The outlook will be sunny – if we all obey the covid emperor!


I was fairly stunned when I read this morning that the top covid tsar himself, yon Matt H., has prophesied that “we” will soon be on top of the virus – not only because so many have taken the jab when offered but because there are ‘exciting new drugs’ in the pipeline to treat the thing. More on that below. There’s also a collection of ‘admissions’ by our little covid dictators to be admired. These ought to have seen our MSM’s intrepid reporters rushing out to dig deeper, but nooo! We shouldn’t expect miracles from the ‘copy&paste’ brigade, can we!

Firstly, we’re informed that the number of covid patients is ‘projected’ – that means: ‘we have a model, trust us!’ – to fall to the status this country was in at the start of autumn 2020. The Times has seen this internal paper which said: 

“[…] that infection rates were falling faster than anticipated and that they were increasingly optimistic about the reopening of schools on March 8 and the relaxation of other restrictions in April.” (link, paywalled)

Hurrah! That’s lovely, innit – and given that admissions will inevitably rise with the next seasonal flu~ or now: covid~season, this would seem a rather meaningless piece of information unless one realises that it’s published in order to force BJ to open the schools. 

Then there’s another little report or rather: research paper – by PHE, actually – which shows that up to 40% of covid infections may have been acquired in hospital:

“It was previously thought around one-fifth of infections had been caught in hospitals, but researchers at Public Health England and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) also looked at the number of people testing positive within two weeks of discharge. Under the most conservative estimate, which only included people infected after at least 15 days in hospital, just 8.8 per cent of infections were found to be “nosocomial”, or acquired in hospital, equating to 7,906 people. However, under the least conservative estimates – which included those testing positive within three days of entering hospital or 14 days after discharge – the number rises to 40.5 per cent of hospital infections, a total of 36,152 people.” (paywalled link)

Does this mean that infections might now tumble even further because there are fewer covid patients in hospital? Or does this mean that, just as with other infections people can acquire in hospital, “we” must live with it? Perhaps we should believe the NHS national medical director, Professor Stephen Powis, who said – he would, wouldn’t he! – that:

“We disagree with these claims, since as the paper itself admits, this research makes large speculative assumptions about Covid cases in hospitals which are not actually backed up by data, notably during a period when testing availability for Covid-19 was often limited.The ONS and other data have conclusively demonstrated that the root cause of rising infection rates in hospitals is rising rates in the community,” (paywalled link)

Of course it’s the usual finger-pointing, but I’m quite amazed to read that there weren’t enough test kits around. How is that even possible? While this looks like an admission that the more you test the more ‘cases’ you’ll find, it doesn’t bode well for the future when more tests will inevitably be done. After all, there’s that SA mutant which is cropping up, and that Brazilian one. Who knows what new mutant will be detected where and when? Who knows if we’ll all need another anti-mutant jab, and another, as soon as they become available? 

Still, given that “we” are now all vaccine-enthusiasts, that won’t be a problem -see what the ONS has dug up:

“The ONS social survey found that, overall, only one person in 100 offered vaccination had declined, but with variation between age groups. The figure for those aged 30-49 was 5 per cent; for the 50-69s it was 2 per cent, and for the over-70s it was less than 1 per cent.” (link, paywalled)

Now there’s lovely, isn’t there!  Next, let’s have a quick look at the conditions in those quarantine hotels though. We’re told that the Border Force can’t ‘stop people legging it’ on arrival – true, I’d say – even while moaning in concert with ‘scientists’ that ‘Teh Rulz’ are too lax. Then we read that:

“People will be allowed to leave their hotel rooms to exercise but a maximum length of time they can be outside is not stated. Guests must not leave hotel premises and must be supervised by security staff, and hotels must have procedures to ensure they do not have too many people exercising at once. The only other reasons allowed for leaving the hotel room is to seek urgent medical care, attend a funeral or to visit a dying relative or family member. Smokers face having to go cold turkey.” (link, paywalled)

Who wouldn’t leg it, faced with those ‘rulz’! Let’s agree that the whole thing is a shambles, instituted by the covid Politburo, scared out of their minds of being accused not to do enough by Labour and the SAGEs. Those covid politicians are driven by fear not of the virus but of ‘public opinion’, an opinion driven by polls. The latest, published in the Speccie, made my jaw hit the floor:

