The WHO is now the arbiter of what is ‘moral’


As I was looking at the headlines in this morning’s online papers it became patently obvious to me that covid damages the brains and minds of politicians and covid MSM editors alike. There are for example some ludicrous headlines placed next to each other. And then there’s a most extraordinary kowtow to the covid tsars in an otherwise excellent article in the DT …

I found the most egregious example of ludicrous headlines in close proximity in The Times. One report has the title “Tonnes of meat rotting at the border due to Brexit red tape” (link, paywalled) as another, next to it,  screams: “Less red meat and more green vegetables halves risk of fatty liver disease” (link, paywalled). Perhaps that’s the real reason why EU customs reject ‘our’ meat?

It has of course not escaped our attention that the red tape letting ‘our meat’ rot is EU red tape, not Brexit red tape – but hey, it’s RemainCentral writing about the moans of meat exporters, so of course the reporters don’t ask how come that, after two weeks, these exporters still haven’t sorted out the paperwork. It’s as if they feel incapable of moving one step without ‘guidance’, never mind that there haven been government advice papers galore. To find reports of real EU scandals you have of course go to our friends at facts4eu –  not that you’ll find these mentioned in the Remain MSM.

And so to travelling … Nothing could give away better the smug attitude of the metropolitan middle classes and their readers in Audi Avenue outside the M25 than their obsession with holiday travels. Where to go and should they book holidays now is the most pressing issue if one counts the headlines and articles devoted to these questions even as other reports right next to those articles are about ‘Chaos at Heathrow’.

And just in time The Times (sorry, I couldn’t help myself!) reports that Spain is experiencing a ’Third Wave’ – how scary! There are however only two paragraphs about this ‘wave’:

“Spain: The country is beginning to struggle with a third wave of the coronavirus as infections have tripled and hospital admissions doubled in the past three weeks. There was a record rise in infections over the weekend. The government said it would not impose a total lockdown but four regions have asked for one.” (link, paywalled)

Ah well – that’s Spain off the summer holiday list! There’s one other snippet in that report – on Norway. This is important because the information has already made the rounds on various  blogs. Now however it can clearly not be brushed under the carpet because, as we all know, if something is reported in The Times it is true:

“Norway – Norway has changed its policy on the use of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine to consider excluding the terminally ill after reports of deaths in highly frail recipients. The Norwegian Medicines Agency said that as of January 14, 23 reports of suspect deaths had been submitted to the health registry.” (link, paywalled)

I am speechless: why were the Norwegian authorities even considering vaccinating terminally ill patients when vaccines are in short supply everywhere? Did they plan to do so before those ‘highly frail recipients’ died? Is this whole, global vaccination exercise driven by governments trying to show that they are extremely fair and even-handed, vaccinating ‘everybody’ according to the lines of ‘every child must have a prize’?

Perhaps they are vaccinating the old and frail preferentially in order to show how caring they are? Are they trying to make us forget the scandal of elderly dying in care homes during that 1st wave – not just here but in all Western countries, even in much-praised Sweden and ‘well-organised’ Germany? 

I am beginning to think that the global vaccination ‘exercise’ is run according to ‘morality’ rather than medical needs – especially when I read the latest statement of the WHO chief. We cannot have forgotten that WHO pronouncements are meant to  be adhered to, by pain of being ‘cancelled’ in the antisocial media. So now see this:

“WHO – The director-general of the World Health Organisation lambasted drugmakers’ profits and vaccine inequalities, saying it was not right that younger, healthier adults in wealthy countries get vaccinated before older people or healthcare workers in poorer countries. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus lamented that one poor country received 25 vaccine doses. “The world is on the brink of a catastrophic moral failure,” he said. A WHO spokeswoman identified the country as Guinea.” (link, paywalled)

Oh joy! Let’s keep the ‘younger, healthier adults’ in Western countries unvaccinated and thus in lockdown, to the further detriment of Western economies, in order to ‘save’ older people in countries where there actually aren’t that many old people to start with, in countries which were not ravaged by covid ‘waves’, not even the 1st one! And btw – why doesn’t Tedros demand China allocate their wonderful vaccine to those countries? After all, there’s no covid in China now, is there …

