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It’s all going to pot: CV-19, Lockdown, case numbers, politicians, ‘celebrities’, authors, tourist chiefs, civil serpents, ‘experts’ and MSM writers, ‘science’ writers in particular – they all seem to live in a universe different from the rest of us. We’re used to being told how and what to think by ‘our MSM’ but today they exhibit a level of confusion which surely must put paid to their  self-appointed role as the nation’s pundits and gurus.

The only constant in today’s ‘news’ is their anti-Cummings stance combined with BLM virtue signalling. For example, the editors of The Times thought we needed to know what the author of a certain book thinks, namely that we shouldn’t form ‘a superficial opinion’ of his book because Cummings recommended it to colleagues (link, paywalled). Yes, dears: don’t condemn a book just because Cummings says ‘read this’, according to its author: isn’t that amazing! Then there’s Michael Palin. You couldn’t make it up:

“Michael Palin has backed calls for the knighthood medal to be redesigned after claims that the image of St Michael defeating Satan resembles the murder of George Floyd. The Monty Python star-turned travel documentary broadcaster was awarded the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George last year but said the image on the badge was “inappropriate and offensive”. The scene in the centre of the badge depicts a white Archangel Michael standing on the throat of a black Satan in chains.” (link, paywalled)

Give the order back then, Michael – and better think hard about removing the scene with the black knight from ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’: black is so racist, innit! Why not scrap all Python films and sketches? Someone will surely be offended, and what virtue-signalling exercise could be better than being offended ‘in retrospect’.

In politics, we’re offered conjecture as to how the post-Sedwill Cabinet Secretary will work (link). Nobody knows anything, but it’s another opportunity for ‘sources’ to try and ‘frame the narrative’, to put markers down to form published (by the MSM) opinion rather than public opinion (that’s ours, the peasants’ opinion) before the event.  

Someone else of whom none of us have heard is ‘Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary’. His name is Sir Tom Winsor – it had to be a ‘Sir’ – who entered the News with the proposal that policing matters ought to be voted for by the 43 police chiefs. According to The Times, the Home Office – that’s the civil serpents who’ve been able to domesticate every single one of their Secretary of States – supports this idea (link, paywalled).

It doesn’t seem to have occurred to this Chief Inspector nor to his supporters in the Home Office nor to the ‘crime editor’ of the Times that such nationalisation of police methods has led to the death of yon black American which has given rise to BLM demos across the world. But wait – perhaps the police chiefs will all vote for not ever policing any ‘communities’ which might be offended when police officers try to enforce existing laws, such as not to stab someone to death? That would be good, yes?

To round up the July madness which has gripped ‘Our MSM’ there’s a plaintive letter by ‘a Lord’ who is disgusted that, as a ‘poorer member’ he can only claim £162 per day when he ‘makes a contribution’ rather than the £323 per day he was accustomed to pre-Lockdown. Oh dear! How unfair! We really needed to know that (link)! 

Meanwhile we’re told, without comment by any of the usual editorial writers, that: 

“Holiday parks, campsites and hotels have announced bans on tourists from Leicester after the government imposed a local lockdown in the city. […] The British Holiday and Home Parks Association said that it would be publishing guidance to caravan operators and encouraging people living in the affected wards within Leicester to not visit the Lincolnshire coast.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, this is the leperisation of people in progress, now down to the level of ‘affected wards’ rather than towns and cities. I’m just waiting for the demand fro introduce a ‘CV-19 passport’, showing that one’s not infected! Of course, PHE is at the forefront of this confusion:

“After Leicester’s lockdown was tightened on Tuesday Public Health England (PHE) said that mobile testing units had shown that Yorkshire appeared to be reporting more infections. Levels are also believed to be high in Greater Manchester, although officials played down fears of more local lockdowns.” (link, paywalled)

So: more tests find more infections – who’da thought! But why don’t they all turn up in hospitals? Are they actually ill, have they been ill and are now immune, or what is going on? Here is more:

“A row erupted after it emerged that published figures on local authority infections included only hospital figures, known as “pillar 1”. The data from drive-through and mobile testing centres and home kits, known as “pillar 2”, were not released. Government sources insist that councils were provided with pillar 2 data on Friday, June 19. The following Monday, June 22, they were offered more detailed postcode-level figures if they signed a data protection agreement. It is understood that only about two thirds of England’s councils have so far agreed and received the data.” (link, paywalled)

Are those ‘pillar 1’ data perhaps not scary enough? And let’s forget about data protection, one of the human rights lobby’s holy grail. It’s about installing a health dictatorship behind our backs, where tests of dubious value and efficiency – we mentioned that yesterday already – are being used as blunt instrument not by the national government but by local council leaders who want the power to decree their own local lockdowns. Never mind that their citizens will be leperised by hotels and holiday places across the country. Never mind that the tourism industry doing the leperising will demand compensation from the government, i.e. from our taxes, the taxes of the leperised citizens included. 

Interestingly, the report in the DT on those same PHE data gives them a quite different spin, putting the whole local lockdown demands into perspective:

“The new data – the first available since lockdown restrictions were eased on June 15 – show a steep decline in positive tests for the coronavirus, from 10.7 cases per 100,000 population to 6.7 in just a week, a drop of 37.4 per cent. […] The figures, compiled during the seven days ending June 27, suggested that the new measures – opening non-essential shops, outdoor attractions and secondary schools – appeared to have had no effect on the spread of Covid-19.” (link)

That, however, is not conducive to keeping the fear & hysteria campaign going! Therefore our dear ‘health and science’ editors prefer to pick cherries from the data, such as the quote above in regard to Yorkshire. Remember, these are all data from one and the same PHE report. Leaving Leicester aside, it seems all those mayors who want to be able to impose their own local lockdowns haven’t got a leg to stand on:

“The figures also show that Leicester was put into lockdown when its infection rate was 20 times higher than the country as a whole, and suggest other local lockdowns may be unnecessary. Rates in other towns on the Government watch list, including Bradford, Barnsley and Rochdale, have notably declined. The data, contained in a Public Health England report used to justify shutting down Leicester, suggested that predictions of a spike in infections after the national lockdown was eased had not materialised.” (link)

So – no evidence for that 2nd spike, but there’s worse for our fear-mongering industry:

“The data showed that Leicester was showing a decline in the rate of cases, from 140.2 to 135.7 per 100,000, before Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, said the city had to go into lockdown. Bradford, the second worst-hit city, recorded a fall from 72.8 per 100,000 to just 42.8 over the same period.” (link)

Haven’t we seen numerous reports that infections started to decline, nationally, before Lockdown was put into place? Well – we didn’t see them in “our MSM”, only on sites such as Lockdown Sceptics and on videos by scientists who were denounced as conspirationalists. And now that! Even more fatal for the Lockdownistas: how come the case rate declined in Bradford without a Lockdown? And shouldn’t we have read about hospitals in those towns overflowing with CV-19 cases, accompanied by photos like those from Italy a few months ago? 

No, we must be kept in a state of abject terror. We must accept being treated as lepers when some local mayor or indeed a First Minister of the devolved nations wants a piece of the news by declaring a local Lockdown while at the same time demanding money from the Treasury.

I leave you with ‘EU Brexit News’ – not! The Express keeps indulging in publishing screaming headlines (e.g. here and here) which are just click-bait. Do we really need to know what a German Brussels diplomat says about Ms Merkel? I think not! Let’s wait for the statement from David Frost – that ‘our Michel’ will throw another tantrum is a given. 

And finally: since Johnson and Gove have been referring to Franklin D. Roosevelt, here’s the important quote from that man: ‘There’s nothing to fear but Fear itself’. Remember that and 




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