‘Our salvation’, according to the MSM: moar tests!


It’s getting awkward: the testing ‘shambles’, the ‘casedemic’, the ‘case against Johnson’ campaign by ‘Our MSM’ – awkward for ‘Our MSM’, that is. If one wanted to make a study of ‘self-fulfilling prophecies’ then the Covid ‘news’ today provide an excellent example: scream for ‘tests’ and then scream because everybody is following the ‘MSM-lead’, demanding tests and more tests – and them scream because there aren’t any for everybody!

For the moment, ‘Brexit News’ about ‘that’ Bill have been put on the backburner: Johnson and the Tory ‘rebels’ are talking about their ‘worries’, and Labour shouting that that Bill is ‘illegal’ isn’t even worthy of a whole article in ‘Our MSM’.

However, there are still those ‘intrepid refugees’ in their channel-crossing rubber dinghies … so the DT has found a ‘correspondent’ who was trying to ‘do’ a Nigel Farage, describing how the French Navy was ‘shepherding one such dinghy to English waters where our Border Taxi service duly picked them up. Oh yeah, Nigel was ‘on the DT boat’, so he gets an honourable mention (paywalled link). The whole thing reads like a schoolkid describing ‘what I saw when I was on a boat’.

Meanwhile, The Times, writing about Priti’s plans to house those ‘refugees’ and ‘asylum-seekers’ in barracks near Folkestone, has labelled the local citizens who protest about that as ‘far right activists’. The ‘refugees welcome’ groups are of course not ‘activists’ and are quoted, e.g.:

“Clare Moseley, of Care4Calais, said: “The idea of deterrence does not work when people are running away from death and torture.” (link, paywalled)

I had no idea that the French are killing and torturing people! Interestingly, that DT ‘writer’ in their ‘exclusive’ tells us that the Border Farce, ‘plucking’ those illegals from the perilous waters, were wearing hazmat suits. That begs the question: are those charitable, refugees-supporting ladies (it’s always ladies, oddly enough) not aware that we’re in a ‘pandemic’, that these refugees might all be Covid-carriers, that they might import the virus? In an aside, I do wonder if those laydees mightn’t indulge in a bit of snitching on muzzle-refuseniks and lockdown sceptics. However, neither they nor ‘Our MSM’ ask: have these new arrivals been tested? If not – why not? 

Oh – because “we” have run out of tests, that’s why! ‘Our MSM’ don’t even notice that this situation has exclusively been created by their fear & hysteria campaign which must be kept alive at all cost. See this:

“Problems with the government’s Covid-19 testing programme are closing schools and heaping pressure on A&Es and GP practices, according to warnings from teachers, doctors and hospital chiefs yesterday. The prime minister urged people not to book tests unless they had symptoms, with the education secretary saying that parents should not get their child tested even if a classmate had been sent home sick with Covid-19.”  (link, paywalled)

What ‘GP surgeries’? They’re not letting anyone in, are they – that’s why ‘ministers’ have to send them a letter to open their fortresses. There are no ‘data’ about how many people demanded tests and had to go back home, untested. Don’t the test centres keep lists of how many they had to send home because no tests were available’?

You’ll find not one word in today’s papers that there are more hospital admissions of people with flu and pneumonia (not Covid!), not one word that there are fewer Covid deaths than ever since the peak. It’s surely remarkable that the broadsheets, usually so eager to copy from each other, have strictly looked away from the ONS data reported in the DT – we wrote about that yesterday, here. And isn’t it just a-ma-zing to see who the ‘complainers’ are – yes, the usual suspects:

“Head teachers say that schools are being forced to close because so few tests are available and the system is chaotic and has ground to a halt. They warn of “lockdown by default” and have written to Boris Johnson begging him to resolve the situation.” (link, paywalled)

Odd, isn’t it, that again teachers don’t want to teach and that ‘Our NHS’ is already ‘buckling’, again – according to The Times. What next? More lockdowns, personal, local, or even a national one? The ‘flu season’ hasn’t even started yet – so surely it’s time for us to do ‘our bit’ again, to ‘Save Our Holy Cow’! Here’s the starting shot:

“Hospitals say that potentially infectious people are turning up at A&E in desperation to be tested and schools say they will struggle to stay open with so many pupils unable to get tests. Ministers are determined to prevent a return to rapid exponential growth in infections that could again kill thousands and threaten to overwhelm the NHS. ” (link, paywalled)

