This virus is ‘tricky’ – who knew! 


I was on a strict “no MSM whatsoever” diet all day yesterday and was therefore looking forward with some trepidation to this morning’s headlines: what covid outrages has our Covid Politburo come up with over St Valentine’s Day? Not a lot, is the answer – although there are some hair-raising inanities to be found. Speaking of which, only one paper – the Daily Star – has come up with a headline putting all the rest of the MSM to shame: “Publicity-shy woman tells 7,67bn people that she is pregnant”. Just so – and yes: the rest of the print editions have, on their front pages, ‘that photo’, so carefully, artfully produced. This is now ‘news’? Blimey.

Well, I did find some ‘news’, about two covid things. One is that the covid dictators are relishing their new-found coercive powers. Alright, that’s not strictly ‘news’, but it’s always good to collect evidence of their silliness. The other is that ‘authorities’ even in that small covid-free ‘paradise’ that is NZ, allegedly, are as ignorant as our own covid authorities. More on that below.

Firstly, let’s look at our own ‘latest’. The goalposts are being shifted yet again. Mr Raab told the Sunday TV audience that Lockdown rulz won’t be eased, vaccines or not:

“The foreign secretary has rejected an “arbitrary” demand from lockdown-sceptic Tory MPs for all coronavirus restrictions to be lifted by the end of April amid cabinet tensions. […] Raab said, that although ministers wanted to lift controls as quickly as possible it was essential to ensure first that the disease was under control. Ministers are considering a phased approach to easing lockdown restrictions. Under a “superfast” plan being considered, pubs and restaurants could reopen for outdoor service in April and for indoor service the following month.” (link, paywalled)

Why can the rest of the population not be let out and do their own business when the ‘cohort of the vulnerable’, the over 70s, have been successfully vaccinated as the MSM tell us? Well, don’t expect a reasonable answer from that lot! It seems to have escaped their attention that not only is Easter taking place on April 4th, there are also the local elections which are allegedly going to take place early in May.

I say ‘allegedly’, because I can’t see those elections happening when people are still locked down. So far, there have been no indications that these elections are going to take place ‘online’. Given the expertise in goalpost shifting we’ve witnessed so far, I suggest that the Covid Politburo will announce a postponement of said elections. After all, a few more months are neither here nor there between covid zealots!.

Next, there’s the imprisonment of travellers from ‘Red Zone’ countries in those ‘quarantine hotels’ starting today – a measure taken by ‘Yon Matt H.’ without parliamentary scrutiny, never mind approval, don’t forget! First, here’s an outcry:

“The Times has learnt that no routine protocols have been put in place to limit interaction before travellers from high-risk countries are identified and forced to self-isolate in hotels. It is feared that up to 1,000 passengers a day entering Britain from 33 “red list” countries could potentially spread mutant strains of coronavirus before they reach the hotels.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear! Haven’t passengers from those Red List Countries been checked by those airlines for covid infections before boarding? If not – why not? Perhaps such checks are deemed unreasonable and too difficult to enforce, never mind that surely the whole planet should work together to ‘squash’ the virus? There’s more:

“Heathrow, Britain’s busiest airport, warned yesterday that queues at passport control have been up to five hours long recently. Officials blamed a shortage of Border Force staff, saying that many desks were left empty.” (link, paywalled)

Do the Heathrow managers expect that the Border Force is covid-immune, that they don’t have to follow the quarantine rulz and imprison themselves when the Test&Trace app tells them to? Clearly not! Next, see this:

“In a strongly worded statement, the airport said that the situation was “totally unacceptable” and warned that some arriving flights might have to be suspended if the backlog could not be cleared more quickly. Repeated criticism has been made of long queues and the lack of social distancing in terminals. Critics have warned that it is a recipe for a superspreading event.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear. Are airport authorities incapable of enforcing ‘social distancing’ on their premises? One wonders if Heathrow, if those critics and if our Covid Politburo have any evidence that airports create ‘superspreader events’. I’ve not heard of such …

Before I ask the next question, you might like to look at the segment on ’Red Zones’ – with map – in this morning’s Lockdown Sceptics Newsletter (link). No – I’m not asking if this government map of ‘Red Zones’ doesn’t look somewhat racist. I am asking if all those ‘Zero Covid’ fanatics are ignorant of the fact that these mutants, especially the SA one, have already been found all over Europe. Surely people flying in from the Continent ought to be quarantined as well? Is ‘Yon Matt H.’ not demanding a blanket quarantine because Labour demanded it?

