‘Total Destruction’


We can only look with astonishment at how the self-appointed ‘elites’ in the Westminster Bubble keep missing the plot, dropping the ball and scraping through the bottom of the barrel as they desperately try to fulfil their “mission”. It’s to make us accept their ‘vision’ of what our Nation ought to be like: post-modern, clueless, without history, driven by the latest storm of some ‘offended’ persons who are given space in the broadsheets, once the august platforms for national discourse.

‘Our MSM’ tried hard during the EU Referendum, with not much success. They tried again with the CV-19 fear and hysteria campaign, and that, as we all know, was extremely successful. Now they are trying to nudge us into accepting that our national culture, our heritage, ought to be dismantled once and for all by, under the pretext of appeasing “BLM”.

It’s hardly worth mentioning that yet again all those fabulous ‘journalists’ are shamelessly copying from each other, as if they’re afraid to be seen to deviate from some ‘party line’, from their ‘narrative’. That narrative is of a terrible, incompetent PM who nevertheless seems to be blessed with dictatorial powers. 

I can already hear the cry ‘but this is what government spokespeople have said – we’re only reporting’. No, I don’t buy that! The headlines make perfectly clear how we ignorant plebs must think about this BBC scandal. For example, there’s the headline in the DT: “BBC defies Government by announcing that Rule, Britannia will not be sung at Last Night of the Proms” (paywalled link). How very brave! How rebellious! Isn’t the BBC wonderful! It reads slightly different in the article below that headline:

“Oliver Dowden, the Culture Secretary, had warned the BBC not to “erase history” by dropping the songs amid a row over colonialism, while Boris Johnson had told the corporation it was a mistake to target the “symbols” rather than the “substance” of such issues. But the BBC ignored them, effectively censoring the traditional anthems by choosing to play orchestral versions only, with no soloist singing the lyrics. With no audience because of coronavirus restrictions, there will be no-one to sing along to them either.” (paywalled link)

Of course the BBC ignored government – who are they to dictate to the BBC! And isn’t this ridiculous anyway because there won’t be an audience? At least there are ‘government sources’ who dare criticise the BBC’s decision:

“One government source described the decision as “incredible” and signalled that ministers were taken aback by the decision because they had believed the BBC would back down and stick with tradition. Another government source said ministers were “despairing” at what had become “a farce”.” (paywalled link)

The Times, with a bit more time on their hands to contact ‘sources’, has actually found some inside the BBC. It’s good to be even-handed, isn’t it, and anyway, the BBC is bending over backwards and will play the tunes in some fashion or other. Do enjoy their latest weasel words:

“The BBC was forced to release its concert programme early after speculation that the row would lead to the pieces being dropped. It announced that the concert, on September 12, would respect the “traditions and spirit of the event” with new versions of the songs at the Royal Albert Hall.” (link, paywalled)

“New versions” of those songs – what is that supposed to mean? Some modernising musical tweaks to make them acceptable to BLM? I certainly won’t watch that programme to find out! There’s more:

“Proms bosses said they would curate “a concert that includes familiar, patriotic elements such as Jerusalem and the national anthem”. They added, however, that “new moments” would be introduced “capturing the mood of this unique time”. These will include a rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone.” (link, paywalled)

Yes – it’s for the BBC to decide what the ‘mood’ of the nation is. ‘Jerusalem’ and the National Anthem are permitted, for the time being. By including a football anthem in what will be a ghastly medley (will they also include some rap music, because: “BLM Exclamation mark”?), their condescension is on full display: ‘pacify’ us patriotic, flag-weaving oiks by giving us a piece of sugar: one song for flag weavers is like any other.

To make quite clear why “we” must accept this savaging of our culture, The Times quotes two ‘prominent’ musicians:

“Gareth Malone, the television choirmaster, told The Times that he supported removing Rule Britannia in solidarity with black and Irish members of his choirs who had refused to sing it in previous years. He said: “If people want to sing about the subjugation and enslavement of other nations, I don’t think that should be given a platform in 2020.” His view was shared by Chi-Chi Nwanoku, founder of the Chineke! Foundation, which supports ethnic minority musicians. “The lyrics are just so offensive,” she told The Guardian.” (link, paywalled)

May I respectfully suggest that Mr Malone’s choir stop singing any choral music forthwith because these pieces are based on Christian music, like oratoria, and therefore offensive to atheists – well, there must surely be one who is offended? Also, any choral items from operas has to be offensive to all BMLers because it doesn’t reflect their culture and many of these pieces were written during times of ‘slavery’ … 

Writers of opinion pieces in the broadsheets display a similar condescension to ‘Prommers’: after all, one writes in the Times, they should be allowed to have their ‘end-of-term jolly’ (link, paywalled). Never mind that there won’t be any jollies this year because of CV-19. It doesn’t matter that the comment posters under the reports and opinion pieces below these “Last Night at the Proms” articles are nearly 100% against this BBC hybris. 