Don’t expect ‘Our MSM’ to ask why those desperate people don’t turn up at their GP surgeries, nor why schools apparently think all pupils must be tested before they can go to school. Of course, any sniffle is now suspicious – it could be that ‘killer virus’, even though the ONS numbers say different. Anyway, it’s all the fault of government – first for telling people to go back to work, and now saying this:

“Last night it was reported that office workers faced a possible order to work from home if the “rule of six” policy failed to reduce case numbers within two weeks. Senior government sources told The Daily Telegraph that employers could have their hand forced in the event of rising infections and the demand for tests continuing to outstrip supply. More people are returning to office working and there are fears for restaurants, pubs and cafés if this is reversed.” (link, paywalled)

This ‘fear’ only seems to apply to office workers back at work. However, don’t expect ‘Our MSM’ to ask if all those tests are actually necessary – but do note that “we” must worry about teachers and ‘Our NHS’ while there’s not one word about those who’ve kept the nation fed and clean: delivery drivers, shelf stackers, rubbish removal men – they’re always men, there are no cries for ‘diversity’ in those crews by our ‘feminists’. Addressing this latest fear promoted by ‘Our MSM’, government is now setting up a ‘priority list’ – no surprises there:

“A prioritisation list drawn up by health officials puts NHS patients, care home residents and frontline health and care workers at the head of the queue. Those living in “watch list” areas – places assessed by the Government as having worrying levels of Covid-19 spread – would also be high on the list for tests. Schools, including teachers and pupils, are lower down, with ministers keen to avoid withdrawing tests from these groups. At the bottom of the list lies the general public – in areas that are not suffering major coronavirus outbreaks – as well as businesses.” (paywalled link)

Yes, these are the correct priorities, especially as government is trying to get the economy going: workers are at the back of the queue! They’ve coped before, so why worry …

The prize for ignorant inanity goes to the editorial in today’s Times. Not only do they tell readers and government to ‘learn from other countries’ – no mention of Sweden, though, nor of those countries where schools have been open for some weeks now without the population cramming into their hospitals – they actually write:

“For months it has been clear that only a robust system to test, track and trace new coronavirus cases can contain the pandemic. Mr Johnson and Matt Hancock, the health secretary, have talked a good game only to fail repeatedly to meet their own ambitious targets. The failures are more than a source of political embarrassment. They are a threat to the government’s ability to fulfil its most basic obligations to the public, whose trust and patience are understandably beginning to wear thin.” (link, paywalled)

How many times: it’s not ‘tests’ which ‘contain’ that virus! How many times: do the ‘science editors’ only read what they themselves publish but nothing else, for fear it might possibly undermine their fear & hysteria? How many times: it’s the Westminster Cabal who is working hard at undermining trust in this government – we peasants aren’t asked.

Not one word is said in all those ‘test shambles’ reports in ‘Our MSM’ today about muzzles, without which people are now not daring to go out – not because they fear the virus but because they fear the muzzle-enforcers in the streets and shops. Don’t these muzzles work? 

Again, it’s up to us, the unwashed, uneducated, stupid plebs to do our own research. Here’s one little snippet, from the Speccie’s email newsletter, so no link:

“Just one member of the leadership of NHS test and trace is a public health expert, with the rest of the executive committee composed of civil servants and figures from retail, commerce and other non-public health-related sectors. The programme has a £10 billion budget until next year and its responsibilities in testing are vital to the government’s plans in controlling the pandemic.”

Isn’t that at least noteworthy – or is it not worth mentioning because it doesn’t fit the narrative of ‘it’s Johnson’s fault’? Isn’t it at least noteworthy that ‘Our MSM’ would rather drive government and the Nation into another lockdown? What hope is there when even Sir John Redwood (here) has to ask for ‘better data’ – data which LockdownSceptics has been publishing for months, the latest here in yesterday’s issue?

It’s going to get worse once we get true autumn weather with cold, rain and fog, a.k.a. ‘Flu Season’. So – more tests, innit, and don’t ask about how long a self-imposed quarantine after a positive test is meant to last – five, days, ten, more? Surely our economy can take it, with Labour already asking for more money.

As long as our representatives, our peacocking MPs cower in their homes, shunning Parliament and abandoning their duty to us, those questions won’t be asked and there won’t be any answers, not even for Sir John Redwood. 

Meanwhile, the one thing we peasants can be sure of, tests or no tests, is that we and all the workers who keep this country going, will




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