Well! Isn’t that amazing! The EU is producing one of their famous marathon sessions and our MSM barely mention it! It’s the second EU summit where the leaders of the EU member states decide who the Juncker replacement is going to be, together with other replacements like the president of the EU Parliament. 

We mentioned on Saturday that on the fringes of the G20 Meeting in Osaka the French PM Macron, the Dutch PM Rutte and the Spanish PM Sanchez had ganged up on Ms Merkel whose preferred candidate, Mr Martin Weber, then resigned his candidature. It ought to have been plain sailing yesterday in Brussels, but no. That was too much to expect.

Here is a reasonable albeit rather anodyne report, giving the bare bones. The Times has a paywalled report which is similarly uninformative while The Express gives more background details (here).

The MSM’s general attitude seems to be: why should we care since we’ll be out on the 31st of October, won’t we – it’s now just stuff happening on The Continent. Still, these will be the top people with whom our May Successor will have to deal, so let’s look at what a top German paper reports. Here’s the link, you’ll need a machine translator.

In Osaka, the four PMs (Merkel, Macron, Rutte, Sanchez) seem to have tentatively agreed to give the Juncker seat to the Dutch Social Democrat Frans Timmermans. Back in Brussels, that proposal was so divisive that the meeting yesterday started after a delay of three hours, and then broke up after an hour and a half, because the various EU PMs wanted to negotiate in private sessions, one-to-one.

Since 4am this morning, Mr Tusk has been holding talks with that ‘gang of four’. There’s coffee and croissants, so they won’t starve. From 7 am the full summit will meet again. The outcome will indeed be very interesting because not just the Visegrad group but also our friend the Taoiseach is viscerally against Mr Timmermans.

M Macron is fence-sitting on three fences. He might support Timmermans, he might support Ms Vestager but his preferred candidate is of course a certain M Barnier. Since other posts also need to be filled – a German is supposed to replace Signor Draghi at the ECB, for example – the horsetrading will be fierce. According to that German paper, our lame-duck PM meanwhile was watching cricket … I hope that the ‘Brussels correspondents’ of our esteemed MSM will be able to talk to their sources while this is going on.

The DT correspondent, needing to fill the space planned for the EU summit report, published instead a ridiculous ‘Project Fear’ article, according to which British trucks will have to wait at Dover before the French or Dutch will allow them in (paywalled link).

Turns out that the only obstacle is a lack of proper paper work. Instead of wailing about the sky falling because of Brexit perhaps the various industry leaders ought to tell their members to effing well go and prepare for it? Savour the concluding paragraphs of this report:

“Mr Burnett [Hauliers] said businesses were failing to prepare because of the uncertainty and mixed signals being sent by government, with Boris Johnson warning of no deal one day, and then saying it was a “one in a million” chance the next. A lack of customs and forwarding agents were also causing major concerns, since the private sector was not investing on the off-chance of a no deal, raising the question of whether the government would need to step in to support business. “The real problem is that even if businesses all rushed to register, a lot of businesses also just don’t understand the processes and what they need to do to get ready,” he concluded.” (paywalled link)

You couldn’t make it up: three years gone and this unpreparedness is the fault of everybody else, especially Boris Johnson – and of the businesses themselves because, just as we Leave voters, they ‘don’t understand’. Well, that’s what happens when the hard-core Remain ‘business leaders’ refuse to even contemplate that Brexit will come, never mind preparing their members for it.

Next – it gives me great pleasure to show you how our MSM work, how they don’t do proper research, and how the broadsheets copy from each other. As some of you may recall, yesterday TBP held a huge rally in Birmingham. There’s a report in the Daily Mail which is quite factual and was therefore disregarded by the broadsheets. The DM report was published at 16:30, 30 June 2019 and updated at 22:30, 30 June 2019. Keep this timeline in mind.

In the DT, we find a (paywalled) report with this title: “Nigel Farage faces questions after refusing to identify 100 new prospective Brexit Party MPs”. That report was published at 9.07pm, June 30th. Remember that time. 

The author fulminates:

“Nigel Farage faced questions on Sunday night after he unveiled 100 new prospective MPs for the Brexit Party but refused to name any of the candidates. Just 49 days after forming the party a selected group of its newest prospective parliamentary candidates attended Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre with the sort of razzmatazz more usually seen at a concert than a political rally. In front of a 5,000-strong crowd, the would-be MPs took to the stage as the booming sounds of High Hopes, by Indy rock band Panic At The Disco, played overhead. But in a bizarre move that will raise questions about the Party’s readiness to fight a general election, Mr Farage and his staff refused point-blank to say who any of them were. The audience was told that among those stood before them was a fork lift truck driver, civil engineers and teachers. There were also 26 entrepreneurs, five Tory councillors, two people in showbiz and two UKIP councillors. Yet not a single name.” (paywalled link)

Terrible, innit! The reporter doesn’t make it clear if she asked at a press conference before or after that rally. Instead, she insinuates that not naming those 100 candidates at a rally, run on a tight schedule, is a veritable crime.

And lo and behold, RemainCentral picks this up … Their headline is (paywalled): “Nigel Farage shows off Brexit Party candidates (whoever they are)”. Now look at the time this report was published: July 1st, 12.01am. This is original reporting? Here’s a quote:

“Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party paraded more than 100 general election candidates at a rally yesterday but refused to say who they were. The men and women, who, the party said included economists and forklift truck drivers, appeared behind Mr Farage at a glitzy rally in Birmingham complete with fireworks. The Brexit Party leader told the crowd, which organisers said was made up of 5,000 supporters, to prepare for a potential election this autumn. However, the party declined to name its new candidates last night. A spokesman denied that the secrecy was down to concerns over their social media history, insisting that they had all been vetted.” (link, paywalled)

It couldn’t be more obvious: the establishment MSM demand to know who the candidates are because they themselves (and of course the activists of LabCon) want to have sufficient time to dig up spurious dirt right now, because TBP can’t be trusted.

The broadsheets have copied this one point from each other, as the timeline shows: The DM report (disregarded) was out at 16.30, while the DT, at 9.07, was copied by The Times, published at 12.01.

I’ll close with two Brexit News. One is about the prospective ‘Brexit teams’ of the BoJo-Hunt campaigns. Mr Hunt wanted the former Canadian PM Stephen Harper to lead his Brexit team but was rebuffed. Mr Harper said he preferred to be neutral. On BoJo’s team will be Jacob Rees-Mogg, together with Mr Cox, the Attorney General of the mellifluous, booming voice, and the current DexEU Minister, Mr Barclay (here). I think that can be filed under having people inside the tent pissing out rather than the other way round.

There’s been another development which is … astonishing. Mr Gavin Williamson, former MoD chief and former chief whip, has now been ‘cleared’ of his alleged misdeed of leaking and can return to the Cabinet. Do read the whole thing here, taking special note of the last paragraphs!

We do live in interesting times. I look forward to reports from that EU Summit, with details of how much blood was spilled on the floor. Meanwhile, don’t trust the MSM, don’t trust the establishment Parties, and 




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