Another aspect of mass vaccination is of course that it allows politicians to pose to their heart’s content, untroubled by such petitesses like the economy. There are the SAGEs who feed Hancock with ‘arguments’ for keeping the lockdown going even should most people have had the jab. In the near future “we” will be admonished  by SAGEs not to become overconfident and disobey the lockdown covid rulz:

“In the papers, Sage calls for “a culturally tailored communication strategy” to persuade people to remain compliant, as well as monitoring of the “beliefs and behaviours” of those receiving the vaccine and “a system of rapid alerts to allow timely intervention if adherence starts to fall”.” (paywalled link)

Could this carefully worded statement relate to the fact that fewer BAME people are keen to get the jab than the rest of the UK population? And what is this about ‘monitoring’ those who’ve had the jab? Is it actually about the famous ‘nudges’ to keep us obedient to all and any lockdown restrictions? Here’s Prof Susan Michie, a dyed-in-the-wool red, who said according to the DT:

“I’m worried that all the focus has been on the optimism and confidence around vaccines as the light at the end of the tunnel, and that what we will see is people becoming more lax in their behaviours, in a way that entirely undermines the benefits of the programme.” [She said] too little effort had been put into making it clear to the public that the first jab does not offer full protection, takes some weeks to take effect and may not prevent a person from passing on the virus.” (paywalled link)

Well, she surely cannot mean the elderly who’ve had the jab! They’re not coming out of their care homes en masse, gallivanting around in parks and supermarkets, zimmer frames aloft, are they? She surely cannot mean that the ‘heroic health workers’ who’ve had the jab are now behaving irresponsibly, can she!

Meanwhile, as most covid MSM reporters are playing the game of which country has vaccinated the most, The Times has an article on moans from GPs, under the headline: “Coronavirus: We’ve got desperate patients and not enough doses, say GPs” which is actually about the ‘hurty feelz’ of GP practice managers:

“The announcement that vaccines were to be made available to the over-70s and the clinically extremely vulnerable caught many practices by surprise yesterday morning. Doctors and practice managers expressed anger that news of the extension was released to the media first.The Institute of General Practice Management said GPs’ phones across the country were “jammed with patients in the extended cohorts asking us how and when they can book their vaccinations”.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear! And that at a time when GPs haven’t even managed to reach or vaccinated most of their over-80s! It’ll get worse though:

“Coronavirus jabs will be diverted to areas falling behind on vaccinating the over-80s amid concerns about regional disparities in the programme. Matt Hancock said that stocks would be prioritised for areas with a large number of unprotected over-80s, despite a promise yesterday to let GPs begin vaccinating younger patients.” (link, paywalled)

Oh dear oh dear! Covid tsars giving with one hand and taking away with the other: yes, it’s about political posturing and not about protecting the health of the nation. The worst example is Wales where the Labour ‘1st Minister’ has decreed that the Pfizer vaccine stock Wales has received must be held back because – you couldn’t make this up! – he didn’t want ‘vaccinators to stand idle’:

“We won’t get another delivery of that until the end of January, probably the beginning of February,” he [Dripford, in case you’d forgotten] said. “We have to use that over that six week stretch. It would be logistically very damaging to try and use all of that in the first week, and then to have all our vaccinators standing around with nothing to do for another month.” (link)

Oh dear oh dear oh dearie me! Do we need any more proof that socialists can’t even run vaccination schemes properly? Does this fill you with confidence that a Labour government would have done so very much better?

I leave you with a rather horrific quote from an otherwise good analysis in the paywalled DT. You can read most of it in Lockdown Sceptics Newsletter this morning (link), but this paragraph stuck in my craw:

“This analysis should not be used by lockdown sceptics to justify why severe restrictions were unnecessary. It was clearly essential to control the growing pandemic, particularly at a time when we were not sure how deadly the new variant would be.”(paywalled link)

What the fluff? Must lockdown sceptics now be prevented from using government statistics to make their case – even when reported in MSM articles? Words fail me, utterly! 

It’s another step on the slippery slope of us plebs having to accept government propaganda unquestioned, never mind that some reporters do question government data. It’s again about us peasants to shut up and obey, no questions permitted. Nevertheless – we’ll




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