A typical denizen of the Westminster snake pit


Blink and it’s gone: a Brexit success by this government, the conclusion of the Trade Deal with Japan yesterday. Then again, what would you expect from ‘Our MSM’ which are bent on destroying the Johnson government with the help of Remain Tory backbenchers and ‘former ministers’. Do these Tories have a death wish? Or do they hope that by tattling to hacks they can somehow enhance their standing in their Party and in Parliament? 

The strange thing though is that there’s still not a peep from Starmer or other Labour leaders. Only one little article in The Express has ‘Starmer’ in the title (link) – but that’s about his ‘fury’ with the Scottish Labour leader. Not a word in this morning’s papers, be they the broadsheets or the Red Tops. They have nothing to say about the Internal Market Bill, the EU, Brexit or indeed the now infamous ‘Rule of Six’, restricting our freedom thanks to the constant Covid fear and hysteria spread by ‘Our MSM’.

And so, as the papers are full of outrage about that latest government Covid idiocy, ‘tis the DT where the latest instalment of ‘get rid of this government’ is being played out. It is worthwhile to examine this in depth because you couldn’t hope to find a better example for ‘how to stir the brown stuff’ by utilising gossip. 

Step one: produce a piece based on ‘anonymous sources’, i.e. Tory MPs and ministers. The author, Ms Camilla Tominey (one of the most bilous attackers of Dominic Cummings a few weeks ago) titles her piece thus: “Is Michael Gove really running the country behind the scenes?” (paywalled link), with the subtitle “Cabinet Office minister played key role in introduction of ‘rule of six’ and has been trying to smooth things over with the EU”. Gasp! How positively awful! We’re told:

“As a member of Downing Street’s most powerful committees, on both coronavirus and Brexit, the Cabinet Office minister is at the centre of pretty much everything these days. That may explain why the Tory tea room is abuzz with whispers that Boris Johnson’s former leadership rival is the one “really” running the country behind the scenes.” (paywalled link)

‘The Tory tea room’? That must be full of spies, ahem: ‘sources’! Gossip then … and the next bit of ‘information’ shows this even more clearly:

“According to insiders, almost all members of the committee – including Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, and Priti Patel, the Home Secretary – were opposed to the move, arguing in favour of a “rule of eight” instead.” (paywalled link)

So who are those insiders? Was it Raab gossiping, in the hope of undermining his colleague? Or Ms Patel, to divert attention from yet another failure of her Border Farce to stop illegal immigrants crossing the Channel? It’s now even ‘smear-worthy’ for those Tory tittle-tattlers that Gove ‘was trying to ‘smooth over’ things with the EU even though that’s part of his job:

“As the chairman of the UK-EU joint committee, the 53-year-old leaver held an emergency meeting with his Brussels counterpart, Maroš Šefčovič, the vice-president of the European Commission, in the face of a growing deadlock.” (paywalled link)

There’s more speculation by Tory MPs which is too delicious to pass up, not just because it shows the rank biliousness of those Tories, it also demonstrates that the DT is still using a connection with Cummings a as brush to tar people with, in this case Gove:

“Conservative MPs remain convinced that the former Chief Whip is still the one pulling the strings. Many backbenchers are suspicious of the former journalist’s closeness to Dominic Cummings, his special adviser at the Department for Education from 2011 to 2014. […] “They’re thick as thieves.”That may explain why there is so much briefing against them both.”  [said one insider].(paywalled link)

It’s as if Ms Tominey scraped together anything at all which any disgruntled Tory had to say, as long as it’s to the detriment of Gove. Some do it because they’d rather have Dishi Rishi as Johnson successor rather than Gove, because a domesticated Sunak would of course be much better. Others are suddenly ‘concerned’ for Johnson:

“Even those within Cabinet have privately commented on Mr Gove’s “subtle dominance”. […]Yet with both Mr Gove and Mr Cummings now spearheading a new power base at the Cabinet Office as part of their Whitehall shake-up, while the Prime Minister remains at No 10 should he be watching his back? “There is no doubt that Michael’s ultimate ambition is to become Prime Minister,” said one senior Tory.” (paywalled link)

And here’s Ms Tominey’s ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card where she baldly states: “All such claims remain completely unsubstantiated.” So why write a whole article based on unsubstantiated gossip? The comment posters under that article were absolutely scathing.