“A YouGov poll has suggested that more than half of all adults think that a ten-year jail sentence for transgressors is ‘about right’, and 13 per cent think it ‘doesn’t go far enough’. The poll shows that support for stiff jail sentences for people lying about travelling is especially high among older, Conservative-voting, Brexit-supporting voters in socio-economic groupings C2DE, outside London. Among Conservative voters, 57 per cent think the proposals are ‘about right’ and 15 per cent think they are ‘not harsh enough’. The corresponding figures for Labour voters are 46 and 11 per cent – yet Labour has been pretty quiet over the proposals.” (paywalled link)

If this weren’t bad enough, it seems that those in the oh-so cherished ‘red wall’ constituencies are even more vindictive, especially the older ones:

“The proportion of people thinking the measures are not harsh enough rises from 10 per cent among 18- to 24-year-olds to 17 per cent among the over-65s. Among Leave voters, 18 per cent say the measures don’t go far enough – compared with 10 per cent of Remain voters. Region-wise, the North and Wales have the highest proportions who want jail sentences longer than ten years – at 15 per cent. In London it is 6 per cent. Among ABC1s, 10 per cent want even stiffer sentences, compared with 16 per cent of C2DEs.” (paywalled link)

I wonder if all those polled would still be happy with these measures when they read a report in the DM about our poor illegal channel-crossers. Those are stashed in better hotel accommodation and are given ‘the jab’ as well – for free – even tough they’re certainly not in the ‘over 70s’ group. Well, at least the DM picked up on what Nigel Farage had already pointed out in his videos!

While I have sympathy with those who’d leg it on arrival, given the quarantine rules, I am aghast at the vindictiveness displayed in that YouGov poll. I hope those polled were lying through their teeth. I am also rather disturbed when I see that the Covid Politburo is apparently ‘just doing’ what some polls tells them to.

And so to yet another outlook for bright sunny uplands, for ‘more jam tomorrow’: those prospective treatments other that ICUs for covid patients:

“On Saturday the Government will announce that the world’s most innovative Covid treatments will soon be fast-tracked through the UK’s clinical trial system. The move could see new treatments available to NHS patients in months rather than years as the approval process is streamlined. Britain has already approved two drugs, dexamethasone and tocilizumab – which together can lower the risk of death in the most ill patients by around 40 per cent – following UK trials.” (paywalled link)

The funny thing is that dexamethasone has been around and has been used for decades. It’s not a ‘new discovery’, the only ‘discovery’ is that some medics have been using it to treat hospitalised covid patients. I’m only surprised that it’s not been discredited like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. The new drugs ‘promised’ are however all ‘modern’, using the latest technology. Watch out for drug names ending in ‘mab’: that stands for ‘monoclonal antibodies’ and while such treatments have also been around for some time, they are rather expensive. 

Moreover, these new drugs need to be administered by medics. They can’t be taken as pills by us stupid peasants as we take paracetamol or aspirin when having a cold. Even so, all those fab drugs only ‘work’ as long as we’re all taking that jab. In other words: to keep the nation ‘covid-free’ and to get us back on our economic feet – never mind schools or, gulp, summer holidays – “we” must accept that jabs will be a fact of life from now on. Those new expensive new treatments will be for ‘just in case’. 

How ‘Our NHS’ is going to pay for them, in addition to the treatments for cancer and all those other diseases which have become much more serious thanks to the lockdowns and to their non-treatment because of covid – that is anyone’s guess! Mine is that taxes will indeed rise but that Sunak will sell them under “Our Sacred Cow” needs more money to protect itself. And I bet another YouGov poll will show that “we” are all fine with that. 

Let me conclude with this terror-inducing scenario: ‘yon Matt H.’ is clearly regarding himself as future PM, aided and abetted by some in our MSM. After all, the ‘Victor over Covid’ is surely capable of handling everything else – provided he’ll be provided with other, political ‘SAGEs’ to pull his strings!

Apologies for messing up you Saturday morning with such horrific image …





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