Vaccine production is easy – anybody can do it, right?


Hands up all of you who raised a glass yesterday, celebrating one year of Freedom – from Brussels, that is, not from covid! It was a very lonely exercise, wasn’t it, because, despite the evidence of the past days of the EU showing their ugly, dictatorial face, not one (!) article mentioned this in yesterday’s MSM. One man did – three guesses who that was. You can watch his video here. The truly astonishing thing though is that our dear MSM all had articles about ‘our’ vaccination success, thanks to us having been Out, that they all had articles about Ms vdLeyen’s days surely now being numbered. As if! Brussels ain’t giving up – more on that below.

It’s not as if the MSM are unaware of milestones deserving an article or two, for example that this day a year ago was the day when the WHO declared this outbreak a ‘global public health emergency’ (link, paywalled) – not yet a pandemic. That milestone is however only mentioned in passing, as a ploy to boost ‘our’ scientific success in sequencing the viral genome, thus finding new mutants.

Moreover, “we” as a nation are now being made to look as generous as possible, with BJ yesterday declaring that we’d help suffering EU and Commonwealth Nations with our AZ doses (link) while Hancock – who is surely addicted to the limelight which a year of covid has presented him with – is offering other nations to make use of our sequencing facilities. 

However, taking a quick scan of today’s headlines, there’s something wonderful (not!) happening: “we” have now offered all care home inmates the jab (link)! Surely that’s worth a round of applause? Forget it: here’s the next demand in the vaccine battle. The housebound elderly, we’re told, have been slipping through the net:

“On Sunday night, homecare providers urged Downing Street to introduce mobile vaccination units to drive from home to home, delivering jabs to elderly and vulnerable people too frail to attend a vaccination centre.” (paywalled link)

I’ll refrain from mentioning that it’s local health authorities which organise these things. I’ll even refrain from mentioning that in that report the DT used the photo of a French (!) mobile vaccination station, a bus, to show that it can be done. I’ll just mention that the doctors who’re running home-care firms and care homes are admonishing government that, even with vaccination, the elderly still die in their care homes, for example that “Last week, Pemberley House, a care home in Basingstoke, Hampshire, announced that 22 residents had died of Covid in January.” (paywalled link).

Shocking, that, especially as we’re left to ponder if these unfortunates had already had ‘the jab’ or not. Another care home director told the DT that:

“He had noticed “a slight spike in outbreaks in care homes” since the vaccine rollout, adding: “If, after everyone’s had two vaccines and we’re still spiking in care homes, something’s wrong, because you can still catch it and transmit it after you’ve had both injections.” (paywalled link)

Surely not! Surely all will be well when “we” have had the jab, even though SAGE is already admonishing ministers to tell us peasants that masks must be worn outdoors in parks (link) while warning that, according to their models, social distancing must stay in place until 2022, regardless of the success of mass vaccination (link). It’s as if SAGE simply cannot contemplate such a thing as freedom from lockdown, as if they believe that the nation would surely perish if they, the ‘Gang of Fear’, weren’t at the helm.

I wonder if V & W will now also lambast Rishi who was out and about with his family yesterday  – oh, I do so love me those gossipy ‘reports’! – and none of them was wearing a mask (link). He is allegedly mulling which taxes to increase to pay for the covid economy. I’ll make a prediction: whatever happens, whatever he’ll decide, he and BJ will be in for another almighty bashing by ‘Our MSM’ who are conveniently forgetting that it was their own incessant fear & hysteria campaign which even now has Labour and the teachers’ unions insist on schools staying closed until teachers – these are ‘frontline workers’ you understand! – have received their jabs ahead of everybody else.

The disastrous effect of school closures on our children is clearly only BJ’s fault, as is the similarly disastrous effect on university education. Even patient care will be affected in future because ‘NHS training stalls’ as The Times tells us (link, paywalled). Covid and lockdowns, so desired by ‘Our MSM’, cannot possible have had anything to do with that.

It’s reports like that one above which we find on this morning’s front pages. The graphs, now that they’re not scary any longer, are no longer splashed about. Also, since it’s ‘bad form to gloat’, the graphs showing the huge number of jabs already given are relegated to the middle of articles. Only the DM has a ‘success’ graph, albeit relegated to the middle of their front page (link). You can read that report here if you want to.

