Thank you for your last letter dated 30/11/20. You are perfectly correct in your assumption that I would not agree with you. How could I possibly agree when more compelling information than that ‘government approved’ propaganda that you offer is available to me on all sides?

It is now apparent to those of us who are actively watching (in horror and disgust) the continuing fear campaign is being waged deliberately by Boris Johnson and his ‘sofa’ cabinet. It is also obvious that he is being aided and abetted (or perhaps dictated to) by Whitty, Vallance and the egregious Neil Ferguson, in shamelessly and corruptly using ‘statistics’ to manipulate and promote a climate of absolute panic regarding the latest ‘mutation’ of COVID.

We are entitled to ask from whence do Professor Ferguson, Whitty and Vallance receive their funding? (Gates and Soros are names frequently proposed as possible contributors!) Thus, are they truly ‘independent’ in their assertions? Where is the open and honest publication of their ‘interests’ such as has to be entered by sitting MPs? Why should their details be kept ‘secret’ when their pronouncements affect so many millions of lives?

For what reason is this constant ‘fear’ being promulgated? The people of the UK have the right to expect that their elected government will represent and act in the best interests of the people who voted them into office. It is perfectly plain that this expectation is not, currently, being met!

The sinister suppression of the “right to protest” against the ‘COVID totalitarianism’ being enforced by the ‘Stasi police’ has been given free rein by this ‘government’. This two-tier morality-based policing has given free rein to aggressive and anarchic climate eco zealots and black supremacist Marxist groups while ruthlessly (and in many cases brutally) attacking those who are merely trying to exercise their legal right to protest peacefully against loss of freedoms.

Having read some of the reporting regarding the BREXIT trade agreement, one would be very justified in believing that the COVID house-arrest campaign is being implemented in order to mask the fact that the ‘agreement’ recently rammed through Parliament has been designed, covertly, to keep the UK under the EU jackboot! If the fishing debacle is anything to go by, the rest of the ‘agreement’ will not actually deliver what was promised.

Boris Johnson swept to power in December 2019 on the promise (one of many since abandoned or broken) that the UK would recover its full sovereignty as well as control over its waters. I do not think that he will deliver what he promised with the ‘flawed’ trade agreement that, so far I can see, is more likely to keep Britain subjugated to the EU.

The current appetite for total lockdowns can only hamper one of the other promises that Mr Johnson made, to enable us to trade freely with the rest of the World. How can Britain hope to compete on the World trade markets when so much of its trading business is in enforced mothballs!

The BBC and the MSM are now focussed wholly on delivering government propaganda rather than reporting and allowing discussion of the other well documented facts regarding COVID that are readily available to any who access the platforms that promote the documented facts for independent evaluation.

On 28th December it was graphically reported in the Sun newspaper that the “deadly virus” had produced 41385 new cases and 357 deaths in one day. The 357 death rate equates to 0.01% of the number of new ‘cases’ reported. However, these figures and those that have been released since that date have been eagerly and avidly portrayed by government as ‘Armageddon’.

How many of these 357 deaths were genuinely ‘from COVID’ and how many were ‘with COVID’ and how many of these deaths were people who already were aged over 70 and already had ‘underlying health issues’? We are never told the absolute truth by government. It is clear that ‘truth does not suit the agenda’. Yet people everywhere are asking these same questions.

Britain has an elderly population compared to many other countries and large numbers of people die, routinely, each day. In England and Wales in 2019, for example, 530841 people died – an average of 1454 every day. Or….”four jumbo jet loads”, to use the alarmist comparison favoured by much of the pro-lockdown commentariat. COVID-19 is a disease that can be dangerous to the section of the population that would be susceptible and be expected to succumb to any such disease (a bad influenza year for example).

The convenient assertion that the ‘mutated’ strain currently being used to create ‘fear and trembling’ is more easily transmissible may well be correct. However, even the professional fear squad of ‘governing scientists’ has admitted that it may not be as virulent. In fact, it has also been hypothesised that the mutant strain is of a diminishing strength, as seems conversant with all viruses as they seek to ‘survive’. Such a proposition would be in accordance with the suggestion that the virus was actually over by last summer.

Mass testing by PCR has been shown to be woefully inaccurate. ‘Cases’ do not mean we have been overrun by a ‘plague’. Many cases are asymptomatic. Although the virus may be transmitted easily, 99% of people who contract COVID, have survived – many with no more manifestation of symptoms than would have been felt with a severe attack of influenza (not uncommon at this time of any year!).

Reports, readily available, confirm that masks do not work; lockdowns do not work. This was a pandemic that is now a ‘casedemic’ being driven by tests which are not fit for purpose and statistics that are being manipulated for political reasons.’

The promotion (at lightning speed) of a vaccine that many fear will produce long term effects (that have not yet been evaluated), plus the added proposal now to ‘mix and match’ the different strains (never done during trials) is cause for considerable concern as to the true intent of such a process.

As I see it, there is a concerted effort being made deliberately to destroy the economy of Britain. If, as is being suggested, the government (of which you are an active part) plans to usher in the much vaunted ‘global government by the few’, it should be remembered that when time comes for the inevitable retribution (as has always happened, across time, to dictatorships) it will not avail to cry ”I was only following orders”!

In the meantime, it is painfully apparent that the long term well-being of the people of this land is of little interest to the current government or the main opposition party. More people will be likely to die of untreated illnesses and mental health conditions than may ever die of COVID.  Children will be scarred by their experience of being denied their right to a proper education and free association with family members. This government has destroyed its credibility and forfeited the trust of the whole Nation.

The scepticism and protest is growing in intensity and pace. The “emperor’s new clothes” are on display. The cruelty of lockdown and misinformation will never be forgiven.

Yours truly, Frederica


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