An old advertisement suggests this might be a remedy for covid …


Do not rejoice when looking at the countdown to the ‘End of Lockdown’ in the headline. There will be more Tier-Restrictions in the run-up to Christmas. Since they’ll be ‘local’, the government seems to think the rest of us won’t mind or care. After all – “we” are allowed out for Christmas, over five full days! However, Hogmanay has been cancelled by Nicola.

“We” will be permitted to go to hairdressers, gyms, churches and some open-air sports events – but not pubs, depending on the local tier. Anyway, surely by now everybody has bunkered enough wine, beer and spirits to get jolly well sloshed on their own, at home. The ‘nudge’ towards a ‘freedom pass’ however is now in plain sight:

“The tiers will be reviewed every fortnight but unlike the previous system there will be no negotiation with local leaders. Financial support will be allocated on a uniform per-capita basis. Mr Johnson said that those areas in Tier 3 would be offered a six-week surge in testing and suggested that this could lead to a form of “freedom passes”, which let those with a negative result mix more freely with others of a similar Covid-19 status.” (link, paywalled)

Oh gimme my ‘freedom pass’ so I can mingle with other ‘freedom-pass holders’! Those without are lepers and must be shunned. Discrimination, which we so abhor, is fine when it’s because of covid. “Freedom Pass bitte” has such a gentle, modern ring to it… !

I wonder if local authorities will print their own local ‘freedom passes’ and if they’ll be recognised by other local authorities. I’m sure many who are or will become jobless will be happy to get public-sector employment as covid-stasi. There’ll also be ‘moar testing’, the ‘cure for covid’ as we know it. Here’s a lovely little report on the latest result of mass testing in ‘the worst affected area’ in the UK, Merthyr Tydfil:

“Merthyr council said 977 people were tested for coronavirus during Wales’s first day of mass-testing. However only nine people tested on Saturday were found to have Covid-19. Up to 175 armed forces personnel were drafted in to help as people queued at Merthyr Tydfil Leisure Centre.” (link)

Just look at the numbers: 175 armed forces personnel testing over 900 people, nine of which  people had covid … will all who queued up with them now have to go into quarantine? Has the local authority made plans for a local ‘freedom pass’, bi-lingual, of course? Does anyone, from BJ down, not recognise the idiocy of lockdown when the covid MSM report:

“Despite a month of lockdown, more than half the country is expected to be put into the higher tiers of the new system. Details of which area will be in which tier will be given on Thursday” (paywalled link)

What then was the use of Lockdown? I’m sure the civil serpents, the SAGEs in all their varieties, will take this next moan on board before Thursday:

“The British Medical Association has warned that the Government’s plan to exit lockdown is “full of risks” and the potential impact on the NHS is “deeply worrying”. BMA council chairman Dr Chaand Nagpaul said: “[…] The Prime Minister says the new measures are tougher than October when in reality many are far more relaxed, at a time when infection rates and Covid-related hospitalisations and deaths remain high.” (paywalled link)

No, we’re not told how ‘high’ this ‘high’ is. The BMA chair, tearfully mentioning our ‘difficult sacrifices’ – are there any ‘easy’ ones? – during Lockdown seems to think that crying “Risk!!!” justifies our sacrificing even more, for longer. Another covid moaner was also dug out by the DT:

“Simon Clarke, associate professor of cellular microbiology at the University of Reading, said: “We may have to pay a further cost in 2021, not only in terms of restrictions but also illness, hospitalisations and deaths,” he said.” (paywalled link)

This covid madness will run and run and run, vaccines notwithstanding. It will certainly run until Spring, according to BJ who said “that his Covid-19 ”winter plan” would “carry us safely to spring and acknowledged that the previous system was not sufficiently tough.” (link, paywalled)

Keep this in mind for a minute: BJ says his ‘toughened-up’ tier system will run until spring. Now look at how his covid advisers are already moving the goalposts, their planned mass vaccination notwithstanding:

Chris Whitty agreed that it would be possible to “pull back” from social-distancing rules from the spring, with increasing hope in government that life would return to normal in the summer.” (link, paywalled)