Step two: the DT then ‘substantiated’ this piece of trash by publishing an ‘exclusive’, titled “Michael Gove persuaded Boris Johnson to bring in ‘rule of six’.” (paywalled link). Oh the horror: poor BoJo being manipulated by clever Gove! However, the author of that exclusive had at least the grace to write:

“The Telegraph understands that Mr Gove and Mr Hancock […] pressed Mr Johnson to change the law allowing gatherings of up to 30 by altering the maximum number to six following a presentation by Professor Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer, and Sir Patrick Vallance, the chief scientific adviser.”. (paywalled link)

Ah! To show readers how very even-handed they are, the DT does mention a proper announcement, as usual placed much further down in the report:

“The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said the account “does not reflect” the way in which the decision was reached, adding: “The decision was agreed between the coronavirus strategy committee, the chief medical officer and the chief scientific adviser.” […] Spokesmen for the ministers at the meeting said they supported the Government’s decision.” (paywalled link)

That however isn’t ‘news’: it’s not gossip and tale-telling, its not useful to smear the next target in the war against Johnson’s government. I’ve spent time and hordes of pixels going into these details because this ‘exercise’ is symptomatic for the way ‘Our MSM’ work, especially since they’re all blatantly copying from each other. Their aim is to get rid of Johnson, any way they can, and if some Tories are happy to help them by spreading unsubstantiated smears, they’re happy to run with it.

The disrespect they show the PM is nicely displayed by the DT in their top article on the online homepage (paywalled link). They report on Johnson’s address to his MPs and on the article he wrote for the DT. It’s common practice for the DT to splash the fact that a minister has written for them over the front page, with a summary, the article then also appearing in the ‘Opinion’ section. This time, the DT just pasted it below their summary report – no place for it in today’s ‘Opinion’ section. A piece by Len Goodman of ‘Strictly’ fame, was more important …!

Meanwhile, ‘dozens of Tories’ are revolting over the Internal Market Bill, with 30 of them having tabled an amendment “that would bar the government from overriding the withdrawal agreement without parliament’s support.” (link, paywalled). That’s Tories, not Labour Remainers like a certain Mr H.Benn MP …

Just as certain ‘noble Lords’ are dripping with concern about ‘our international standing’, these rebels have jumped on the renewed Remain bandwagon, perhaps because they and those Lords are fed up with not having been in the limelight thanks to the Covid restrictions for Parliament – restrictions they all supported and keep supporting, turning the Chambers into ghost towns, depriving themselves of executing their parliamentary duties.

They seem to be utterly unmoved by the EU’s shenanigans, stirred up by cher Michel as he returned to his lair, briefing the EU Parliament whose MEPs declared they’d now vote against any  free trade agreement until That Bill’ is scrapped (link). They also seem to be sublimely unaware of cher Michel’s threats:

“Michel Barnier has been accused of making “explicit” threats to block the export of British food products to the European Union, in a move that could relegate the UK below countries such as Afghanistan. Government sources on Friday night branded the threat, made publicly by the EU’s chief negotiator, as “utterly ludicrous” and warned that it would have serious repercussions for future relations.”(paywalled link)

All of this doesn’t matter to the posturing Tory Remain traitors. Here’s another clue that this is about Remain, not Brexit – with another piece of unsubstantiated gossip included. Pay attention to the wording:

“Yesterday it emerged that Mr Johnson is prepared to drop his plans to renege on parts of the EU withdrawal agreement if a deal on Northern Ireland can be struck in two weeks. In an olive branch to the EU, government sources said that he would remove contentious clauses from the Internal Market Bill if agreement could be reached to limit checks on food and goods crossing the Irish Sea.” (link, paywalled)

See – it’s ‘government sources’, not official ‘government spokespersons’  which interpret what Johnson might or might not do, subtly undermining his position vis-a-vis the EU, fuelling the impression that, if only Barnier ‘remains steadfast’, BRINO can be achieved. As antidote, I urge you to read the article published by our friends at facts4eu earlier this morning: “How the EU deliberately weaponised peace in Northern Ireland” (link).

It is irrelevant for those Remain traitors in Parliament, Whitehall and ‘Our MSM’ that Brexit is giving us the freedom to make our own trade deals, such as the one concluded with Japan yesterday (paywalled links here and here), a deal which even the director of the CBI – arch remainers all – celebrated as ‘break-through’.

Further trade deals can be negotiated more easily thanks to Brexit (link), but let’s please not mention that when there’s the possibility to undermine Brexit at the last minute! This last Remain attempt is fuelled not just by Remain Tories but also by those who’d rather display their enmity to their own PM and Gove because of personal vanities and grudges, utilising the enmity of ‘Our MSM’ to Brexit and Johnson as vehicle.

You’ll have noticed that we peasants out here, outside that Westminster snake pit, have no role to play in this despicable Remain charade. We just have to shut up and pay.




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