Aren’t we like mushrooms: grown in the dark, fed MSM b***s***


Ah well – “we” have nothing better to do than bellyache about that ‘interview’ according to this morning’s MSM front pages. There are some important news items though which were slotted in surreptitiously: there’s the eternal EU, there’s some fall-out about covid and from today schools are now open.

I’ll get this important step on that BJ Roundabout Road to ‘Freedom’ out of the way first: the constant covid worriers are already out in force. They’re not worrying about having the children wearing masks in their classrooms – they worry about the danger of ‘mingling at the school gates’ (link, paywalled). Don’t mingle then if you’re worried!

Meanwhile the Teachers Unions are already warning parents that schools may close again if kids aren’t diligently wearing masks (paywalled link). Given the ongoing muzzle-wearing fanaticism in the general public I don’t think they have to worry too much about that. I’ll ask however if we’re now on the way back to pre-Mrs-Thatcher times where the trade unions determine government policies. It’s not just the Teachers Trade Unions, there’s the NHS as well where the trade union has been pushing the tale of nurses being disgusted about their 1% pay rise.

Well, the rest of the public sector has had their pay frozen, but as we all know, ‘some animals are more equal’. There’s now a pay review board looking at this issue, and we can be certain that the “Heroes of our Sacred Cow” will get special treatment – if not because all those covid horrors but because there’s more work ahead. The backlog, after all, needs to be tackled and that means more work.

I doubt we’ll ever get to the bottom of that – not least since the first ‘warnings’ are already coming in – about ‘a hard winter’ because the population has lost its immunity to flu and other cold viruses because of lockdown (paywalled link). Now that’s stunning, innit! So unexpected – and of course “we” must be prepared. Dr Hopkins, the “covid strategic response director at PHE” – no, don’t snigger, titles are very important! – told the BBC yesterday that:

“it’s really important that we’re prepared from the NHS point of view, from public health and contact tracing, that we have everything ready to prepare for a difficult autumn, and we hope that it won’t occur and there will be a normal winter for all of us.” (paywalled link)

Well, we all know what this means: prepare for ongoing Test & Trace and for ongoing mandatory muzzle wearing come autumn. After all, “we” have now been trained in changing our behaviour to ‘protect’ you-know-what: “we” can do it!

Meanwhile, The Times has published a long excerpt (link, paywalled) from a book which will be out in ten days. The title of that book is “Failures of State: The Inside Story of Britain’s Battle with Coronavirus by Jonathan Calvert and George Arbuthnott”. I’ve had a quick glance at those excerpts and findings, headlined “The hardest truth of Covid’s first wave — people were denied treatment – From the severity of Boris Johnson’s illness to the way that patients were refused access to intensive care to maintain an illusion about the NHS”.

I congratulate The Times’ editors to that headline but am a bit astounded when they claim that this new book “exposes the secrets of the pandemic”. Well, we’ll have to wait for that book to hit the shelves to find out how many ‘secrets’ are being revealed but from those excerpts in the Times I’d cautiously suggest that all of us who’ve been reading Lockdown Sceptics from its inception have been fully aware of said ‘secrets’ – even unto the fact that NHS doctors were prohibited by the managers to speak out. 

I wonder if the accusation in the title, of people having been denied treatment, will lead to public questions not about the NHS triage system (in all fairness, what else were they expected to do, given the state of the NHS, with bed capacities having been run down since the start of the millennium as the number of people living here has risen year on year) but about the concerted effort by what have clearly been vested interests of denying, never mind trying out, a treatment of covid patients with e.g. Hydroxychloroquine. But that’s for the future, when we can read that book ourselves.

Meanwhile, the EU is rearing its ugly head again. Under the title “Brussels needs to shake off its remaining ill-will and treat Brexit Britain as an equal” (paywalled link), Frosty wrote an article for the Sunday Telegraph where he explains why he took the steps he did:

“Unfortunately, the action taken by the EU in late January on their vaccines regulation, and the improper invocation of Article 16, has significantly undermined cross-community confidence in the Protocol. As the government of the whole of our country we have to deal with that situation – one that remains fragile. That is why we have had to take some temporary operational steps to minimise disruption in Northern Ireland. They are lawful and are consistent with a progressive and good faith implementation of the Protocol. They are about protecting the everyday lives of people in Northern Ireland, making sure they can receive parcels and buy the usual groceries from the supermarket. Without this threat of disruption, we can continue our discussions with the EU to resolve difficulties arising from the Protocol constructively – and we aim to do so.” (paywalled link)

So far, so clear. However, Brussels never sleeps when it’s about Brexit, so this morning RemainCentral published the inevitable EU riposte:

“In Brussels, the article is viewed as playing to the domestic Tory audience amid EU concerns that the government has reneged on the more co-operative stance of Michael Gove, the previous Brexit minister. “If this were, indeed, a message for the EU, why publish it in the Telegraph?” a diplomat said. “The world has moved on since Lord Frost last held the helm during the negotiations last year. He would be well advised catching up to the reality where both sides share responsibility for making this relationship work.” (link, paywalled)

Amazing, isn’t it, that these ‘diplomats’ are blithely overlooking the vdLeyen action which tore up the NI protocol, unilaterally, in January. Instead, Brussels is trying to get their retaliation in first, telling RemainCentral that:

“Concerns are growing in the EU that the government is positioning itself politically to undermine the Northern Ireland protocol in the Brexit withdrawal treaty with the objective of tearing it up. “It does not feel like Frost is trying to make the protocol work or the new relationship,” an EU source said. “The feeling and suspicion is much more that he wants to tear things down.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear. I suggest that you read this report by our friends at facts4eu which lists not only all the legal cases Brussels has been racking up ever since we actually left but also details the Brussels lies of what actually happened when Frosty extended the grace period for NI:

“Contrary to claims from the Commission, it was in fact informed by the British Government of the decisions to extend transitional reliefs in order to ameliorate the crisis developing in Northern Ireland as a result of the EU’s ‘Protocol’. Within just a few hours, before Lord Frost had even had a chance to speak to his opposite number, the EU Commission’s Vice President Šefčovič had put out a statement and press release.” (link)

Interesting, this, isn’t it! The wonderful thing is that it’s the same as the ‘news’ from that book about covid and the NHS: ‘Our MSM’ are not informing us as they ought to, they do not do proper research because they are pushing their agenda, from ‘Brexit Bad’ to ‘Holy NHS’.

The information we should be reading is out there. Researchers – unpaid – in various important blogs find them easily, they are not ‘secret’. Clearly, all of us who have abandoned the MSM and are reading these blogs and sites are far better informed. However, ‘our masters’ do not want to govern a well-informed public.

Dumb peasants can be coerced by fear to put up with giving up their civil liberties. They can be made to cry and demand we go back to the ‘security’ of the EU. Not so long ago the Germans coined the word ‘Lügenpresse’ for this sort of thing. That was frowned upon and stamped out by our Westminster ‘elites’ as being horribly populist and probably ‘extreme ultra right wing’.

All I’ll say is that kicked dogs howl …





Photo by Landwirtschaftlicher Informationsdienst

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