Summer 2021 – that’s seven months away!  Words fail me, again! If that weren’t sufficient, the idea of a ‘freedom pass’ is now taken up by industry. LockdownSceptics report in their Newsletter today that the airline Qantas is planning to demand ‘proof of vaccination’ before allowing passengers to board their planes – once the vaccines have become available, you understand (link). I expect other international airlines to follow and I expect a booming business in fake vaccination certificates … 

Rounding up the covid ‘news’, here’s the WHO with their latest warning: there will be a ‘Third Wave’ early next year, according to their ‘envoy’ David Navarro. The reason, just as the reason for the 2nd wave? “We” haven’t built up the ‘necessary infrastructure’. The helpful WHO envoy doesn’t say with one word what this infrastructure ought to have looked like, but hey, let’s inject a bit more ‘Fear & Hysteria’ into the debate! Perhaps there’ll be a 4th wave in summer … and a 5th, a 6th.

There’s no end in sight and no worries about a crashing economy: all those tests must be manufactured, all the vaccines as well: nice little earners all round. People can get employment as ‘testers’, as ‘vaccinators’, all paid out of taxes. “We” peasants, we neo-feudal serfs, still have too much money left in our wallets.

Frankly, I am tired of the whole thing. I’m tired of this covid government, the SAGEs, Hancock, BJ and all the way down to local tinpot dictators robbing us of our lives. I’m tired of them bleating about Christmas, of giving us ‘freedom to spend’, of throwing around such covid expressions like ‘personal bubbles’ of four, five, six people – or thirty or whatever.

I’m tired of the selective hysteria in ‘Our MSM’. Remember the photos from Bournemouth last summer, of the outcry about irresponsible Brits spreading that virus by daring to go to the beach on the first lovely summer days after the 1st Lockdown? Remember the horrible spike of covid patients overburdening ‘Our NHS’ because of their irresponsibility? Oh wait … there wasn’t one, was there! Now look at the photos of the Welsh flocking to the shops in Cardiff at the weekend – a rainy weekend at that. Here’s a ‘gallery’ of them – some of them not even muzzled up! How very dare they! 

However – this is what it looks like when ordinary people decide for themselves. It’s what ‘life as usual’ looks like, no ‘freedom pass’ needed. Sir John Redwood writes in his Diary this morning:

“We need to move on to a more trusting approach, where we all make more of our own decisions based on understanding the messages from the medics and scientists. We can calculate our own risks and the risk we might pose to others, as we do about all other such threats in the normal course of life.” (link)

However, I would respectfully point out to the indefatigable Sir John that moving to a ‘more trusting approach’ is impossible and has been so for a long time. ‘Twas Lenin who said “trust is good – control is better”. Government authorities, taking this to heart, haven’t trusted us ever since.

Nowadays though they prefer to ‘nudge’ us into voluntarily accepting their measures. Thus “we” can be induced to control each other while ‘government’ looks soft and generous. Why else are they starting to nudge us into accepting a ‘freedom pass’, in exchange for permitting us to spend and consume, to eat and drink for five days of Christmas? 

John Adams, the 2nd President of the USA, wrote:

“A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”

The unwritten constitution of our government has indeed changed from freedom to control. The ghastly show of the peacocks in the HoC, abandoning the scrutinising of all covid legislation, perfectly illustrates this. There’s no freedom without trust – but trust is a two-way street. Why, since government doesn’t trust us, should we trust them?

I leave you with a little piece of good news. Yesterday, there was a sweet little article in the DM. It was about he discovery of a little phrasebook, 180 years old, for ‘English tourists’ wanting to address Welsh peasants when travelling to Wales – and on a Welsh poster from the 1930s, promoting the medical properties of wines (link).

According to that advertisement, champagne is a ‘remedy for pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy and influenza’. I’m convinced it must also be a perfect remedy for covid! Of course, I’m not suggesting that you now raid your local off-licences, panic-buying champagne, of course not! Think of the risks!





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