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Tomorrow we’ll know … tomorrow Johnson will ‘unveil’ his proposals to ease Lockdown Restrictions. Everybody and their dog – and cat, we’re not anti-cat here! – has proposals and ideas, eagerly picked up by media know-it-alls. Of course, thanks to devolution, Scotland and Wales will do their own thing which of course will be much better than anything Johnson can propose – if you accept that Johnson, according to “Our MSM”, is always wrong. 

Yesterday we mentioned an article in the DT reporting a professor saying that the strict social distancing measures had been introduced because government didn’t trust us plebs to behave (link). Today the leading article in The Times has this headline: “The Times view on Britain’s first steps out of lockdown: Trust the People” – yeah, sure.

Don’t believe for a moment though that this article is about trusting us!  It’s an exhortation for Johnson to ‘tell us the truth’, “us” meaning the Westminster MSM. There’s a list of four demands. The first is that Johnson should confess the mistakes his government has made. This is why, according to The Times:

“It is possible that the country was slow to impose the lockdown, slow to ramp up testing, slow to procure equipment and slow to respond to the death toll in care homes. By being honest about the past and the many difficult decisions, Mr Johnson is more likely to be trusted in the next phase of the crisis.” (link, paywalled)

Weren’t there all those daily Corona PR performances? Did The Times not attend? I seem to recall that ‘Our MSM’ have been lambasting government and Johnson incessantly about ‘mistakes’ … Perhaps someone ought to ask those pundits what they would have done differently (and better, of course!) had they been in government.

Next, Johnson must tell “us”, i.e. the Westminster media, the whole context of his planned exit strategy, for example giving them numbers of infections, tell them about the success or not of “T-T-T” (test-track trace) and if government can successfully isolate those having been T-T-T’ed.

The third demand has to be read in full – nothing shows how much our MSM ‘elite’ is disinclined or incapable to do their own research:

“Third, he needs to be open about the advice and data underpinning his strategy. Many of the difficulties stem from obsessive secrecy born of an attempt to present political decisions as driven by “the science”. […] This is not a war, where information must be hidden from the enemy. To convince the public to accept restrictions or indeed return to work, they need to be able to make their own assessment of the risks. What are the main sources of new infections? Which lockdown measures have proved most effective? What advice has the government received regarding lifting individual restrictions? What data is it relying on when it says schools must remain closed?’ (link, paywalled)

What secrecy? Anyone not relying on ‘Our MSM’ knows about these data, knows about why schools ‘must remain closed’ (hello, teachers’ trade unions!), knows about empty A&E departments, about the increasing medical ‘collateral damage’ due to the Lockdown. Are Westminster journalists incapable of reading sceptical reports, of watching videos from actual doctors, of collating critical evidence themselves? Funny, isn’t it, that they believe they speak for us peasants when we peasants are far better informed than they seem to be.

The fourth demand in that leading article is laughable. They demand Johnson should reveal his exit strategy to Parliament on Monday, so our glorious peacocks can ‘scrutinise’ it properly. Never mind that it was the MSM who clamoured for immediate presentation of Johnson’s strategy, HoC scrutiny or not.

Again, it’s noteworthy that some of the true scandals touching upon ‘Our NHS’ are mentioned but the actual culprits are let off scot free. There’s not only the unbelievable saga of PHE items sourced from Turkey which were inadequate – there’s this report on how one email from that Turkish businessman was sufficient for PHE to go and order these things. How is that possible when PHE rejected offers from British manufacturers because they were not according to PHE standards? 

There’s another interesting piece, picked up by the DT. We’ve read that the NHS T-T-T app wasn’t working as needed and promised on their trial site, the Isle of Wight. Now those  NHS bosses are ‘in talks’ with Apple, to help them to work out  a ‘Plan B’ (link). As usual, the NHS is denying this, and also, as usual, it’s the government’s fault, not the fault of the NHS and their software developers. Of course, the pressure generated by ‘Our know-it-all MSM’, to do something, isn’t mentioned anywhere.

