“I don’t believe it!”


I’ve had to chain and gag my inner Victor Meldrew this morning in order to write coherently instead of spluttering with rage. It’s not just yon ‘Boris Roadmap’ which had me simmering with fury since yesterday when it was ‘unveiled’ – why the collective MSM cannot simply say ‘presented’ is a secret which I can’t unveil! – it’s that the general commentariat in the MSM seemed to accept it so readily. If you’ve refrained from using the MSM yesterday and would therefore like to know what this was all about, the DM’s non-paywalled report is here, the Times’ is here, paywalled, and the DT’s paywalled one is here.

The early opinion writers in our covid MSM accepted this ‘roadmap’ supinely, with cautious optimism. After all, they can now plan their own festivities and summer holidays. Some of the comment post writers below the reports weren’t so generous. One likened this roadmap to a roundabout where all of a sudden and unpredictably the next exit was blocked so that we’d have to keep travelling round and round and round. That’s a very good point when you look at those ‘four key tests’:

“The four tests are: the vaccine rollout is going as planned; vaccines are effective in bringing down deaths and hospitalisations; case numbers are not rising so fast that the NHS risks being overwhelmed; new variants do not create unforeseen risks. […] The four steps are separated five weeks apart. That leaves four weeks to monitor the impact of the preceding step and one week to give people notice.” (paywalled link)

The exit-blockers are in full view, the two major ones being the danger of overwhelming the NHS and the threat of ‘new variants’. In other words, even with vaccination being successful, it’s gonna be round and round and round, no escape possible. This is practically guaranteed by the way this roundabout is being monitored:

“There are four reviews that have been commissioned that sit below the roadmap. They are designed to find answers that right now the Government feels it cannot give. Each has a ‘complete by now’ date, meaning we know when to expect clarity but not what the review will decide or if it will lead to a change in the rules.” (paywalled link)

No indeed – all we plebs need to know is that there are ‘dates’ for the data BJ wants. SAGE will still hold the strings. I’m amazed at the ever hopeful reporters who seem only be concerned with summer holidays:

“One review is looking at international travel. It will see whether with vaccine certificates and testing the border can be more open than it is now. This must conclude before step three on May 17 by could report back [sic!!]  in April. That means – theoretically at least – the borders could be relaxed in time for summer holidays.However there is no guarantee the current rules, which bar anyone from travelling overseas for holiday, will be lifted after the review, meaning summer holidays abroad are not guaranteed.” (paywalled link)

Tough cheese, dears: better not plan on anything – especially not as the other ‘reviews’ are as vague as can be, from ‘measuring’ the efficiency of ‘social distancing measures’ to jab passports and questions about their beiing used ‘domestically. All reports are to be in by June 17th, the date when we’ll allegedly be released – allegedly because we don’t know how and if those ‘reviews’ will affect the carefully mapped out stages of freedom.

You’ll have noticed that there’s no mention of ‘risk-creating new variants’. Well, that’s going to be the key feature for keeping us in, and according to the principle of ‘seek and ye shall find’, they’re sure to find something. The latest ‘news’ show already how useless this roadmap really is, that we’ll be in lockdown forever because SAGE runs the whole thing, not the PM:

“Proposals for a major easing of lockdown before Easter were dropped after scientists warned the Government that it could lead to an extra 55,000 deaths, […] Papers released by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) showed that plans to reopen such venues by the end of March were modelled by scientists but pushed back after experts said they could fuel thousands more deaths and overwhelm hospitals.” (paywalled link)

That’s all we need to know about how those ‘roadmap reviews’ will be used! Any modeller, any ‘experts’ can junk them, just like that! The Times has an more full-mouthed take on this:

“Tens of thousands more people will die of Covid-19 as Britain opens up, government scientific advisers have concluded. Even a gradual easing during the spring is likely to produce a peak on the scale of last month or last April because so many people remain susceptible, according to modelling by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.” (link, paywalled)

Yes – that’s correct: “we” must still be trembling with fear because things could become as bad as they were a year ago – as if nothing at all has happened since then. I wonder why the collective covid reporters didn’t ask why ‘hospitals’ would be ‘overwhelmed’ when they weren’t then – remember the unused Nightingale hospitals? – and why it is that hospitals, or rather :‘Our Sacred Cow’ is still unprepared, even as he latest results on vaccination show that yes, vaccination is a huge success in reducing the numbers of those who would end up in hospital – the elderly:

