What does Brexit have to do with the Covid-19 pandemic? Quite a lot, as I’ll try and explain below. As I’m no medical doctor don’t expect any ‘health advice’ in this article. However, as a ‘veteran’ of the various global warming/climate change/climate extinction campaigns and as veteran of the Leave campaign, I am rather good at recognising bovine excrement spewed by governments, MSM and vested interests. 

Let’s first look at COVID-19 and Brexit. We’ve noted that some Remainers took the opportunity last week to demand that Johnson beg for an extension because of the virus. They will now have found another reason because the WTO is going to ‘suspend meetings’ in Geneva:

Director-General Roberto Azevedo announced the drastic measures today, with all WTO staff told to work from home until the end of March.” (link)

If people are ‘working from home’, they are working, no? And if governments across the globe are taking unbureaucratic measures – never mind how useful they’ll turn out to be in the end – then surely the WTO bureaucrats can be expected to do the same? Or is it that they expect their employees to simply skive off? 

Then there’s the EU … our friends at facts4eu have taken a look at the EU’s response to the pandemic – it’s devastating, so do check out their report (link)!

Meanwhile back here in the UK the MSM, especially the TV broadcasters, were lambasting the government for two aspects in combatting the pandemic. One is this new expression they’ve got their teeth into without understanding what it means: “herd immunity”. The other is the proposal to keep all over-70s isolated in their homes.

Looking at ‘herd immunity’ first, it’s remarkable that this is being spun in the MSM as something horrific, as if government ‘wants us all to die’. The publications promoting this interpretation also seem to imply that it’s ever so slightly disrespectful, labelling the population as ‘herd’, as if we were sheep – perish the thought, especially when you look at reports and photos of people emptying supermarket shelves of pasta and bog roll!

What then about the truly ghastly proposal of quarantining all over-70s for four months? We don’t know yet if this will go ahead, the COBRA meeting later today will tell the nation if this proposal – leaked to the Guardian at the weekend – will become reality. The accompanying proposal that the police will be given ‘emergency powers’ to detain and fine any who ‘refuse to self-isolate’ (here, here, paywalled here and here), meaning jail and a fine of £1,000 a pop, is serious:

“People suspected of having coronavirus who defy public health advice could be taken into custody or fined up to £1,000 under the powers. They could also be detained in a secure hospital for up to 14 days.” (link, paywalled)

We have ‘secure hospitals’? What and where are they? It is deeply worrying that the MSM report this staggering measure, this unheard-of curtailing of our liberties, giving the police unheard-of powers, with barely a raising of editorial eyebrows. This is the same Westminster commentariat screaming ‘racists’ at the drop of a hat when it’s about curtailing the activities of those who, for example in London, create daily bloodbaths. It gets worse:

“Mr Hancock confirmed yesterday that the bill would be published on Thursday, and the new power would be in place for two years.” (link, paywalled)

Two years – even though the same MSM have published another ‘leaked’ document: representatives of ‘Our NHS’ and ‘Public Health England’ were talking about a truly worst-case scenario according to which this epidemic here in the UK could last until spring 2021 (link, link, paywalled). That leak, Interestingly, also went straight to the Guardian … Is it now two years until spring 2021?

To emphasise the seriousness of it all, there are also reports coming from NHS figures that ‘Hospitals could run out of oxygen within hours:

“In a special webinar organised by the Association of Anaesthetists, watched by around 1,000 medics this weekend, experts admitted that there was not enough equipment or staff available to fight the crisis. The experts predicted that a hospital with 10 patients with coronavirus would run out of the crucial sedation drug propofol within 11 days and alfentanil – a painkiller and anaesthetic – in less than 24 hours. They also warned that there was already a national shortage of opioid fentanyl. Stricken hospitals could also run short of oxygen within “hours rather than days, […]” (paywalled link)

Oddly enough, weeks ago when the epidemic was only rampaging through Wuhan and Hubei province, German doctors pointed out already that stocks for propofol and alfentanil were dangerously low because they are manufactured in and exported from China.

So the warning from those UK doctors, serious as it is, is not really about ‘everybody with a coronavirus infection will swamp Our NHS’, it’s about a woefully prepared NHS thanks to how Our NHS is managed: they can’t do anything on their own, they apparently need Government directives. Why is that? Didn’t the NHS managers (not the doctors) take this seriously, something which they and of course the MSM are now blaming Johnson for? Or did the managers curtail initiatives of critical-care doctors? Who knows – we’ll certainly not hear or read any reports asking such questions.

Then there are those tests which, if caught by the police, you must submit to. However, according to a report (here) NHS staff will not be tested unless they’re seriously ill with secondary pneumonia. That’s helpful – not! Other NHS staff are ‘seriously anguished’ because government hasn’t taken more drastic measures yet (paywalled here). They seem to believe that Johnson ought to have gone ‘full China’ weeks ago.

And so to the over-70s. In a sweeping proposal which ought to be sufficiently drastic for the Johnson bashers, the whole cohort of that age group will be told to stay at home. “Details” will be set out in the coming days, but meanwhile The Times has this helpful advice about self-isolation and the over-70s:

“More detailed instructions will be issued once the advice changes but self-isolating means not going out, not having visitors and not answering the door. Deliveries should be left on the doorstep or in a similar place. – Could older people actually be told not to go out at all? There is unlikely to be a full ban on leaving the house. The rule of thumb when going out is to avoid coming closer than two metres or three steps from someone else.” (link, paywalled)

So all oldies will be told to ‘self-isolate’, perhaps permitted to get sniff of fresh air in their back gardens so they have one. The police, we might assume, will chase all white-haired oldies wielding a stick back into their homes. This is a welcome development for all those who’ve blamed everything and their own misery on ‘baby boomers’. Finally, for the sake of ‘Our Health’, ageism is officially going to be encouraged!

The same Labour Remainers who deplored that the ‘thick old Brexiteers’ ruined the future of the EUrophilic yoof and should just curl up and die so a new Referendum can be won are now deploring that ‘the Torees’ aren’t protecting ‘our old’ who will die needlessly.

Perhaps you’d like to read this article by Ms Sarah Vine, the missus of a certain Michael Gove, who seems to think this is a wonderful opportunity for ‘the yoof’ to show neighbourliness. I think that a certain David Blunkett, formerly Home Secretary, gets it right when he says it’s wrong to ‘stigmatise’ his generation (link).

The consequences for the lives of all over 70s should this emasure be implemented will be truly horrific. Some comment posters helpfully proposed that oldies could perhaps wear yellow security vests so they can go out to get fresh air, indicating to all others to keep away. If you’re old, it seems, you’re a ‘pest carrier’ who must be shunned …

Strangely enough, in the ‘good old days’ at the beginning of this year, no such proposals were even thought about when we saw this report in the DT, from the 3rd of January 2020:

The number of people hospitalised with flu this winter is almost ten times as high as this time last year, new figures show. The NHS statistics also show rates of winter vomiting bug are a quarter higher, putting hospitals under mounting pressure. […] Total numbers hospitalised with flu have now reached 3,152 this season, compared with 331 last  year, the figures show.” (paywalled link)

I can’t recall any outcry for ‘measures’, e.g. isolating people, can you? Are these COIVD-19 measures perhaps meant to protect “Our NHS” who can now finally decline treating oldies for any of their ailments which are not to do with the coronavirus?

I don’t know if I really want to live in a society where such proposals as those described above can even be thought about, never mind be enforced. Still – it’s for us to show that we won’t be cowed and that we bloody well will




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