There are mornings when scanning the front pages of our national press is sufficient to drive one to despair. It’s as if we have a Propaganda Ministry which tells the papers’ editors what to write about. This morning it’s about ‘The Second Wave’ in Europe, which has arrived or will arrive or is arriving – according to Johnson. That piece of shock-horror ‘news’ is the background to justify the articles on testing and quarantining of holidaymakers. Tabloid readers are instead getting news about cops digging up an allotment in Germany, in the search for Madeleine McCann’s body. The Guardian however leads with an article about free school meals for all because that’ll help with the obesity campaign.

The advocates of testing and lockdowns are having a field day – in the articles as well as in the comments. If you were puzzled why so many of our compatriots are fine with being told to wear face nappies, then their comments below the relevant articles and reports show why: there is a deep puritanical streak in our nation’s DNA. Having fun is extremely suspicious and must be forbidden. Thus the blame for that ‘spike in Spain’ is placed on towns having opened their nightclubs. Underlying this is a gleeful attitude of ‘serves them right for going on holidays’. 

Rather than questioning the validity of the case numbers used to demonstrate that ‘2nd wave’, never mind asking about numbers for hospital admissions and deaths, in general ‘Our MSM’ shamelessly use those case numbers without even noticing or mentioning how small they are. Ross Clark comments in the DT:

“In Spain, the subject of this week’s panic, the number of new cases started jolting upwards three weeks ago. Yet there is not the faintest sign yet of an increase in Covid deaths, which have fallen away to virtually nothing: three died last Thursday, the most recent day for which figures are available, compared with nearly a thousand on the worst days in April.“ (paywalled link)

Yep – that’s the ‘2nd wave’ and we’re all gonna die. But still: test we must, and Heathrow, driven by fear of economic collapse of the Great British Summer Getaway, has come up with a proposal:

“John Holland-Kaye told The Telegraph that Heathrow could have a test “up and running” in two weeks, meaning holidaymakers who have just set off for Spain could be checked – at a cost of £150 – when they arrived home.” (paywalled link)

The aim is to re-test them after a week or so, and then ‘release’ them into the wild if that test is negative. After all, France and Germany are already doing this, so surely “we” must follow suit? Let’s forget the previous disaster when PHE was incapable of collaborating with private test set-ups. Let’s do as France and Germany are doing and make Johnson take up this generous offer – only £150 per test when you return, that’s well worth it, and will be a nice little earner for Heathrow.

Meanwhile The Times indulges in a click-bait headline claiming that ‘smart tests’ could halve that 14-day quarantine. Reading the article, this ‘smart test’ turns out to be the old swab-test, but the procedure is meant to be ‘smart-er’! It’s again about that Heathrow test-on-arrival proposal:

“Collinson Group, a family-run medical assistance company, is in talks with Public Health England over a scheme in which passengers would be given an initial test before being released to a named address where their compulsory two-week quarantine would start. The result of that test would be received within seven hours and a negative result would free the traveller from the quarantine requirement.” (link, paywalled)

The Collinson Group are ‘in talks’ with PHE? Good luck with that! Meanwhile, that 14-day-quarantine requirement is supported … by a model: 

“[…] researchers at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) concluded yesterday that the present policy is keeping out 99 per cent of imported infections, whereas a single test on arrival, as used in some countries, would keep out only 50 per cent.” (link, paywalled)

I’m too stupid to understand how testing and quarantine is ‘keeping out’ those ‘imported infections’ – haven’t they just arrived at Heathrow, i.e. aren’t they ‘in’? Interestingly enough their paper isn’t ‘peer-reviewed’ as of yet, just as so many other models and papers aren’t – papers which ‘Our MSM’ keep reporting on to keep their fear & hysteria campaign afloat.