“Scientists said results from the rollout of both the Pfizer/BioNTech and Oxford/AstraZeneca jabs were “spectacular” and provide “reasons to be optimistic” for the future. One study, covering 1.1 million vaccinations given in Scotland, found that a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine cut the risk of hospitalisation by 85 per cent after four weeks. Those given the Astra-Zeneca jab fared even better, with risk down by 94 percent.” (paywalled link

No – this isn’t a time for jubilation, oh no! Scientists across the board, or rather: those under the boots of the mighty SAGE (‘you don’t want to lose your research budget, do you?’) are near unanimous in rowing back, saying this is ‘only a snapshot’, that some might still become ‘very ill’, ’ and that “If we let a big epidemic happen amongst younger people, some of those older vulnerable people . . . will be very ill.” (link, paywalled), thus already building up the roadblocks for the first two exits, the ones relating to vaccination.

Yon Prof V couldn’t be clearer when he told the MSM that “even at quite high levels of coverage and protection, you’ve still got a large number of people unprotected.” (link, paywalled). Perhaps Hancock better order miles of cottonwool and bubblewrap to ‘protect’ us all …

If you thought that vaccination was going to be the ‘passport’ out of lockdown, as we were told in order to make us all queue up for the jabs, then think again! If you thought that the ominous ‘vaccine passport’ had been rejected by government, then think again! Whitty has already doubled down, reportedly saying that vaccination could become compulsory (!) for all health workers (link). Forget that compulsory medical interventions are forbidden under Human Rights Laws to which we have signed up – you don’t want to kill granny, do you!

Moreover, because ‘enough’ is never enough for the SAGEs and the covid politburo, there will be – not ‘might’ but will! – ‘revaccination’ from the autumn. The DM’s headline yesterday evening is clear about that:

“Will we need Covid vaccines forever? No10 reveals revaccination may ‘become a regular part’ of fighting the disease – The claims were hidden in Boris Johnson’s lockdown-easing roadmap today – It revealed that ministers are planning another vaccination drive this autumn – Scientists don’t currently know how long vaccine-triggered immunity lasts for” (link)

No need to point out that this alone demonstrates that the road map is simply a sop to pacify us peasants! And just in time, as if to show that “we” must stay being afraid and let ourselves be governed by the sage SAGEs, there’s this:

“Department of Health figures show Covid cases are 9 per cent up on last Monday, when 9,765 were declared. But fatalities have dropped by almost a quarter, from 230. Today’s toll is the fewest daily deaths recorded since the 144 on December 13.” (link)

The goal-post shifting is obvious. Since ‘death numbers’ are declining, it’s back to scary ‘case numbers’. See how the obstacles to block another exit from BJ’s merry covid roundabout are already in place! Of course, nobody asks why those case numbers went up when we’re all still locked down – that would lead to questioning the whole test-test-test setup. 

Moreover, the pettifogging rules will remain – vaccinations, roadmaps and all that jazz notwithstanding, because “Sage told ministers last week that mask-wearing, avoiding crowds and contact tracing may be needed indefinitely to keep the virus under control.” (link, paywalled). ‘Indefinitely’ – is that what freedom means?

I am astonished that nobody in the well-connected, summer-holiday obsessed MSM opinion-makers are even thinking out loud if all this won’t lead to a huge backlash – not against the SAGEs but against the old for whose benefit alone all these restrictions seem to’ve been put in place. Why does nobody ask why ‘saving’ the few months of life left even to a beloved granny is ‘precious’ when the lives of the young cancer sufferers continue to be curtailed, when jobs are lost in their hundreds of thousands, when the economy is crashed, when education is thrashed? Are they scared of being called ‘callous’?

Roadmap or roundabout – never forget that, as long as ‘SAGE rulz’, there will never be a ‘sufficient protection’ of ‘all people’. Sir Graham Brady penned a long article for the DT, 99% of which are a sickening adulation of this BJ policy. He does reserve the important sting to the last paragraphs, the 1% of his article:

“we have to confront the most fundamental questions of all: would we let a British government do this to us again? Have we surrendered all agency in our own lives to the state? I hope the answer is a polite but firm ‘No!’. […]This massive lurch towards state power must be reversed and it must never happen again.” (paywalled link)

Yeah right – fat chance of that as long as the current occupier of No 10 is in thrall to SAGE, whose feathers no one in government or Parliament seems to be willing, nay: unable, to clip! Fat chance of that when the MPs, Brady included, are still content to keep the HoC a ghost chamber!

Yes, I’m still furious and shall now release my inner Victor Meldrew!




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