I know I’m preaching to the choir here in regard to ‘climate blah blah blah’ (I’m only quoting Greta!) but the latest PR ploy of the global climate change pushers needs to be mentioned. It is sickening. More on that below.

Meanwhile I find it rather odd that our Remain MSM aren’t in full outcry, with articles and comment pieces about Lord Frost’s speech yesterday where he threw down the gauntlet. After all, he said that he’d trigger Article 16 unless the EU removed NI from the jurisdiction of the ECJ. That, surely was worthy of a few opinion pieces? Perhaps of a comment or two from a ‘concerned kid’?

Perhaps we’ll get some later today, after the EU Kommissar’s speech this afternoon. The DT, from which The Times and the DM love to copy, has a preview, detailing what Brussels ‘sources’ said, namely that the EU would be conciliatory, giving Frosty most of what he asks for except conceding on the ECJ (paywalled link). Alas, there’s not been one remark from a EU kid …

Instead it looks as if the Remainers are trying to open another front, using Christmas and the fear of ‘No Chinese tat under the nation’s Christmas trees’ as the latest weapon. It’s the top entry on the DM’s home page this morning and will surely kids cry and our hearts bleed, given the headline:

‘It’s a perfect storm’: ‘Scared’ shipping bosses say surge in imports and lack of HGV drivers means electricals and toys will be stranded at sea ‘until well in to 2022’ – as one warns: ‘I sound like the Grinch… there will be gaps on shelves at Christmas’ (link)

Yes, well – that “HGV driver shortage because: Brexit” has been totally debunked by readers who kept pointing out, in comments and letters, that the trade union strikes and ‘work-to-covid-rules’ at the DVLA are the reason, not Brexit. Readers have also been quick and vociferous to point out to the various MSM writers that it’s not just at Felixstowe where container ships cannot be unloaded. Container ships are parked out at sea at the Eastern and Western seaboards of the USA as well. Who knew that Brexit would influence the Port of Los Angeles …! 

I’ll not even ask how come that all those Logistic firms and Shipping bosses were unable to predict this occurrence, not when the pandemic measures last year meant that shipping to and from China was hugely disrupted. It is however quite wonderful to see how our own MSM, nearly in unison, are using the spectre of ‘no Christmas’ to spin their reports. Do the Remainers seriously think that we peasants will now rise and demand a stop to Brexit because our kids can’t have the latest Chinese plastic toys?

This looks like a pernicious ‘nudge’ to me, an attempt to exert emotional pressure on parents and thus on politicians and government to ‘do something’. Since even the hardest of hard-core Remainers must know that they cannot rescind Brexit to save Christmas 2021, the aim seems to be to get some sort of ‘Brexit Recompensation’ out of Sunak.

‘Nudging’ grown-ups  by using children to exert emotional pressure is nothing new – we all remember the TV commercials, especially in the run-up to Christmas, the PR articles about which toy is going to be the one ‘all children want’, leaving kids in tears if they can’t have it. 

‘Nudging’ by utilising children has now been taken a step further. It’s being turned into a global PR campaign to influence all those world leaders at the forthcoming COP26. After all, why change a ‘good’ strategy? It worked for Greta who is now sadly no longer a kid. Her presence at a ‘Youth Climate event’ in Milan last month didn’t have the expected impact although her critique of the PM did make the rounds in our Westminster Bubble MSM. For the sake of record-keeping, here’s what she said:

“Quoting phrases from a speech by the British prime minister at the leaders’ summit on climate in April, Thunberg said: “This is not about some expensive politically correct dream of bunny hugging, or build back better, blah, blah, blah, green economy, blah, blah, blah, net zero by 2050, blah, blah, blah, climate neutral blah, blah, blah.” To clapping from the audience, she said: “This is all we hear from our so-called leaders. Words that sound great, but so far have led to no action.” Governments were “shamelessly congratulating themselves” for empty promises to cut emissions, she added.” (link, paywalled)

While I agree that Johnson produces ‘blah-blah-blah’ I’ll point out with all due respect that these sentences read like something coming from a British climate activist, not a Swedish girl. It confirms what many have said already: she’s a mouthpiece. I’ll also point out that it seems to have escaped her notice that there was this global event last year which stopped everything in its track: covid and all those lockdowns. Mind you, I’ll excuse her because, living in Sweden where life was kept as normal as possible, she may not have noticed.

However, the green PR Machine has now gone a step further, utilising kids from across the globe for a tear-jerker video in the run-up to COP26. The Times reports on this video which has been produced ‘for kids’. It’ll be streamed on the 18th of October. Johnson was asked:

“[…] to respond to footage of six child activists detailing the extent of the climate emergency in their countries. Speaking in the run-up to the Cop26 summit hosted by the UK in Glasgow in November, Johnson told the activists that “messages like yours leave me more determined than ever to bring about the change our planet needs and the progress that your generation deserves”.” (link, paywalled)

How nice of him! How caring! See – as long as they’re ‘green’, the PM will respond to kids who take part in a PR exercise. He’s not addressing our kids who are being pressurised to get ‘that jab’, whose education and wellbeing has been jeopardised by the PM’s covid measures. I’m sure Greta would call this out as ‘blah-blahblah’, but see the ‘messages’ of those kids. To me they’re a perfect PR ‘blah-blah-blah’, but see for yourselves: 

“[There’s] Hannah, 17, from the UK, who said: “My country needs to stop burning coal. Are you listening? This is our last chance.” – Tamsyn, 16, who comes from Australia, which has suffered enormous bushfires in recent years, said: “My country is on fire. Are you listening?” – Kynan, 16, from Indonesia, where rainforest has been felled to make way for palm oil plantations, said: “My country is chopping down forests. Are you listening?” – Darielen, 15, from Brazil, is filmed showing the extent of deforestation in her country, where president Jair Bolsonaro has sparked international backlash for sanctioning large-scale logging in the Amazon rainforest. – Sophia, 15, from Canada, said: “Our future is in your hands.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, well, let’s not quibble about Indonesian forests or the Amazon Rain Forest being chopped down to create plantations for growing ‘biofuel’, so beloved by green activists. Let’s not raise an eyebrow about the Australian bushfires being due to green activists creating an environment where they’re inevitable, just as those wildfires in California are. As for the UK “burning coal” – yeah right. Chance would be a fine thing. Instead we burn wood pellets and pollute the environment. You’ll have noticed that there’s no Chinese kid telling President Xi what to do. Perhaps they know that, whatever it’ll be ‘their future’ is indeed in Xi’s hands and there’s nothing they can do about that.

In conclusion: expect more of the same, of kids being used as sock puppets for vested interests, from green bovine excrement providers to shipping bosses and supermarket CEOs. These PR people all use the same technique because ‘kids in tears’ will make adults listen and do what they want. Where are the ‘activists’ who protest about the horror of using women’s bodies to sell produce? Is using kids for the same purpose not horrible? Or is it ok to do so when it’s “for a good (green) thing”?

The hypocrisy – it stinks.




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