Our friends and helpers, protecting us from covid …


Well, there we are: yesterday BJ’s lockdown #3 received the retroactive agreement of our elected representatives, by 524 votes to 16. There were twelve (!) Tory MPs voting against – see their names here and see the names of all MPs who voted against here (scroll down a bit). It seems that the famed ‘covid rebels’ in the Tory Party have accepted the government’s justification for this lockdown. Sir John Redwood writes about hauliers this morning – that says it all.

The frightening aspects of this monumental cave-in are now coming into sight. One of them is the staggering scientific illiteracy of the MPs. Add to this their intellectual laziness, accepting pre-digested ‘data’ provided by government and NHS rather than even look at inconsistencies and plain manipulation. No matter how many times eminent scientists – not the ‘antivax trolls’ – have been pointing out the fallacies: the peacocks simply couldn’t be bothered …

After months of opinion makers in the MSM crying for ‘Teh Government’ in the form of BJ to ‘do something’, he now ‘did do something’ by prolonging lockdown #3 and using highfalutin metaphors to obscure that fact, telling the HoC:

“that restrictions would be lifted only “brick by brick” and people should not expect a mass relaxation of the rules when they were reviewed on February 15. “We are in a tough final stretch, made only tougher by the new variant,” he told the Commons. “Our emergence from the lockdown cocoon will not be a big bang but a gradual unwrapping.” (link, paywalled)

The gracious government is ‘cocooning’ us by trashing the economy and education, by damaging the health of the nation. I’m just waiting for BJ to tell us to look forward to that beautiful butterfly emerging once his lockdown #3 cocoon has been unwrapped! Any similarities in this announcement with the previous pronouncements by SAGE are of course purely coincidental. The peacocks in the HoC swallowed this whole – their feebleness is in plain sight here:

“The Prime Minister said laws governing the lockdown will stay in place until March 31 [as] senior Tories accused him of “surreptitiously” moving the date back after they were led to believe the laws would expire this month. Conservative backbenchers insisted Parliament be given a vote as often as once a fortnight on whether to continue the restrictions, as one former Cabinet minister said there was no “possible reason” to keep the lockdown going beyond mid-February.” (paywalled link)

Oh – but ‘reasons’ will be found, of that we can be sure! There is the issue of mass vaccination for starters. Government and NHS are going at this full tilt and sod any other health issues. See this:

“GPs have been instructed to “stand down” routine care and prioritise providing Covid vaccinations in a bid to ensure the NHS can deliver almost 14 million jabs by next month. Doctors have been given guidance saying that delivering the vaccine should be their “top priority”, with advice to “postpone other activities”. (paywalled link)

For us plebs this means: don’t dare to fall ill with anything during BJ’s ‘mass vaccination drive’. Why does this ‘drive’ remind me of practices known to students of the history of totalitarian states in the 20th century …  Just like then, everything had to be sacrificed to ‘a monumental national effort’. Just like then, the lives of ordinary people didn’t matter.

That surely can’t happen here? It already has. The ONS has published the death statistics for the week up to Christmas – a week when two thirds of the nation were already in tier 4 lockdown:

“The number of excess deaths recorded by the Office for National Statistics in the week to Christmas Day was higher than the number of coronavirus deaths, provoking more fear over the impact of pressures on the NHS on care for other conditions. […] The ONS said that 11,520 deaths registered were in the week ending December 25. This was 3,566 deaths, or 45 per cent, higher than the five-year average. Of those, 2,912 mentioned Covid-19 on the death certificate. All regions of England had a higher number of deaths than usual for the seventh consecutive week.” (link, paywalled)

Note the nice sleight-of-hand here, sowing confusion about ‘covid deaths’ and ordinary deaths: are those 3,566 deaths ‘collateral damage’, are the 2,912 actual ‘covid deaths’ part of the whole 11,520 deaths? Who knows!  A research fellow at Imperial college London had this to say, in impenetrable pseudo-scientific language:

“[…] the fact excess deaths were higher than deaths involving Covid-19 was “a very interesting but potentially worrying statistic”. He added: “It may suggest an increase in excess deaths [due to] indirect impacts of the pandemic upon health system pressures that impact care pathways for non-Covid-19 conditions.” (link, paywalled)