The Times meanwhile has dug up another ‘expert’, according to whom all CV-19 numbers are worthless. It’s not what you think though:

“The government’s data on coronavirus cases is nonsense and two thirds of cases in Britain are undiagnosed, a leading epidemiologist has claimed. Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London, has criticised Whitehall’s refusal to class common symptoms as official indicators. The government has listed a high temperature and a new, continuous cough as the primary symptoms of Covid-19. There is evidence, however, that a loss of taste or smell is a common sign of infection. Other countries, including the US, have recognised this as a symptom on more detailed lists.” (link, paywalled)

Funny that – I’ve seen countless lists, graphs and diagrams about CV-19 symptoms. They’ve been littering the pages of ‘Our MSM’. Were they all ‘fake news’ because our pundits weren’t government health officials? Or is this about that expert trying to popularise his own app? Hm.

Meanwhile, we can look forward to government giving permission for e-scooters to go everywhere because: “CV-19 Social Distancing” (?? Yes, me neither …), as reported in The (paywalled) Times. That same publication demands in their Leading Article that the CofE ought to open the churches so ‘the faithful can congregate’ (link, paywalled). It’s a deserved attack on the Archbishop of Canterbury. The concluding sentence is precious:

“The government ensured supermarkets and plenty of other shops stayed open so that no one starved or couldn’t feed their pets, but by keeping churches closed, the church has allowed the spiritual to go hungry just when they were most in need.” (link, paywalled)

I am suspicious of the timing of this article. This criticism could have and ought to have been made before Easter. Now, two weeks before the end of Ramadan, could this be akin to preparing the ground for ‘Our MSM’ clamouring for ‘fairness to all faiths’ next?

There’s another item in the DT: Johnson will allegedly say in his “Sunday Lockdown Exit Road Map” that all travellers to the UK will be told to self-quarantine for 14 days. How is that going to work, without a proper T-T-T app? But don’t worry – this, according to the DT, will only come into place in June (link) … Oh dear.

But will the ‘refugees’ arriving daily from war-torn France, picked up  by our national boat taxi service, a.k.a the Border Force, be kept in quarantine? Where? Perhaps Ms Patel and Mr Hancock should release data about the CV-19 infection rate amongst Border Force personnel – unless that would disturb the narrative that CV-19 will kill all of us if we peasants won’t stay behind locked doors.

Then there’s the latest WHO ‘alert’, regarding Africa. I had to rub my eyes when I read this report in the DT:

“The coronavirus pandemic could kill up to 190,000 people in Africa over the next 12 months and “smoulder” in ‘“transmission hotspots” for years, the World Health Organization has warned. A WHO modelling study found that anywhere between 29 to 44 million people could be infected and between 83,000 and 190,000 Africans could die of Covid-19 if it is not controlled.” (link)

Say what? Where do these numbers come from? How does the WHO ‘know’ that only up to 44 million Africans could become infected, in a continent with at least 1.3bn people? Ah – it’s because the WHO has ‘a model’ which gives suspiciously similar numbers to those modelled by our Prof Pants~ ahem: Lockdown.

Another UN Commission has different numbers which are even more interesting when compared to the deaths predicted by ‘our’ models:

“The news follows an announcement from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa last month, warning that even with intense social distancing, Africa could see nearly 123 million coronavirus cases this year and 300,000 deaths.“ (link)

Aren’t models wonderful! The reason for these low numbers, according to the WHO, is because:

“The spread of coronavirus in Africa will probably be slower because of the continent’s youthful population and environmental factors, WHO says.” (link)

Perhaps they all have a ‘robust immune system’ because of primitive sanitation, as the Pakistani Health Minister said a couple of weeks ago … However, given those numbers – which we must of course believe in, because they’re based on ‘models’ – can we assume that CV-19 is perhaps not racist? Or is it that BAME people won’t get as badly infected and won’t therefore die when they live in Africa or the Subcontinent? Questions, questions …!

I leave you with this wail from Ireland, right on time for the new set of Trade negotiations starting on Monday: 

“During a debate in the Irish Parliament, the Dáil Éireann, this week MPs warned of an economic collapse across the EU if Britain refused Brussels’ demands for an extension in light of the coronavirus pandemic. One MP, Sean Haughey, said Ireland itself risked “nothing short of Armageddon” if Britain left without a deal or even with a “bare bones” deal.” (link)

What can one say to that except  ‘oh dear, how sad, never mind’ … Enjoy the weekend and 




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