Here’s another ‘covid thing’: vaccination passports. Mr Raab – I seem to remember that he’s the Foreign, not the Health Secretary but apparently anyone from the Covid Cabinet is permitted to scare us plebs on a Sunday – told the nation that “government was considering using vaccine passports at the “domestic or local level”.” (link, paywalled). According to The Times, this is putting him ‘at odds’ with No 10 which has ruled out such local vaccine passports even though they might consider them for international travel. 

Clearly, after decades in the EU, Raab and indeed all the Whitehall Mandarins have internalised the remarks made by a certain M Juncker who said that ‘they’ll put something on the table and if no-one objects they continue until there’s no turning back’ and are following this ‘prescription’: the idea of a vaccine passport has been put on the table since the mass jabbery started. No-one has objected, and so they will come into being. After all, tech firms are already developing apps, with government money – and none other than the former Labour PM Blair has demanded a ‘global vaccine passport’ scheme (link, paywalled).

Meanwhile, the saintly PM of NZ, in her effort to keep her country totally Covid-Free, has just put Auckland into a ‘snap quarantine’: 

“She acted after three members of a family tested positive for Covid-19. Investigators were looking for the source of the outbreak and testing whether the strain matched other cases identified in New Zealand. Ardern said the outbreak showed how “tricky” Covid-19 had been.” (link, paywalled)

Naughty covid! Tricking trustful PMs! Even after a year of WuFlu! Now look at this  statement which is interesting on several levels:

“Chris Hipkins, a health minister, said: “There are a number of gaps in our knowledge around these cases. One of the things I’m looking for is more information on the likely source . . . that’s still a piece of the puzzle that’s missing. We’ll also be looking for whether there is any evidence Covid-19 could be out there in the community and circulating among others.” (link, paywalled)

Does T&T not work properly in NZ? How can they not know where this ‘outbreak’ came from? Perhaps they’re not saying? Fingers are being pointed at those covid quarantine hotels. Secondly and far more importantly is the apparent admission that the virus ‘could be out there and circulating in the community’. Haven’t they by now T&T’ed all inhabitants of NZ? It’s not precisely an over-populated country, is it!

Perhaps it has escaped the notice of the NZ PM and her health ministers and indeed of AUS provincial health ministers  – Melbourne is locked down again – that the Southern Hemisphere is just a few weeks away from the official beginning of autumn. Haven’t many non-government scientists pointed out that that covid is a seasonal virus, with outbreaks comparable to seasonal flu outbreaks? So an outbreak, even a small one, surely might be expected in the run-up to autumn and winter?

Ah well – perhaps we’re now entering a twilight zone where ‘strangers’ are going to be suspect everywhere, locally, nationally and internationally. In their zeal of declaring their country ‘covid-free’, governments everywhere promote this pernicious attitude, aided and abetted by willing covid zealots. 

I’ll  leave you with news of a stunning ‘success’ by police forces fighting “hate speech”. First, there’s this admission:

“Allegations of hate speech made against 120,000 people have been logged by police, prompting criticism that they have diverted attention from forces tackling other priorities, such as violent crime. […] In response to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request, none of the 43 police forces in England and Wales could cite any crime that had been prevented and 20 said that they did not have a system to monitor the effectiveness of recording the claims.” (link, paywalled)

Then there’s this statement by the co-founder of the ‘Fair Cop’ campaign group, which carried out that survey:

“These reports have allowed the police to become weaponised by woke activists who seek to attack and shut people up if they dare to express any views that they do not agree with.” (link, paywalled)

Indeed – but I respectfully suggest that it’s not just ‘woke activists’ who’ve used this instrument. The lockdowninans, the covid fanatics, have been using it to stifle debate as well. That’s why and that’s how the covid Politburo is getting away with taking away more and more of our liberties.

The outlook is grim – because these instruments will be used again, once the Covid Politburo changes into a ‘Green Blob’ Politburo. You’ve been warned.




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