You don’t say! ‘Impacts’ are ‘impacting’? Well I nevah! Translated, this means that GPs and ‘Our Sacred Cow’ have indeed sacrificed, on the altar of ‘covid’, the health of those they ought to have protected. This will continue, as will the ‘cocoon’ of lockdown #3 because BJ’s vaccination drive will fail not just because there mightn’t be a sufficient number of doses – which have to be produced first, after all – but because ‘Our NHS’ isn’t going to let a mere PM dictate to them:

“The health service is not promising to vaccinate 13 million vulnerable people by mid-February, in spite of the prime minister’s pledge. The NHS says that it can promise only to offer the vaccine to priority groups, with the actual number vaccinated expected to be significantly lower.” (link, paywalled)

Yesterday we learned that one national group demanding to have their member be given priority access to the vaccine was the Police. The NHS must surely accede to their wishes given that their members are braving the hostile outdoor environment, heaving with covid, in order to keep us safe. After all, the MSM report today (see e.g. here or paywalled here) that the Met police will now fine anyone:

“Britain’s biggest police force is taking a new hardline approach to coronavirus lockdown breakers by actively stopping people on the street and requiring them to explain themselves. Officers from the Metropolitan Police will also routinely hand out fines to anyone found at illegal gatherings such as parties or raves. Previously enforcement action was generally limited to the event’s organisers. People found not wearing a mask when they should will not be “reasoned with” but fined, the force said.” (link, paywalled)

These ‘instructions’ from Scotland Yard are being replicated by police forces in the rest of England and Wales, with the chairman of the National Police Chiefs’ Council writing in an ‘exclusive’ for the DT that “there were few excuses for breaches because “everyone should now understand the rules in their area” (paywalled link). In other words: you know the rulz, so do as you’re told – ‘resistance’ is futile. How many of us muzzle refuseniks will now dare to go out when Plod won’t even listen to an explanation but will issue fines regardless?

And then there are the snitches … Lockdown Sceptics has a sad tale about a grasser-upper from rural England this morning (link) while the DM has a report from Wales (link). That ‘incident’ took place over Christmas when the police hadn’t yet been given ‘instructions’ to fine on sight. I’ll just observe in passing that it’s our ‘betters’, e.g. TV presenters and quango chiefs, who flaunt the rules – but that it’s always us peasants being blamed for our ‘irresponsibility’, especially by the Westminster MSM. 

In conclusion, the covid MSM and the feeble MPs have handed Whitehall the instruments to enforce political rules which rob us of our freedoms. These instruments will be used in future because once a precedent has been created, it provides the pretext for applying it in other situations.

Meanwhile, the Times’ Mr Aaronovitch points out in his editorial today that the Kneeler offered Labour’s support for BJ’s lockdown #3:

“if the government were to propose emergency legislation to deal with disinformation which would “cost lives”. In response Mr Johnson thanked the Labour leader and pointed to a forthcoming “online harms” bill to deal with issues [‘anti-vaxxers’] such as these.” (link, paywalled)

One doesn’t need to have the brains of a political Einstein to recognise where this is going. The Thought Police will happily grab the instruments now being used by their colleagues to police lockdown ‘rule breakers’. Mr Aaronovitch writes next:

“Just before Christmas the government updated its online harms white paper. […] Its preamble notes that “illegal and unacceptable content and activity is widespread online, and UK users are concerned about what they see and experience on the internet”. So note the running together there of two entirely different categories: that which is illegal and that which is unacceptable. What is illegal is, in the end, an objective question. What is unacceptable is almost always subjective.” (link, paywalled)

Just so! Apologies for darkening your morning further, but recall that BJ is a greenie, and that, in accord with politicians in e.g. Germany, green blobbery is the next item on the agenda, ‘after covid’. I expect that these instruments, now handed to BJ and Whitehall by the supine peacocks, will be used against ‘climate deniers’. 

Crying foul will be too late then, not least because the covid snitches will happily turn into ‘green’ snitches, supported by the greened-up covid MSM. After all, once we’ve been released from that lockdown#3 cocoon we surely want to stay alive and save the planet by sheepishly following the coming ‘green rulz’, don’t we! Haven’t we already shown our willingness to comply by obeying irrational ‘covid rules’ imposed on us without proper scrutiny? 

For as long as we can and are permitted to, we will



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