On Friday April 12th – a date which ought to live in infamy, with Brexit delayed again – the HoC went on Easter Holidays, i.e. they’re in recess,  i.e. they’ve gone home to face us, the plebs who’ve voted for them in the 2017 GE because we stupidly trusted them to get us Out. That was what they promised.

As we all know, we’re still In, and we are still paying the EU juggernaut billions for the ‘privilege’. On top of that, Ms May and her Remain government have saddled us taxpayers with another £100 million to pay for the forthcoming EU Parliamentary elections. I’ve not heard Labour howl about that sum and how it would better be spent on infrastructure and the NHS, never mind the Khanage in London.

The various MPs were peacocking on the various TV shows yesterday, presenting varieties of what should, could and ought to have been done to get us Brexit.

I shall refrain from mentioning what that Labour MP Mr Lammy had to say about Brexiteers – it’s all over the papers so you can check it out for yourselves. I will point out that I’ve not yet come across any condemnation from any Labour figure for his unbelievable comparisons.

In passing, I’ll also point out that one paper, The Express, has published an article with a headline that is clearly clickbait, giving the impression that the EU is caving in while in fact it’s just the opinion of Iain Duncan Smith …

Three issues were important over the weekend. Firstly, there’s the Tory Party meltdown. Then there’s the Brexit Party, and leading on from that it’s the EU Parliament elections.

Let’s leave the Tories stew in their own, home-made mess. The ‘candidates’ hoping to replace Ms May have been quiet, and only BoJo uses the B-word in the DT (paywalled link) in his column – not with proposals about how to get us Out a.s.a.p. but with lofty, empty words about how getting Out will alleviate the ‘hate’ between Leavers and Remainers. Yeah right …

Meanwhile his competitors reportedly will refrain from ousting her before the end of June:

“Cabinet rivals to succeed Theresa May are backing the prime minister to stay in office into the autumn if she fails to get her Brexit deal through parliament. A leading Brexiteer demanded yesterday that Mrs May step down by the end of June and raised the prospect of another move to unseat her within months. Supporters of cabinet contenders to succeed her have made clear privately, though, that they do not want a contest before the first stage of Brexit is resolved, even if talks with Labour break down.” (link, paywalled)

They still haven’t got it that their Party grassroots have had enough of their shilly-shallying!

To round off the weekend witterings of Remainers, Phil Hammond, from his unassailed position as Chancellor of the Exchequer after having turned off the money for No-Deal preparations, ridicules his Tory colleagues:

“In a speech in Washington, the Chancellor said Michael Gove and Boris Johnson had formed an “unintended suicide pact” during the last leadership contest while Andrea Leadsom effectively “knifed herself” in a “private suicide pact”. The Chancellor said there was likely to be a far “wider field” this time and joked that he may be “the only member of the 320-strong Parliamentary Conservative Party” who isn’t standing in the forthcoming contest.” (paywalled link)

Isn’t it wonderful how much havoc one can create when one doesn’t have to fear the ballot box …

Next – on Friday the Brexit Party was launched by Nigel Farage and is garnering lots of support in the polls already, with yet another prominent figure writing about having joined it, e.g.John Longford, one of the leaders of Leave Means Leave in the (paywalled) DT.

Finally – what about the EU Parliament elections? There were some interesting developments over the weekend. One aspect is important which only astute comment posters have been pointing out: the EU Parliament has to assent to whatever WA Deal May, Tusk et al have been finagling.

However, the session of this EU Parliament ends on April 18th 2019, with the elections in May, and the new Parliament convening on July 1st. Our HoC is of course en vacances until April 23rd. Thus Ms May, much as she’ll try to coerce the HoC to accept her sell-out deal before then, cannot avoid holding these elections. It’ll be July at the earliest that the EU can sanction her ‘deal’. Of course, Juncker and Tusk will have gone by then … only the faceless but powerful EU ‘mandarins will remain.

So let’s look across the Channel to see what that new EU Parliament might look like. There was a strange piece of EU gossip in the DT on Saturday:

“EU leaders are pinning their hopes on a surge in support for British europhile parties in May’s European elections to convince the government to cancel Brexit. Senior sources in Brussels have revealed that a number of the heads of state and government of the EU-27 said as much in Wednesday’s summit talks over the Brexit extension.” (paywalled link)

Well, you can’t blame the EU lot for that when we read that the Labour MEPs – Remainers all – are demanding that Labour ban any of their MEP candidates from standing (here) unless they support a 2nd Referendum. It’s the Labour MEPs’ secret how that will affect policies in our own HoC, but it shows nicely of what intellectual caliber they are.

Moreover, the rise of the ‘populist’ parties in EU countries, so hated by our and the EU ‘elites’, seems inexorable. At the elections in Finland yesterday, the “Finns Party” came second (here). That is an indication for the make-up of the new EU Parliament, as support for the member states’ ‘populist’ parties is rising.

The EU establishment, certainly in Germany, have already got their explanation in: it’s all the fault of Putin. No, really, because the various secret services believe he regards this election as means to ‘destabilise’ the EU (here, machine translation needed).

Just as we peasants are told by our Tory overlords to vote for them for fear of Corbyn even while May works with that man, so the EU establishment parties will warn the EU member state peasants to vote for them for fear of Putin even while Ms Merkel’s Germany works with him. I predict that we’ll soon see articles on how Putin is paying Farage’s Brexit Party …

To end on a disturbing note which our Remain europhiliacs won’t talk about: M Macron, the wannabe Napoleon, is endangering the Eurozone. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reports:

“Italy and France are at daggers drawn, pitted on opposite sides in an escalating battle for control of Libya and the oil fields of the upper Sahara. Astonishing details have come to light indicating that French president Emmanuel Macron secretly endorsed a military campaign to overthrow the UN-backed government in Tripoli on the eve of an international peace conference, effectively working in league with Russia and Saudi Arabia against global consensus. It also makes a mockery of the EU’s foreign policy institutions. The armed attack on western Libya risks a full-blown civil war and an oil supply shock for the eurozone economy at a delicate juncture. Brent crude prices have spiked to a five-month high of $71.60 but could go much higher if Libya’s crude exports are suddenly disrupted.” (paywalled link).

That’s the EU to which our Remainers, from May and the Whitehell mandarins down to the lowly clowns in the HoC and the MS want to keep us shackled to! Macron disregarding EU institutions – war – economic collapse – and we will pay for it, in money and blood, regardless of a Tory Remainer PM or a Labour Remainer PM sitting in No 10.

So don’t get distracted by the peacocking of our elected representatives, or by the brouhaha in the forthcoming EU elections. Ask your MPs to defend Remain given these news. Above all,




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