This week  Lord Frost and cher Michel are going to face up again and ‘that Bill’ is going to get a 2nd reading. Therefore I’ll disregard the Covid Madness “News” because Brexit is too important. One of the former Big Boys has been given his voice in ‘Our MSM’ about ‘That Bill’ – ‘tis the former Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, he of the booming mellifluous voice. More on that below.

Meanwhile Sir Keith Starmer has broken his forensic silence and has written a comment piece for the Sunday Telegraph, with the appetising title “Stop banging on about Brexit and defeat Covid – As the public follow social distancing, ministers are justifying breaking international law – it is as ludicrous as it is frustrating” (paywalled link). Doesn’t he have his priorities right! ‘Covid’ before Brexit, but never mind that there’s no ‘defeating’ a virus … only a living with it.

He himself ‘bangs on’ about test & trace – not that this isn’t a scandal – and proudly declares that he, and Labour, are speaking ‘for the people’. Don’t ask for which people he speaks – we remember that photo of him taking the knee! His concluding paragraph about ‘that Bill’ is a beauty:

“If the Government fixes the substantial cross-party concerns that have been raised about the Internal Market Bill, then we are prepared to back it. But if they do not, and the talk collapse, then it is their failure and incompetence that will have let the British people down.” (paywalled link)

Good old Starmer! Do as Labour – Remain to the core – wants and we’ll vote for you! We remember Labour’s track record on Brexit in the last Parliament, we recall that Starmer was one of the top proponents to have a 2nd Brexit referendum. But it’s good to know that Starmer and Labour can still write about how they ‘speak for the people’ …

And so to ‘That Bill’. Both broadsheets report about a ‘twitter spat’ between Lord Frost and cher Michel. RemainCentral quotes the Michel-tweet:

“Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland is not a threat to the integrity of the UK. Sticking to facts is essential. A case in point: EU is not refusing to list the UK as a third country for food imports. To be listed, we need to know in full what a country’s rules are, including for imports.” (link, paywalled)

Don’t even think of asking if the EU is unaware or has forgotten that we’ve been in the EU for over forty years, having complied with all their regulations and that they therefore must know what our rules are. RemainCentral, in a rare example of even-handedness, also quotes the reply-tweet by Lord Frost who makes precisely that point:

“Lord Frost tweeted: “He knows perfectly well all the details of our food standards rules because we are operating EU rules. Any changes in future would be notified to the WTO and EU in the usual way with plenty of lead time. The EU lists dozens of countries globally on precisely this basis, without any sort of commitment about the future. Yet it has been made clear to us in the current talks that there is no guarantee of listing us. I am afraid it has also been said to us explicitly in these talks that if we are not listed we will not be able to move food to Northern Ireland.” (link, paywalled)

Interesting – so it wasn’t ‘fake news’, as the Remainers howled, that the EU would stop us from moving food items to NI! The DT has some more tweets from Lord Frost – you can actually read them here on his Twitter account. This ought to provide some more arguments against all those Tory ‘rebels’, the Remainers who’ve come out of hiding. Sadly, all they do is showing their utter ignorance, reinforcing the impression that all they’re interested in is stopping Brexit.

RemainCentral has an Editorial this morning where they’re again trying to raise the spectre of a No Deal Brexit: ’tis the same old same old. Their concluding paragraph shows in exemplary fashion that they’re just Barnier’s mouthpiece:

“If Mr Johnson believes that the EU is acting in bad faith sufficient to justify breaking international law, damaging Britain’s global standing and potentially torpedoing an EU trade deal, he should present his evidence. He needs to explain why ministers believe they must break the law rather than rely on the dispute resolution process in the withdrawal agreement. If the government believes the EU is making unreasonable demands […] it should set out what exactly it is that the UK wants to do that the EU is blocking. What the government cannot do is expect the public automatically to take its side in a blame game over a deal that there is evidence to suggest it never had any intention of honouring. If it wants the benefit of the doubt it needs to earn it.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, that’s right: ‘Our Remain MSM’ regurgitate the Barnier demands, uncritically. Have they been incapable of finding proof for the EU acting in bad faith? Strange, isn’t it, that we uneducated plebs out here have found ample proof for that, documented for years by our friends at facts4eu!

