse the government of being unprepared when Johnson and his cabinet were actually following WHO and ‘expert’ advice? Next:

“In mid-January, the Chinese authorities were still denying that there was any clear evidence of human-to-human transmission. Worried about losing face, they let a huge festival go ahead in Wuhan that drew tens of thousands of people. When the Beijing authorities did finally lock down the plague-stricken region, they banned air links with the rest of China — but not between Wuhan and the outside world. Earlier action could have forestalled the global plague. We are all paying the price for that.” (link, paywalled)

Indeed – and this next quote illustrates that our government and MSM pundits seem to have been criminally gullible when it comes to China:

“Not only has China dodged blame for the pandemic, it is taking credit for dealing with it. At home it highlights stunts such as the rapid building of 10,000-bed “hospitals” — actually prefabricated quarantine wards. Abroad it practises “facemask diplomacy”: the provision of lavish shipments of medical supplies (often sub-standard, or dressed up commercial shipments) to hard hit countries such as Italy. More is to come. The poorest countries in the world will be hardest hit by the pandemic. China’s squeeze on them will tighten further, with the promise of new infrastructure or debt relief in return for political compliance.” (link, paywalled)

I wonder if the author has watched this video. Several readers, here in the Uk and from across the Big Pond, have now drawn my attention to it. While we’re all told not to watch ‘fake news’ and just ‘believe the authorities’ and ‘proper news sources’ (like, ahem the BBC, perhaps?), this is a very well documented piece and cannot be brushed aside as  ‘fake’, ‘crackpot’ and all the rest of the labels we know so well.

I won’t hold my breath to wait for journalists in Our MSM to take notice, never mind asking the questions this video raises – not just about the Pandemic outbreak but about the role China is playing and will play in scientific research and in world economics once the West is lifting restrictions to get the economy going. Perhaps you’d like to educate your MP – they’ve got enough time on their hands now to watch that video.

At the start of Week Four of the Lockdown let’s hope that, with Johnson out of hospital, the government finds its rudder again and, after the obligatory reverence to ‘Our NHS’, we’ll see some decisions being made about getting us out of our homes again.

Perhaps someone might even ask if we should differentiate between NHS frontline workers and the NHS managerial classes and the NHS quangos. Perhaps someone might even ask about the role ‘Our MSM’ have played in this crisis. Perhaps some MPs might even follow the inimitable Sir John Redwood who published the letter he wrote to Cabinet ministers in his diary today. And perhaps someone might even ask why it is that the elderly, under the cloak of ‘caring for the vulnerable’, should be treated to eight more months of house arrest. Where are the ‘human rights activists’?




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