Conniving, duplicitous, venal knaves and liars:  the Government ministers, the MPs on both sides of the HoC – with a tiny handful of honourable exceptions – and of course the ‘supporting cast’, the Whitehall Mandarins, who turned out to be the Remain handlers of Ms May and her government rather than just advisers.

On this day, the first day of the month when we hoped to be able, finally, to Leave after nearly three years of waiting, we can say with confidence that we’re being betrayed and no, that’s no longer a conspiracy theory.

In yesterday’s article I described how the ‘Brexit Dahling’ Jacob Rees-Mogg was sliding behind Ms May’s abomination, her WA – the WA he himself had condemned in his HoC speeches. I also linked to the announcement of a “Star Chamber”, established by JRM’s ERG: lawyers who will examine the Backstop codicil or ‘ Cox Codpiece’ about which the Attorney General is negotiating with Barnier et al. Here’s the link again to yesterday’s article in Brexit Central. I repeat my warning that, since seven of those eight lawyers are MPs (Tory and DUP), they are best placed to make the Backstop palatable so that Ms May and her WA can be dragged and carried over the Brexit finishing line – that vote on March 12th.

Why those who were so adamant that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’ now believe being a vassal state of the EU for another few years is good – that they have failed to explain! That this “Star Chamber” is now bigged up in the (paywalled) DT is neither here nor there – but it’s an indicator of the conniving that is going on en coulisse.

In an astonishing piece of stonewalling the oh-so-busy ‘Brussels Correspondents” across the MSM haven’t come up this morning with one single piece of breathless tittle-tattle from Brussels. In a reversal of no news being good news, rest assured that no news in regard to Brexit are bad news. We are right to be suspicious because our ‘betters’ in Westminster, Brussels and the MSM can’t even be bothered to offer us some squirrels to gape at!

So let’s play their game and take a closer look at the latest instalment of ‘Another one bites the dust’ – the resignation of George Eustice MP, a so-called Brexit Minister. This is a pseudo- squirrel. He ain’t no Brexiteer, he’s a BINO (Brexiteer In Name Only):

“In his resignation letter, Mr Eustice stated that he’s always been in favour of a compromise, he backed Chequers and he would vote through Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement. But he is concerned that Brexit might be delayed or that a no-deal outcome will be taken off the table, which are things Mrs May has criticised but, of course, has promised MPs a vote on. The situation is surreal. There’s a lot in Mr Eustice’s letter that Mrs May has said herself at one time or another. So why would two people who want the same thing have to part company? (paywalled link, my bold)

Good question! Have a look at Mr Eustice’s letter here – read it carefully, I’ll come back to it below. Sir John Redwood in his diary yesterday interprets the resignation quite charitably:

“another good Minister from the Leave side understandably felt he had to resign given the continued drift of policy away from our Manifesto.”

Sorry, I have to contradict: it’s nothing but a jockeying for position in a post-May cabinet. The DT Opinion piece (paywalled) hints at this as well:

“Perhaps Mr Eustice has the gift of prophecy. He might foresee the Government failing to get any significant changes to the Withdrawal Agreement; the Brexiteers refuse to back it; it is defeated; via delay and ruling out no-deal, the Commons then puts Britain on course for Brexit-in-name-only, or a second referendum or cancellation. In which case, dropping out of government now seems like a wise idea, not only on grounds of principle but to avoid the blame. If the Tories fail to deliver Brexit (either on schedule or within a reasonable timetable) the party will tear itself apart.”

Just so. The finger-pointing of some Tories at the Brexit shambles inside Labour (here) is the usual attempt to divert our attention from their own mess. All right, if you want to call that a squirrel, be my guest …

But there’s another little bit of info that supports my interpretation, namely that the BINO Tories are suddenly keen on heaving Ms May over the Brexit finishing line for their own party political reasons:

“Dozens of Brexiteer Tory MPs will back Theresa May’s Brexit deal if she sets a timetable for when she will quit as Prime Minister. A number of Brexiteer MPs are now prepared to vote for the deal, even if Mrs May isn’t able to secure any significant changes. Mrs May faces a new Commons vote to approve her revised Brexit deal on March 12. One senior MP told ‘The Sun’: ‘We need her to lay out a timetable for her departure this year. A decent amount of us have now told the whips we would change our vote and back the deal if she did – enough of us to get it through.’ A second rebel MP confirmed they would also back the deal if she quits. A decent amount of us have now told the whips we would change our vote and back the deal if she did – enough of us to get it through.’” (link, my bold)

See – I toldya: it’s about jockeying for positions post-May, it’s not about Brexit or principles!

Why we suddenly cannot leave with No Deal will be the secret of these knaves, especially when you look at this little slip-of-the-pen in Mr Eustice’s letter:

“We already know that in the event of “no deal” the EU will seek an informal transition period for nine months in many areas and settlement talks could continue within this window. (my bold, link)

So  why have the Tory Brexiteer MPs suddenly become BINOs? Why are they so afraid of leaving with No Deal?

Because they are conniving, venal, duplicitous bastards, the lot of them! That’s why!



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