Meanwhile only the DM deemed the rapid fall in covid case numbers worthy of an extra article (link). That piece of good news was however relegated only to a small slot on their front page – what difference to the scare graphs we’ve come to love when case numbers were rising!

And so to Brussels and the EU … RemainCentral has an article by the chief reporter of the huge German red top ‘BILD’. It is rather delicious. After stating that Ms vdLeyen “has either knowingly lied to 447 million Europeans or didn’t know what she was talking about”, he doesn’t mince words:

“The EU’s contract with Astrazeneca reveals that the commission negotiated badly and did not secure any binding rights. It did not do what it is supposed to do: take care of our Europe. And our 27 governments either did not intervene or intervened too late. The contract with Astrazeneca and the vaccination disaster are a declaration of bankruptcy for Brussels, an indictment of the 27 member states. An insult for us Europeans and especially for convinced Europeans like me.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, well … tough cookies, innit like! But don’t shed any tears for them even as Mr Tiede concludes with this wail:

“The fact that we in Germany can only vaccinate at a snail’s pace, that we are left behind by countries like Italy, Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates, is our humiliation. Especially when we look at the island that once belonged to our EU. It is embarrassing because now we are the fools.” (link, paywalled)

What the fluff? “We belonged” to ‘our’, i.e. Germany’s, EU? Words fail me! But yes – that’s still the prevailing attitude on the continent, so the news from Brussels, the rattling of sabres, cannot come as surprise:

“France and Germany threatened legal action against AstraZeneca on Sunday as they scrambled to explain their shortages in vaccine supplies and warned that any firm which favoured UK orders for the jabs would be penalised.” (paywalled link)

Yes, France means business! See this ‘moral lecture’, spoken from on high, showing that Brussels, Paris and Berlin have learned nothing. France is of course loudest:

Clement Beaune, the French Europe minister, threatened sanctions against the Anglo-Swedish firm, which produces the Oxford vaccine, if it emerged that Britain had been given priority. “If there is a problem and that other countries have been favoured – for example the UK over us – then we will defend our interests,” Mr Beaune said on Sunday. “Contracts are not moral commitments, they are legal commitments. Penalties or sanctions can be triggered in every contract.” (paywalled link)

Ah – but given the contract with AZ, published by Brussels at the weekend, does Brussels, does France even have a legal leg to stand on? Still, they threaten to do this anyway:

“Among the sanctions being considered by France include withholding payments, cancelling subsequent orders and seeking compensation for a breach of contract. Mr Beaune said an investigation into vaccine deliveries to Britain by EU-based factories was already underway.” (paywalled link)

Berlin also has a sabre-rattler:

“Berlin and Rome issued similar threats to vaccine providers, in the latest stage of a bitter row in Europe over delays in the production and delivery of Covid jabs. “If we find out that individual companies are not maintaining their side of the bargain then we’ll have to make a decision on legal measures,” Peter Altmaier, the German economy minister, told Die Welt newspaper. Mr Altmaier, a close confidant of Chancellor Angela Merkel, also warned vaccine producers that “it is in no way acceptable that another country is retrospectively favoured over the EU.” (paywalled link)

‘Retrospectively’? What a great idea, resting on legal principles acknowledged the world over – not! It seems that BJ’s ‘charm offensive’, promising surplus AZ vaccine doses to go to Ireland for example, has availed him nothing. Did he really think that, after the U-Turn on the hard border to NI which Ms vdLeyen first invoked – not even telling the Taoiseach about it – and then revoked immediately, Brussels would try for some reconciliation? When will our Remain-riddled government learn?

I leave you with news that people across the EU have been protesting, sometimes violently,  against their nations’ lockdowns, from Poland, Spain, Austria, France and the Netherlands to Hungary where restaurant owners are going to open despite heavy fines, mentioned in an aside in the DT(paywalled link).

So far, ‘tis all quiet in our country. Must be due to our weather: too wet and too cold, so rioting is no fun. Still, spring is coming and so is summer which according to Hancock will be brilliant. Well, I predict that, thanks to his boast, we’ll probably be in for one of those miserably wet summers we know so well … sorry about that!




Photo by Sanofi Pasteur

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