No Deal is better than a bad deal – walk away, BJ!


Firstly, as today’s headline shows: I’m done with counting the days to Brexit or days of tiers. It’s become tedious. We know that on the 31st of this month we’re’ Out’, deal or not. We know that BJ’s last, final, definite deadline is this coming Sunday. We also know that the covidians will go on with their tiers, up and down and sideways. Oh, and Christmas Day, I understand, will be on the 25th of December. Really – it will!

Before we get to Brexit and the EU, covid, alas, still needs to be mentioned. So, while “we” thrash about to secure some sort of ‘normal’ Christmas, chances are that thanks to the T&T enforced quarantine rules, too many dock workers and posties have to be ‘off sick’. Kiddies therefore will have to survive without finding the ‘hottest toys’ under their Christmas trees (paywalled link). This is not due to ‘No Deal Brexit’. Even the Remain MSM have stopped using this ridiculous accusation in the face of reports about trade and ports having been severely affected by the long-term consequences of the national lockdowns which started in China. 

So far, none of the MSM are pointing fingers at the true grinches – the SAGEs who still prefer us all to voluntarily lock ourselves down. There are some feeble ‘scare’ reports about that, e.g. proposals that people who need to go out might be provided with swabs to test themselves every day, to show that they’re not lepers (link, paywalled). Yes, that’ll work, won’t it! Why they suddenly trust us to be obedient self-testers is inexplicable.

In contrast, Lockdown Sceptics Newsletter this morning asks why “we” should trust the authorities and indeed ‘Our Sacred Cow’. Just as in ye olden days when people were scared to go to hospital because that’s where people died, we better be very careful of going to hospital because that’s where we’ll get infected with covid (link). 

And so to the ‘meaty’ Brexit news. This morning all the headlines in the MSM paper editions have only one theme: prepare for No Deal Brexit, for ‘Aussie Rules’. It’s quite extraordinary – even the inveterate Remain papers are not attacking  BJ, accusing him of bumbling foolishness or ineptitude. The intransigence of the EU can simply no longer be denied. 

Yesterday, the EU leaders met for their last summit this year, the last one under the leadership of MS Merkel – Germany has had the rotating EU ‘presidency’ since the 1st of July this year, ending on the 31st of December. It seems that the MSM in EU member states are aware that the end is indeed nigh.

We’re told, for example, that a lefty German paper, while blaming Ms Merkel for not doing enough, wrote that it’s “too convenient to place all blame for the stalemate on Boris Johnson.” (paywalled link). After four years of German papers especially blaming ‘perfidious Albion’ for daring to Leave, of demanding that the UK be punished, this is a bit rich.  

French papers are puzzled by BJ’s attitude, wondering if he’s still bluffing, only to submit at the end. They don’t seem to think that their wannabe Napoleon is to blame in any way. However, ‘sources’ both in Paris and Brussels point out that it won’t be the EU who will break off talks:

“Whatever the outcome of Brexit talks this weekend, Le Figaro says it is “highly unlikely” that Ms von Leyen will take the lead in breaking off talks. “The Commission will never say that it has suspend discussions,” one Brussels source close to the negotiations tells the paper. “It will always say: ‘We’re available as long as the British continue to negotiate, we will continue.’ (paywalled link)

That’s nice of them, especially when it’s clear that their idea of ‘continuing to talk’ means: ‘do as we say or get punished’. Italy, according to the  report in the DT, also hasn’t ‘got it’:

“Meanwhile, over in Italy, the press concur that if the impasse is not broken by Sunday, it will be a no deal. That would amount to a highly damaging “geopolitical fracture” between Britain and the EU, says Corriere della Sera, a leading daily. “In substance, London continues to refuse to accept to conform to European directives after Brexit,” the paper says, quoting Mr Johnson when he told parliament that no British PM could sign up to such a condition.” (paywalled link)

