You are needed to fight the Establishment


Forget Brexit, forget BRINO, forget Leave and Remain: that’s not what this GE is about. It’s about the ‘survival of the richest’, of the Establishment. They are fighting against us, not for us. Nothing demonstrates better the huge democratic deficit, the rift between us, the electorate, and them, the Establishment, than the current state of the election campaign.

If you still believe that our Establishment parties were interested in the fate of our Nation; if you still thought that the PPCs fielded by the Establishment parties were more knowledgeable and therefore better than you; if you still hoped that the leaders and prospective ministers proposed by the Establishment parties actually know what they are doing – let me tell you: don’t! Forget it. This time it really is different. This time, the clay feet of all of them, from the Leaders downwards, have been revealed for all to see, thanks to our helpful MSM.

Those same MSM are now openly revealing their bias, their clay feet, scrambling to show how relevant they are, how well informed, how impartial. In their self-glorification they regard themselves as being above the politicians and their unsavoury fight for seats, but in their self-ascribed wisdom they’ve overlooked that we uneducated peasants out here have long recognised that they also wear no clothes.

Last evening’s Ch4 ‘debate’ on climate was just one case in point. More on that below. First there’s the complaint by the BBC that the Tories have taken a quote from one of their reporters ‘out of context’ for party political interest, and that could ‘damage their image of impartiality’! Read all about it here – the comments below that report say it all. 

However, looking at the comments in the paywalled DT I was shocked to see so many blatant antisemitic ones praising Corbyn. It seems the DT moderators can’t keep up with removing them as fast as they come in. These are the ‘storm troopers’ of Corbyn. How far they’ll go is illustrated in this report, about Iain Duncan Smith being told by the police that he needs a bodyguard. It makes me wonder how many other PPCs are putting up with this sort of vandalism. If they’re men and not so prominent, I don’t think it’ll be reported.

But never mind all that – we must talk about ‘Climate whatever’ because that’s where the yoof votes are! Ch4, to make itself look relevant, had “The Leaders” debate on this issue. Johnson and Farage declined to attend so Ch4 set up two ice sculptures in their place. Sadly, they were not images of either of them, else I would have watched this useless waste of time to see them melt. The sculptures were of our planet. What elegant symbolism!

That this wasn’t really about ‘tackling’ this latest “Climate [insert horrific expression of your choice]” but about blatant electioneering by another ‘impartial’ TV channel became obvious when Ch4 denied Michael Gove taking part:  this was a ‘Leaders Debate’ only! Why the Greens were allowed to field their deputy leader is a secret Ch4 can keep. You can read reports herehere and here, paywalled here and here

In an orgy of virtue-signalling they were trying to outbid each other as to which party would ‘de-carbonise’ our country the fastest – but no word about the EU’s latest Green crap, no word about the protests of farmers in France, the Netherlands and Germany. This article looks at what planting all those trees would mean in real life. Nothing could be better to show up the inanity of those ‘green’ proposals, their lack of any common sense! Quentin Letts in The Times summed it up:

“It ended with personal eco-lifestyle intentions. Sturgeon promised to try to fly less. Swinson said she had an electric battle bus. Corbyn told us to grow lavender and boasted that he went round his house turning off the heating (poor Senora Corbyn). Price said he was going to put his baby in non-disposable nappies. Boris and Nigel, you made a wise call.” (link, paywalled)

So – what about Brexit? The latest MSM reports are about panic breaking out in both Labour and Tory High command. Labour is desperately trying to gain back Red Leave voters, even throwing Ed Miliband into the fry as ‘Brexiteer’ (no, me neither … and where is my free owl?) See here, see this about ‘a huge cash injection’ into Corbyn’s campaign, see this (paywalled) report about some Labour PPCs telling their constituents that they would vote Leave when Labour gets in and there’s a 2nd Referendum – just gimme your vote!

Tories are warned about not becoming complacent (e.g. here). It seems that some Tory writers are trying to make the Johnson BRINO more palatable by claiming that Leavers don’t care, they just want ‘Brexit done’, according to polls (paywalled here) while others warn that Labour could still rise and rise (paywalled here). Apparently, LibLabCon are taking the latest polls so seriously that they’re suddenly changing their campaign strategies:

“The Conservatives and Labour have redoubled their efforts to woo Brexit voters after a polling model for The Times indicated that they held the key to the election. Boris Johnson will rally voters for a final push to “save Brexit” and Jeremy Corbyn will attempt to shore up support in Labour’s so-called red wall, which has been revealed to be crumbling fastest in Leave areas. Jo Swinson, meanwhile, made her most personal attack yet on Mr Johnson as all three parties changed tactics in response to the YouGov research that put the Tories on course for a majority of 68.” (link, paywalled).

Only in this report did I find a veiled reference to TBP, relating to Cummings’ warnings which we mentioned yesterday. Are there ‘secret’ polls which we’re not told about? And why is it so traumatic for the Tories to lose some seats to TBP, if that is what those ‘secret polls’ indicate? Are the Tories not happy about getting help in the HoC by proper Leavers? That’s a rhetorical question – the Tories are not about Brexit, they’re about winning seats for Johnson. 

What does all this tell us about the state of our democracy? It tells us that the establishment is only going through the motions, they do not give a hoot for our consent. The bribes offered in the past weeks demonstrate this: old-fashioned vote-buying with our own money, as if we cannot do simple calculations!

If this election weren’t so important for us who want Out, it would be ridiculous, especially when we see that these oh-so-clever election strategists are now taking polls ‘for real’. We dumb plebs out here know full well that they are meant to influence us, the voters, according to the old saying that one million flies can’t be wrong …!

With less than two weeks to go expect more panic electioneering, expect no reports at all on TBP, expect the sell-out of Brexit and our democracy. As the campaign intensifies some new Project Fear scenarios  will surely appear – and anyway, don’t you like more trees?

Remember: they are exclusively fighting for their own livelihoods – ours, Brexit, Democracy are totally irrelevant in that fight. You know what to do: do as Cummings told you and talk to friends, colleagues, family. It’s no longer about Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. It’s our fight against the Establishment, parties and MSM rolled into one. It is a fight for our democracy, our country, Brexit, and indeed our lives. So:




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