Is the ‘Palace’ of the covid tyrants starting to come down?


The MSM are now fully engaged in the propaganda exercise for mass vaccination. Everybody must be vaccinated as quickly as the vaccines can be produced, no prisoners taken. It reminds me fatally of the ‘production drives’ in the former Soviet Union where workers who produced more items than programmed were celebrated as heroes, even unto being given medals. ‘Stakhanovite’ is the technical term. Given the structure of ‘Our NHS’ this comparison isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem.

This propaganda drive also looks as if “we” need to be given some sort of pacifier: see, there’s a silver lining to the dark covid cloud, so do as you’re told. The whole exercise is not so much ‘jam tomorrow’ but rather ‘jam day after tomorrow’. It’s also a new stick to bash BJ with – well deserved because he’s outsourced his authority to unelected ‘health official’s who can, do, did and always will hide behind the tired excuse of ‘we’re only following orders’.

That impression is based on this morning’s headlines where only the Guardian is the odd one out. Their headline cries that yesterday was ‘the worst day yet’, with ‘our death toll’ now surpassing 100,000. Again, just like yesterday, The Times has a little paragraph which in the days before the vaccination drive would have been the top report, scare graphs and screaming headline included. Let’s quote it ‘for the record’:

“The highest daily toll of the pandemic was recorded, with 1,564 new deaths. This puts mortality in the second wave higher than during the first, with 43,199 deaths since September 1 compared with 41,562 between March 2 and August 31. Last night the total stood at 84,767.” (link, paywalled)

It seems that ‘Our MSM’ don’t care for these shock-numbers any longer. Perhaps the fact that more people, especially the elderly, die during these winter months anyway – covid or not – has permeated into the MSM’s newsrooms. Perhaps they are now waiting with bated breath for more misery in care homes because NHS hospitals are going to be ‘permitted’ to release covid patients ‘without tests’:

“Coronavirus hospital patients can be discharged into care homes without being tested under draft Government guidelines leaked to the Telegraph. Care providers have said they are “deeply worried” about the latest proposed rules, which advise clinicians to release patients without requiring them to have a test 48 hours before discharge if they have no new virus symptoms and have isolated in hospital. [sic!]” (paywalled link)

That is hugely interesting because it points to a quite remarkable change in medical attitude to covid infections, especially in regard to the ‘asymptomatic spreaders’ of which we were told to be very afraid because people with no symptoms but a +ve PCR test could still infect others. Remember that? Strangely enough, this has now sunk well below the MSM’s reporting horizon. There’s more, and it’s stranger still:

“For the first time, the Government appears to acknowledge that people could test positive for Covid but not be infectious, suggesting “it will be appropriate for them to move directly to a care home from hospital… because we now know they do not pose an infection risk to other residents in a care home”. It describes this sub-group as “immunocompetent and with no new symptoms” even if they are within 90 days of their initial symptoms or positive test result.” (paywalled link)

Did these government scientists – I hope they were scientists and not just your common-and-garden variety of civil serpents! – really detect that people with a three-moth old, previous +ve test result are fine? It would seem so – perhaps because they may have seen ‘a study’ with even more interesting results. The Times reported this but the author didn’t give the link to that study, so I cannot check this out myself and can only quote from that article:

“Contracting coronavirus gives “at least as good” an immune defence against future infections as a vaccine, according to the most comprehensive study into reinfection rates. Previous illness provided about 85 per cent protection against both asymptomatic and symptomatic reinfection, researchers said after following thousands of people who caught the virus in the spring.” (link, paywalled)

Oh really? Isn’t that a bit, ahem, heretical? Isn’t that, ahem, going against the WHO’s declaration that only mass vaccination can provide herd immunity? It would seem so if one discards the usual kowtow to the vaccination pushers and the warning that scientists ‘don’t yet know enough’. Well,”we” don’t know enough about the vaccines either, do we! See for yourselves:

“With an estimated one in five having been infected, the findings, based on a study of 21,000 UK healthcare workers, suggested that herd immunity could already be slowing the course of the pandemic. However, scientists warned that they still did not know how long immunity lasted.” (link, paywalled)