Italy is of course concerned – they want more EU money while demanding their EU debts be scrapped. And then there are the Irish … Having been abused by Brussels, bamboozled into creating the stumbling block for any deal because of NI, they are now truly left dangling. Their PM  – actually quite reasonably – wailed:

“Speaking in Brussels, Mr Martin said that neither side should walk away when “97 per cent of a deal had been agreed. Dialogue is key and both teams have given themselves a deadline of this Sunday, and I think the key to unlocking this is to stand back and look at the overall picture here,” […] “Are we saying we are going to lose out on a deal because of 3 per cent?” (link, paywalled)

Yes, Mr Martin, that’s what the rest of the EU is saying and there’s no way back – unless BJ caves in. Why wouldn’t the EU believe that Remain, launching a last-ditch ‘Brexit Fear’ campaign, might still force BJ to crawl back to Brussels on his hands and knees? This has, after all, been going on for four years.

Neither Brussels, Paris or Berlin have ever understood that we Brits do not take kindly to coercion and blackmail. While our Remain MSM have been playing down the EU coercions these have now become so obvious that even the hardcore Remainers know there’s no way to hide them:

“Ursula von der Leyen[…]  said Britain could have “basic” access to air and road links for six months in the event of no trade deal, but only if it signed up to so-called level playing field guarantees, the main obstacle in the way of a deal. Mrs von der Leyen also demanded access to UK fishing waters for a year. Brexiteers described the proposals as a “joke”.” (paywalled link)

That they are indeed – just look at these ‘proposals’:

“Ms von der Leyen proposed a series of “mini deals” covering airlines, aviation safety and road transport for six months. She also proposed “continued reciprocal access” to Britain’s fishing waters for another year. Britain would only be given access to road and air links if it maintained “sufficiently high and comparable standards” in these areas (the so-called “level playing field” guarantee that Britain has always said it cannot sign up to). (paywalled link)

This time, finally, even RemainCentral had to report on what the EU understands as ‘level playing field’. Not even the most inveterate Remain ‘captain of industry’ can deny that this EU demand is unacceptable:

“[Ms vdLeyen] was referring to the ratchet clause, through which the EU is seeking to commit Britain to upgrade in sync with the EU its workplace, social and environmental standards, as well as rules on subsidies for some industries. “Dynamic realignment” in perpetuity is unacceptable to Boris Johnson, for whom the freedom to diverge on standards is part of what sovereignty means.” (link, paywalled)

We Leavers have known and talked about this all along, thanks to the invaluable reporting by our friends at facts4eu, thanks to the speeches in the HoC of such staunch Leavers like Sir Bill Cash or the Diary entries of the incomparable Sir John Redwood who has written another trenchant piece this morning, on Remain economic forecasts being ‘in shreds’. These are all ‘sources’ available to our or EU MSM, so they ought to have known. 

I leave you with one final warning to BJ – this time from his own MPs. Should he indeed cave in and accede to the insufferable EU ‘conditions’ just to get ‘a deal’, they warn that the time for  parliamentary scrutiny will be squeezed unbearably:

“Mr Johnson has set Sunday as a deadline for reviewing the “future of the talks” over a trade, security and fishing deal, suggesting that negotiations could continue into next week. The extended timetable has sparked fears that if a deal is eventually clinched, the window for parliamentary scrutiny of it will be squeezed, as UK ratification must take place by the end of the Brexit transition period on December 31.” (paywalled link)

I for one am not worried that our peacocks might have to attend zoom meetings from the safety of their own christmassy homes to scrutinise a deal. I am worried that the possibility of such a deal is raising its ugly head even amongst Brexiteer MPs. I am even more worried that Remainers in Whitehall and Cabinet will try to keep those talks going until the never-never, regardless of EU intransigence. 

Let’s disregard the last-ditch ‘Brexit Fear’ campaign waged by ‘sources’ in the MSM.  Let’s somehow survive until Sunday evening, covid and EU notwithstanding. And let’s pray that Frosty stands firm, inserting spines into the backs of all Brexit waveres.





Photo by koen_jacobs

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