After yesterday’s super-sport Sunday with the Cricket World Cup and the Wimbledon Final giving aficionados heart attacks, it’s back to reality this morning. Brexit and the Brexit betrayers are in fine form. The Darroch leak scandal had taken a despicable turn and is therefore the subject of this column.

While our establishment politicians and newspaper editors have been lambasting the Assistant Police Commissioner, Mr Basu, telling him to search for the ‘leaker’ and leave the press alone, RemainCentral (paywalled) published a classic smear piece yesterday. I’ll have to quote at length so you can savour the depths to which the Remainers have now sunk:

“The chairman of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party was last night embroiled in the “Trump files” leak scandal as it emerged that he is in a relationship with the writer whose story brought down Britain’s ambassador to Washington. Richard Tice, a Brexit Party MEP, is dating Isabel Oakeshott, who last week published leaked diplomatic cables in which Sir Kim Darroch branded Donald Trump “clumsy and inept”, forcing Darroch’s resignation when the president announced he would not work with him.” (link, paywalled)

The Times has shamelessly used the existence of a private relationship to insinuate that the chairman of TBP somehow instigated the whole thing. There’s more:

”Security sources said a suspect had been identified for the leaks amid “panic” in Whitehall that a “pro-Brexit Kim Philby” figure has been trying to undermine officials not deemed supportive enough of leaving the EU. Scotland Yard and the intelligence services believe a civil servant with access to historical Foreign Office files mounted a recent raid to steal the material.”(link, paywalled)

Ah – so they have a ‘suspect’, someone in the Foreign Office. But ‘sex sells’, so go with “that relationship” … Remember the use of the label “pro-Brexit Kim Philby”, I’ll get back to it below. There’s more:

“As police closed in on the mole, friends of Oakeshott, 45, confirmed that she and Tice, 54, had been in a relationship since last year. Tice and Oakeshott both denied he had played any role in the leak or in the handling of the documents. Tice tweeted a denial of claims he was keen to replace Darroch as US ambassador. News of the relationship will fuel the belief of Darroch’s allies that he was brought down by conspirators keen to replace him with a “pro-Brexit businessman”. When the cables were leaked, Farage wrote an article calling for Darroch to be sacked and Tice tweeted the same opinion. A British diplomat said: “It feels like there are a lot of Brexit Party- Faragist fingerprints around this.” (link, paywalled)

Because Nigel Farage and Richard Tice called for Sir Kim Darroch to be sacked it is obvious to Remainers that they must have been responsible for the leaks because they both want to be Ambassadors in Washington!Never mind their denial: it wuz the Brexit Party fersure!

In a comment this morning, The Times (paywalled) doubles down with this ingenious paragraph:

“The police must certainly try to find who broke the Official Secrets Act by passing Sir Kim’s caustic observations on the Trump administration to The Mail on Sunday. Was it Team Boris? The Farage camp? A mischievous tycoon? Or perhaps the Russians, who have form when it comes to hacking and leaking? We need to know.“ (link, paywalled)

Note how the author doesn’t need to mention the Brexit Party, he just implies that Nigel could’ve – or the Chairman, Richard Tice, obviously the ‘mischievous tycoon’, could’ve – or “The Russians” could’ve. Naive readers can thus grasp the meme that of course the Russians are behind the Brexit Party and therefore behind the leaker, that ‘Brexit Kim Philby’. Somehow. Rounding up, the following quotes complete the picture:

“Sir Simon Fraser, head of the diplomatic service until September 2015, when Sir Simon McDonald took over, criticised the disclosures from a system once admired for its watertight reliability. “It seems that some people are mounting politically motivated attacks on prominent civil servants. The wider concern, which is now serious, is that divisions over Brexit are degrading the whole process of government, undermining trust, honesty and confidentiality and the institutional checks and balances which underpin strong democracy. We will pay a heavy price if we allow this to continue.” (link, paywalled)

Leaving aside that attacks on Brexiteers are of course fine, he is right – ‘divisions over Brexit’ are degrading the whole process of government, and yes, there will be a heavy price to pay.

But let’s ask this: is not the Civil Service supportive of Remain, to say it politely? Were the various leaks we’ve seen which screamed warnings about Brexit, not ‘allowed’ by top Remain Mandarins? Didn’t the head of the Cabinet Office leak his own “we’re all going to die” letter which was splashed over the MSM earlier this year?

Where those ‘leakers’ punished? And what about the Huawei leak which cost Mr Williamson his post as Minister of Defence? It’s become very quiet about that, hasn’t it. Mr Williamson has apparently been cleared, but who the ‘leaker’ was is still a secret.

Finally the inevitable ‘sources’ deserve a mention:

“A Whitehall source said: “There is alarm at how commonplace leaking of sensitive material is becoming.” It is not clear whether the security services have been asked to investigate any leaks. Jeremy Fleming, the director of GCHQ, said last week that it could help if required.”(link, paywalled)

It must strike the impartial reader as somewhat strange that the Government and Whitehall asked for a police investigation when surely GCHQ would actually know who and what went on? That’s what they’re there for, after all.

Let’s recapitulate: diplomatic cables were leaked. The ambassador resigned. Leaks are bad. The campaign to pin this on Boris Johnson, a Brexit supporter, to influence his election to the Tory Party leadership didn’t stick.

The vested interests next attacked Nigel Farage, the Brexit supporter par excellence. He surely must want to become Ambassador to Trump and that’s why he did it. No matter that he’s got no connection to Whitehall.

When that didn’t work, the Remain vested interests go for the next-in-line in TBP, the chairman Richard Tice where they ‘strike gold’.

Here the institutionalised nastiness of the Remainers finally comes out into the open: Mr Tice is ‘in a relationship’ with a journalist! Isabel Oakeshott! A Brexiteer! She first ‘handled’ the leaked memos – so he’s guilty. Bingo.

The only countries where partners in a relationship are deemed to be  ‘guilty’ solely because their partner was judged to be guilty are the totalitarian dictatorships we know so well from the history of the last century. Then, and just as with our Remainers today, it’s the ideology that trumps all. 

Remain vested interests are certain that only top Brexiteers could have enticed some civil servant – that ‘Brexit Kim Philby’ – to do the deed and get the memos.

Moreover – it doesn’t matter to the MSM Remain “journalists” to find out if, how and when the Arch-Leaver Mr Tice found that “Brexit Kim Philby” to make him get those memos. They don’t even ask if Ms Oakeshott was the only journalist to whom the Leaker had handed his material.

Personally, and tongue firmly in cheek, I suggest that it was a Remain civil servant who leaked the whole thing, in the hope of smearing Johnson who was after all Foreign Secretary until his resignation in the wake of Chequers last year.

That backfired, but who knows: isn’t it equally possible that ‘mischievous Remain tycoons’ (and there are a lot more of them!) then enticed Sir Kim Darroch to resign, so as to create a second front to inflict maximum damage on Brexit and TBP?

Anyway, that salacious bit of ‘news’, of a female journalist – gasp! – being in a relationship with a Brexiteer – gasp! – can surely not have been a secret inside the Westminster Bubble.

I’ve gone on at length about this Darroch affair because it is a textbook example of how the MSM work: hand-in-glove with the vested Remain interests in government and Whitehall.

That whole affair, dear friends, has shown the Westminster Swamp at its finest. Remember this when the GE takes place as expected, and until then:






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