Also, never mind that yet another of our great institutions, the British Museum, has now also jumped on the bandwagon of BLM:

“The British Museum has removed a bust of its founding father from its pedestal and labelled him a “slave owner” in an attempt to confront its links to colonialism, the institution’s director has announced. Sir Hans Sloane’s likeness has instead been placed in a secure cabinet alongside artefacts that explain his work in the “exploitative context of the British Empire”.” (paywalled link)

Yes, words fail me yet again – ‘tis becoming a constant occurrence, especially when I see the way the museum curators try to justify this:

“Sloane, who funded his collecting using profits made from his wife’s family’s sugar plantation, is in a display which explains his legacy as a “collector [and] slave owner”. Curators said the Black Lives Matter movement had been a catalyst for highlighting imperialist activities the museum has profited from.” (paywalled link)

No – they’re all hiding behind BLM, using it as screen to excuse their “reinterpretation” of our culture. Don’t tell me that these curators have only ‘woke’ just now to all that horrible colonialism, imperialism and slavery thingie! Setting up such displays doesn’t happen overnight, nor in a few weeks.

Surely “we”,  i.e. the museum, must now give back the Elgin Marbles. Perhaps the curators ought to return all the archaeological finds to their rightful places in the Middle East as well where they will surely be well guarded against those who’ve already destroyed so many ancient monuments because they’re haram.

Meanwhile, another pillar of our society is being dismantled, this time in the name of ‘modernisation’. When one scratches the surface it’s however only about ‘saving money’:

“Military chiefs have drawn up plans to mothball all of Britain’s tanks under radical proposals to modernise the armed forces. […] The government is examining the controversial idea as the cost of upgrading Britain’s ageing fleet of 227 Challenger 2 tanks, and the 388 Warrior armoured fighting vehicles that support them on the battlefield, has soared. Both vehicles were branded “obsolete” last year and the argument has been made in the Ministry of Defence that the changing character of warfare demands more investment in cybercapabilities, space and other cutting-edge technologies.” (link, paywalled)

Yay for modernisation! We’re so great at ‘cyberisation’, aren’t we – the ‘test app’ performances surely do attest to that! And since we’re all ‘in it together’, it can come as no surprise that ‘the ministry’, i.e. the civil serpents who run the Defense Department, have come up with the perfect explanation:

“The budget for army kit is already squeezed and the ministry is preparing for its funding to be cut owing to the economic fallout from the coronavirus.” (link, paywalled)

After all, what could be better than ‘investing’ huge sums into ‘jam tomorrow’, those “cybercapabilities”, as looking after the poor old squaddies. After all, they’re just another variety of flag-weaving oiks, aren’t they! And who needs tanks and soldiers, who needs a Navy and an Airforce nowadays – we can’t beat a virus with those old-fashioned things. Don’t ask why “we” must be scared of Russia though … 

I’ll leave you with yet another looming disaster created by ‘an algorithm’: housebuilding. Have a look at this article in ConHome where Neil O’Brien MP explains in detail that 

“the formula takes the numbers down in labour-run urban areas, while taking them dramatically up in shire and suburban areas which tend to be conservative controlled.” (link)

It’s worthwhile to read the whole thing. Meanwhile, The Times has used that report for one of their balanced (yay!) articles, giving voice to a civil serpent who is of course anonymous:

“A spokeswoman for the housing ministry said: “These suggestions are inaccurate. Our proposals will increase the supply of land available for new homes where it is needed.” She added that decisions for which areas would be targeted would be made “locally”.” (link, paywalled)

Of course they will! They reinterpret Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ as ‘levelling down’ anything that’s still left standing. Who needs ‘green and pleasant lands’ – surely there must be one person to be offended by that!

I make no apologies for today’s column being ‘covid-free’. It is important that we all note how deep and irreconcilable the divisions are, between that Westminster coalition of mandarins, MSM editors and those who run our museums and culture quangos and us, the rest of the Nation.  

It’s not even just a ‘levelling down’. It’s the clear and present destruction of our culture, our history, our Nation, our national symbols. It cannot be allowed to go on!




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