Never mind that it’ll be difficult to get the economy going when you demand that all who’ve tested positive with no sign of illness keep in personal lockdown for two weeks – we must ‘protect Our Sacred Cow’ and therefore it’s our duty not to become ill at all. Not only have GP surgeries now switched to a system of electronic triage where ‘the doctor will see you’ only via email or Skype before you’re allowed inside the surgeries – the reports from a few weeks ago, about a proposal to make A & E departments undergo a similar triage-by-phone will become reality this winter. 

Its’ for our own good because it’s about cutting down that 4-hour waiting time. So call 111 first – there will be more people answering that line, promise! – and don’t worry if you’re becoming another guinea pig in yet another scheme to make us comply with diktats by ‘Our NHS’:

“A joint board meeting of NHS England and NHS Improvement was told that new emergency care standards designed to replace the four-hour waiting time target would also be in place before winter. The plans were described as a “profound change” by Lord Prior of Brampton, chairman of NHS England. Hospitals will be asked to adapt “rapidly” to the measures, which have yet to be finalised, and make improvements as they learn how they work in practice during autumn, board papers said.” (link, paywalled)

So if you have to have an accident, if you have to become ill – don’t do it during the autumn where ‘Our NHS’ will be learning how to implement this latest idea. May I also respectfully suggest that it’s perhaps not such a good idea to dust down your old bike and use it, as BoJo keeps telling us. You might be out of practice and fall off – and then what? 

This ‘on yer bike’ thing is gathering momentum, and just as I suspected, it’s got green fingerprints all over it. It’s not just us who must get on our bikes. Read this and weep – or howl with laughter:

“The transport department is proposing to introduce compulsory “freight consolidation schemes” where all deliveries are made to out-of-town depots. The goods would then be transported to their final destination in the city centre by a “far smaller number of vehicles”, with a focus on environmentally friendly cargo bikes and electric-powered vans. Pilot schemes are being proposed in one or two small older cities with “narrow and crowded streets”.” (link, paywalled)

No, don’t ask where and how those ‘depots’ will be set up … Note though that this is not about us shedding weight, it’s about ‘air quality’ and about getting all cars off the roads because I am sure that those proposing this scheme have seen this report pre-publication:

“An analysis due to be published today by Friends of the Earth found 1,360 locations across England where the amount of toxic nitrogen dioxide in the air breached recommended levels.” (link, paywalled)

It’s the wet dream of the greens: get cars off the roads, now finally possible because we must ‘protect Our NHS’. Even though Johnson did say that fridges and stuff would need to be delivered by vans, he seems to believe that everything else can be done by ‘cargo bikes’. Good grief – has he never experienced a British autumn and winter? Does he seriously propose that online grocery stores should deliver by cargo bike?

Or is it actually about transforming the fleet of delivery vans into ‘e-vehicles’? Where is the electricity going to come from? And who will ultimately pay for this, through price increases? No need to answer!

The Times however is full-on in their praise for this scheme, counselling the government not to give in to all those bad motorists – but then, their writers and readers live in the metropolis, not out in the sticks:

“The government is right to make cycling proficiency courses available to all adults as well as children. Happily, retailers report that more women and children have taken to their bikes in recent months. Keeping them on two wheels will require ministers to prepare themselves for a backlash from motorists resentful of sharing spaces they have become accustomed to owning, and to hold their nerve. Wholesale behavioural change is never easy for governments to engineer. In this case, any political pain will be worth it.” (link, paywalled)

Will wimminz now take their kids to school on bikes, not in their SUVs? Even when it rains? Is Whitehall now run by idiots who aren’t even speaking to each other? ‘Joined-up thinking’ is totally lacking, it seems.

There’s anecdotal medical evidence about the long-term effects on mental health and proficiency affecting patients who’ve had a severe case of CV-19. That’s usually mentioned to make us afraid of catching the virus and therefore comply with government edict.

It pains me to mention this, but I do wonder if our PM isn’t one of those who’re suffering from such post-infection effect. If he isn’t I have to assume that the mother of his latest son has more influence on his policies than is permissible. I believe we didn’t actually elect her, did we!




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