Is this it? Is today really the promised day of freedom? Or is it yet another fata morgana, fabricated by the covid mafia? Will we take this opportunity to kick down the whole crumbling covid edifice? The ‘news’ coming from No 10 yesterday and from those few ‘sources’ who apparently haven’t yet been pinged are a clear indicator that even the covid emperors couldn’t possibly believe one word they are saying.

We were told that this nice ‘trial’ according to which BJ and Sunak wouldn’t have to self-isolate but could go out after two days and one PCR test wasn’t some sort of privilege just for the cabinet members, oh no! Other government departments like the Border Farce were part of this trial, as was Transport London, we were told.

Why then are there staff shortages in Border Farce personnel controlling retiring Heathrow passengers? Why are tube lines close, why are shelves in supermarkets empty when all those workers should’ve followed that ‘pilot scheme’? Did anyone ask why that should be the case when they’re all part of this ‘trial? Of course not!

Next, we’re told that BJ and Sunak did a very quick U-Turn: it took them “only 160 minutes” to declare that yes, they’d be obedient covid lemmings now, following ‘teh rulz’. What is so galling is that this is only described as political embarrassment:

“In a further embarrassing climbdown, it has since been confirmed that Number 10 has withdrawn from the scheme entirely. But on Sunday night, Cabinet ministers warned that the damage may already have been done. One said: “It does look like it is one rule for politicians and senior civil servants and another rule for everyone else. I just wouldn’t have piloted it with the Cabinet Office.” (paywalled link)

Why did the covid empire need such ‘pilot scheme’ in the first place? Was it to exempt the VIPs while we peasants were kept in line? Why was this scheme kept so well hidden, even by our diligent MSM which only mentioned in passing that Gove had made use of that scheme last month? Was there no SAGE-sanctioned ‘scientific’ rationale behind this scheme?

Now we’re told that No 10 – the whole lot of them, from the PM down to the last SpAd – has withdrawn from that scheme. Does this mean the Cabinet Office and all who were ‘in contact’ with Mr Javid now also have to self-isolate? What a delicious image: the ‘levers of power’ are all unoccupied while finally, finally all the faceless bureaucrats in the 2nd row can show how well they can rule us, no democratic legitimation required!

We also learned that the Sacred Cow – well, the ‘frontline staff’- will be permitted to go to work, pinged or not, provided they’ve been double-jabbed (link). Has it occurred to the covid cabinet and to BJ that this is another embarrassment, showing that the political class is indeed more equal that the rest of us?  Are they not embarrassed when they declare that workers must work while they ‘follow the ping rule’ and sit at home – another nice little holiday during this heatwave! 

All those wonderful minds in No 10 and Whitehall don’t seem to grasp what they’ve done. Do they not understand that their to-ing and fro-ing means that we can ask why the double-jabbed – more than two thirds of the population at the last counts, with over 80% now having had one jab – are still treated like potential lepers by an app? What does this say about the validity of the jabs, the tests, the NHS Apps?

Do they not understand that their ping-shenanigans show us plebs that it’s not just ‘one law for them – one for us’ but that this demonstrates that they, who have secure, well-paid jobs, can enjoy a life of ping-induced leisure while we serfs can and must of course keep working, from NHS frontline staff to supermarket and transport workers? I for one do not believe for a minute that the various bosses won’t tell their workers to disregard the NHS pings and get back to work, now!

And what do the events of this ping-weekend generally mean for our freedom and for the SAGE doomsayers? They hope to keep us cowering indoors, ‘freedom day’ or not. The scare graphs produced at the end of last week were suitably frightening. How come then that just one (!) MSM science editor was permitted to write the following yesterday evening:

“​The most recent data show that, despite a rise in case numbers, the seven-day rolling daily death rate is just 40 compared to 654 on Dec 26 when the seven-day case rate was close to the current rate of 45,000 new infectious per day. Death rates in England and Wales are currently 5.2 per cent below the five-year average, according to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), with Covid now accounting for just 1.2 per cent of deaths.” (paywalled link)

Are the collective minds of the MSM “science and health” editors incapable of looking at public, government data without the filter of ‘sources’? I’m not even demanding the SAGEs and the rest come and tell us that jabs work – clearly this isn’t about jabs and infections, it’s not even about ‘protecting’ that Sacred Cow when their frontline staff is told to disregard government’s own covid rules. 

By now even the least informed, BBC-addicted covid lemmings must ask themselves if those rules have any meaning other than unelected, self-appointed covid tinpot dictators wanting to keep their control over all aspects of life. Apparently, it’s only when the absurdity of those ‘rules’ impinge on the cushy lives of the well-cushioned political class that they’re changed. After all, what fun is it to enjoy life as a neo-feudal overlord when the neo-feudal serfs also cannot work because: ‘rulz’? 

Do we need any more proof that, regardless of BJ’s u-turn, our nation has been neatly divided into those who enjoy secret ‘pilot schemes’ and those who must obey? Our nation is divided, not according to class or politics – never forget that Labour is a firm supporter of all covid rules and regulations! – but along the neo-feudal division of covid overlords and the rest of us, the serfs whose work keeps them in clover.

When will people, when will even the propaganda mouthpieces inside the M25, inside the Westminster MSM, realise that this isn’t about covid, illness, infections and pingitis but about these covid overlords, and the rest of all of us? When will we all realise that those covid emperors and overlords are as nekkid as can be?




Photo by Steve Bowbrick

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