There’s more. In a letter to the British Medical Journal a researcher in Sweden writes that there are now more studies available showing that “a significant proportion of individuals globally entered the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic with some pre-existing immunity.” (link). And what, might one ask, does confer this pre-existing immunity? It’s the common cold:

“The fact that antibodies and T cells were also cross-reactive with other human coronaviruses (the seasonal cold viruses NL63; 229E; OC43; HKU1) suggests that exposure to some of the common cold viruses can induce immunity to other coronaviruses. It is worth pointing out that >90% of the population is seropositive for at least three of these human coronaviruses.” (link)

Hands up all who didn’t have a ‘seasonal’ cold, evah! The researcher points out that patients who had such previous corona-virus infections suffered less severely from covid, and then mentions two points which should make our lockdown~ and test~fanatics sit up:

“Memory B and T cells were also cross-reactive with SARS-CoV-1, indicating that this type of immunity can last for at least 17 years. Importantly, T cell studies which also investigated the presence of antibodies all showed zero antibody cross-reactivity, demonstrating that the use of antibodies to indicate development of immunity is unreliable.“ (link)

Keep in mind that the BMJ is not a hotbed of covid deniers or conspiracists. Read the whole thing if you’re scientifically inclined – there’s an arm-length of papers given at the end of that letter.

It looks to me as if we’re observing a slow crumbling in the covid-fear edifice which the SAGEs have been built in this country. Yes, they’re still at it, with Mr V declaring that the hotbed of infections are private households while Hancock is quibbling about how many people can ‘exercise outdoors’ without endangering ‘Our Sacred Cow’ (link, paywalled).

There’s another organisation which has jumped on the bandwagon of ‘you must stay indoors to ‘save the NHS’. For its sheer inanity this deserves a covid-star in gold:

“An RAC spokesman said: “[…] it’s vital drivers think carefully before using their vehicles and ensure they’re only venturing out for essential trips. Every unnecessary journey increases the chances of a breakdown, or worse a road traffic collision, and risks adding to the pressures being experienced by our emergency and healthcare workers.” (link, paywalled)

Yep, ‘tis about protecting “Our NHS” – as if this is the only goal worth pursuing. Protecting ourselves from ever more unbearable lockdown measures which don’t achieve anything except damaging our health, the economy, and ultimately the fabric of our society – that’s unworthy.

Meanwhile, local councils are complaining to the MSM that their offers of help with the mass vaccination ‘drive’ are being disregarded:

“Offers to transform thousands of leisure centres, libraries and civic buildings into vaccination hubs are being rebuffed by Whitehall and NHS chiefs […] English councils are ready to open buildings, redeploy staff and arrange community minibuses to transport elderly people to receive their jabs. Conservative and Labour council leaders are frustrated that they are being bypassed and say that the vaccine programme is run by “national edict”.” (link, paywalled)

Well, of course it is – just as lockdown #3 is run by ‘national edict’. What did they expect? That the vaccination~ and health~tsars loosen their grip on power? That they’d be given more attention than all the private people who’ve been offering their help and expertise not just in this vaccination drive but in the earlier ‘test & trace’ drive? Pshaw!

I leave you with a look back down memory lane. In our archives I found that on this day last year Debbie apologised for my absence due to illness. I did resume writing this column the next day, adding a footnote where I refer to a report of the ‘appearance of a mystery virus’ (link), dated 14th January 2020. That seems to be the earliest covid references I could find in my archives. How little did we know then!

It’s to be hoped that the voices of scientists outside SAGE and outside the covid camarilla are starting to enter the public discourse. If there’s cross-immunity, if all test results, not just PCR, are shown to be at least questionable, if ‘science’ is thrown out of the window when it comes to mass vaccination, perhaps more citizens will start asking if this whole thing wasn’t about our health but about an unprecedented, global power grab by bureaucrats, nationally and internationally. 

Might we be seeing the first small stones starting to come tumbling down from the ‘palace’ of the national and international covid tyrants? Hope springs eternal …





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