I won’t beat about the bush – I’ve been incandescent with rage ever since I scanned this morning’s headlines. I’ve not held back with my opinion regarding our MPs, especially regarding their mental abilities. I most definitely am not one of those who still believe that our elected politicians are wise men and women working for the best of our country and of us, their constituents. There’s no help for those who still look up to them after their performances this week.

I can still hear their screeching and bellowing about the economic catastrophe of a “No Deal Brexit”. They based their superior knowledge on those ‘Project Fear’ forecasts presented by the Treasury and the Bank of England. So now read this:

“Doom-laden warnings of economic catastrophe before the Brexit referendum were driven in part by commercial worries by economists at the banks that stood to lose the most from a ‘leave’ vote, economists have found.” (paywalled link)

Isn’t that nice to know! The analysts’ warnings come at the right time. There’s more:

“As much as half of the error in the forecasts can be attributed to the “propaganda bias”, the analysts said. This is significant because economists’ forecasts are often treated as reliable and honest projections by experts, rather than being seen as campaigning tools by biased individuals or organisations.” (paywalled link)

I heartily concur with their conclusion:

“In future the analysts recommend voters adjust their views of economic forecasts to account for the possibility that they are being used to influence elections.” (paywalled link)

Heed this advice! This is how the Remainers in the HoC and in government will try to influence us in the forthcoming GE, whenever that will be.

But that’s not all! If further proof of the cynical callousness of our politicians were needed then the latest headlines about an election ought to provide it. They are unanimous: Corbyn has been in ’secret’ talks with the Scottish Nationalists (SNP) to delay an early GE. The DT (paywalled) reports the details, showing the cynicism and contempt Labour has for their voters:

“On Thursday Mr Corbyn held a meeting with the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford, at which the pair agreed to withhold support for an election before Oct 19. Mr Corbyn’s most senior ministers – John McDonnell, Emily Thornberry and Sir Keir Starmer – want to delay the election until November, so that Article 50 will already have been extended by the time Britain goes to the polls. Labour sources have suggested a majority of the party’s backbenchers also want the date pushed back to November amid fears that Mr Corbyn will lose if an election is held earlier.They pointed to recent polling showing that Labour is trailing the Tories by up to 10 points as well as personal approval ratings showing Mr Corbyn faring badly compared to Mr Johnson.” (paywalled link)

They must be delusional if they think a delay of Brexit by extensions will gain them votes! Note that we Leave voters are utterly disregarded.

Presumably, the cave-in by the Government in the HoL had something to do with this plot. Here’s what went on in the HoL, putting paid to all the hopeful remarks in Social Media that the Bill would fail as Parliament was going to be prorogued:

“The rebel alliance’s bill to stop a no-deal Brexit is set to become law at the weekend after the government signalled that it would not seek any changes. Peers loyal to the government had been trying to delay the bill until whips announced a climbdown, agreeing that it should clear the Lords today and return to the Commons on Monday for final adjustments. […] The chief whip in the Lords offered a truce at about 1.30am and agreed to allow the so-called Benn bill to progress. […] It cleared second reading in the Lords yesterday and will pass the remaining stages today.” (link, paywalled)

After that decision was taken the Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg was able to announce later that same afternoon in the HoC that there would be a new government motion on Monday calling for an early GR:

“The Government confirmed that a vote will be held on Monday calling for “an early election” – the same motion that was rejected by MPs on Wednesday.” (paywalled link)

This Labour-SNP plot is not the only plot going on. The Tory MPs show that they are as good at it as Labour, only their plotting is aimed at the PM which only a few weeks ago had been elected as Leader by the Tory grassroots. Take the ongoing campaign in the MSM, fuelled by Tory MPs, to sack Mr Cummings, which has now been publicly supported by the former PM John Major:

“The “political anarchist” at the heart of Downing Street as Boris Johnson’s right-hand aide must be sacked, Sir John Major urged. The former Tory prime minister said that “overmighty” advisers were poisoning politics beyond repair.” (link, paywalled)

You can read more about John Major’s intervention here. This ‘return to politics’ by the former PM fits the picture that the Tories are fighting against Brexit rather than against Labour.

What is taking place inside the parliamentary Tory Party, with MPs getting their apologies and retaliation in early, is aptly labelled ‘civil war’:

“Yet interestingly, it is not the Prime Minister many are blaming for the party’s civil war, but Cummings – a man who has made no secret of his dislike for elected politicians and who once remarked: “The Tory Party is run by people who basically don’t care about people like me.” […] paywalled link)

How right he is! Tory MPs seem to try and get their apologies and retaliation in early, aided and abetted by the broadsheets with their articles attacking Cummings, their arguments gleefully taken up by Remainers such as John Major! 

And still there is more! The DT’s headline about Johnson’s negotiations being ‘a sham’ was uncritically taken up by the HoC Remainers of all parties. The author, a Remainer, has lovely sources in Brussels. His article today is thus no surprise:

“In Brussels and major European capitals there is not mounting concern that an early October 15 election will increase the risk of a disorderly Brexit, an outcome all sides would still very much rather prevent. EU sources are clear that, from a European perspective an election on Tuesday October 15  risks creating chaos as the clock runs down to the 31 October deadline when the current Article 50 extension expires.” (paywalled link)

Is the actual reason why Corbyn doesn’t want an early GE because ‘the Eu won’t like it’? Are unofficial EU ‘sources’ again influencing our domestic policies? Have Labour and surely Tory ‘Rebels’ been in contact with the EU when they decided that an early election is not in “our” interest while yet another extension and another surely is …?

I hope you’ve now also become incandescent with rage about the dirty games the Remain MPs of all stripes are playing with the fate of our country!

Labour is abandoning their core voters so that Corbyn can get into No 10. The Remain Tories, carelessly damaging their Party – especially if Johnson resigns as this headline in ConHome seems to imply – have discarded loyalty to the PM and his ministers.

The latest news that Jacob Rees-Mogg has been forced to apologise (here, and paywalled here and here) is just another sign. It was customary that Tory grandees smoothed such ruffled establishment feathers en coulisse. No longer. They’d rather sacrifice the PM elected by their own grassroots as well as his ministers because they are hell-bent on preventing Brexit.

If Johnson does pull the plug on his government then we will have an election regardless of Labour and SNP and indeed Tory plots. Voters are aghast about the ongoing Brexit betrayal in Parliament.

I doubt that even the huge postal voting machine will avail Labour much. Nor will the money from the Remain establishment help the traitorous Tories. Nor will the Remain MSM be able to influence voters as usual.

Times have changed. There is one Party already well geared up for an election, and their support will only grow the longer the Establishment Parties are denying Brexit with their shenanigans. One doesn’t need a crystal ball to predict that!

Denying Brexit, delaying Brexit is what all the warfare inside the Tory Party and inside Parliament is about. Since 2016 Remain Labour and Remain Tory have shown their contempt for us, the voters, their constituents. In their arrogance they are sacrificing our Democracy on the altar of the EU.

We Leavers must hold tight. For us, it can no longer be about tribal party political loyalties. It can only be about Brexit. Until Brexit has been achieved, we will not give in and will




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