Alas, Geoffrey Cox of the booming mellifluous voice seems to have overlooked that there are two players at this table. He is only concerned with how “we” might look, hypothetically, as if the EU didn’t also enter into this treaty which they haven’t adhered to! This is his concluding paragraph:

“What ministers should not do, however provoked or frustrated they may feel, is to take or use powers permanently and unilaterally to rewrite portions of an agreement into which this country freely entered just a few months ago. Therefore, if the government does not urgently and effectively dispel the impression that it intends to do so, I shall have no choice but to withhold my support for this bill. I am a strong supporter of this government and of Brexit and I am deeply saddened to have to say this. We, the British government and parliament, have given our word. Our honour, our credibility, our self-respect and our future influence in the world all rest upon us keeping that word. Nothing less is worthy of Britain.” (link, paywalled)

He’s clearly carried away into the stratosphere by his own rhetoric. I can already hear him booming from the backbenches! What he doesn’t seem to understand is that the government’s first task is to safeguard the country. He doesn’t explain why “we” must still keep ‘our word’ when the other side isn’t and blatantly hasn’t kept theirs.

It’s not as if nobody knows what the EU has been doing to us ever since we voted ‘Leave’. There’s sufficient proof available – let me reiterate that our friends at facts4eu have been charted this for years. Even the mighty Ambrose Evans-Pritchard isn’t too mighty to use material from that site – sadly without acknowledgement, but those of us who keep ourselves informed recognise the provenience of the various examples he brings in his (paywalled) piece in the Sunday Telegraph. AEP isn’t mincing his words:

“We now have a stand-off and an EU ultimatum of 20 days, and no flicker of recognition yet from any EU leader that their own side might be behaving badly.” […] The question is whether the EU is willing to jeopardise its £95bn trade surplus with the UK and inflict damage on its own industries […] and to do so for an ideological purpose: forcing the UK to accept the EU’s extra-territorial supremacy over state aid policy and standards, a means of eviscerating British independence.”(paywalled link)

AEP continues, using even stronger words:

“If the EU wants to save a deal and preserve its large export acquis on this island, it will have to give up this colonial demand. At the end of the day, Europe’s refusal to offer its immediate neighbour and security ally even a bare-bones Canada trade deal is a hostile posture. The EU could have opted for subtler statecraft, recognising that Brexit requires a fundamental rethink about the EU’s near abroad, a chance to create an outer ring of friendly trading nations that do not wish to be locked into an emerging unitary state. Instead it has driven the UK further away. Historians will judge this to have been a strategic failure of the first order. This final squalid slide towards an acrimonious rupture is sad for those of us who love l’Europe des Patries. But the UK has to defend itself against predatory diplomacy, deal or no deal.” (paywalled link)

Indeed it has, the Geoffrey Coxes and other Remainers in the HoC and HoL notwithstanding. The final word goes to the indefatigable Sir John Redwood who concludes his Diary entry thus:

“The government rightly reminds us U.K. law will take precedence when we legislate. They are not yet explaining that the EU Is not observing the parts of the Agreement they do not like, presumably because the U.K. hopes they will improve and show a new spirit looking for an Agreement. I fear the EU has dug in and expects the U.K. to crumble. That will reinforce our case that they have not negotiated in good faith and have not observed the WA’s insistence that the U.K. will be sovereign with its own single market, customs union and independent trade policy.” (link)

In the end it’s not about who can do ‘whataboutery’ best. It’s not about booming mellifluous arguments about honour. It’s about the facts which cher Michel demands – facts all of us Leavers know, facts which Barnier demands we disregard.

It’s indeed the final battle for Brexit, so please do as our friends at facts4eu ask: email your MPs and demand that they defend Brexit and our country in the face of the rapacious, predatory EU who is trying to impose colonial demands on us at the last minute.




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