The Brexit Betrayal is taking shape right in front of our eyes. It’s not just that the EU has again rejected the proposals in the papers produced by the UK government and presented by the Brexit Minister Steve Barclay to M Barnier yesterday. Far worse: there’s actual treachery afoot, both from the EU and Johnson.

First, let’s look at the EU leak. Non-paywalled reports are here and here, paywalled ones are here and here. We may well rub our eyes and wonder what was going on: didn’t we read only yesterday that Mr Juncker was not “erotically attached” to the Backstop, that M Barnier and Mr Barcaly were meeting to talk about those papers which were certainly deemed acceptable when Mr Frost, Johnson’s Olly-Robbins replacement, presented them? Is it possible that Mr Barclay was somehow bamboozled by Barnier when he said:

“On Friday Britain’s Brexit negotiator Stephen Barclay on Friday expressed optimism on reaching a Brexit deal with the European Union after he met the EU top negotiator Michel Barnier.” (link)

Perhaps M Barnier speaks ‘with forked tongue’? Perhaps he and Juncker have their strings pulled by the equivalent of EU ‘mandarins’? Perhaps, given the other Brexit Betrayal news below, Mr Barclay is just going through the motions? This report in The Times is interesting as it was published before or just as that leak story broke:

“Michel Barnier, the EU’s lead negotiator, and Stephen Barclay, the Brexit secretary, met today in Brussels for talks before critical meetings between the prime minister and European leaders in New York next week. “We had serious detailed discussions,” Mr Barclay said after talks that lasted 20 minutes longer than the scheduled one hour meeting. “The meeting actually overran, which I think signals the fact that we were getting into the detail. There is a common purpose both in Dublin, in London and here in Brussels to see a deal over the line.” (link, paywalled)

What happened next was that ‘EU Officials’ leaked their assessment which they had sent to the 27 member state ambassadors:

“Brussels last night moved to rubbish Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposals before they have even got off the ground. In what will be seen in Westminster as a hostile act, EU officials leaked a withering assessment of new British proposals to replace the controversial Irish backstop. UK sources last night dismissed the assessment. But the decision to leak the document, which was circulated to ambassadors from the other 27 EU countries, will be seen as an attempt by European Commission hardliners to undermine talks which have been gathering momentum. The EU memo dismissed the UK’s latest proposals, saying they did not provide a ‘legally operational’ alternative.” (link)

There is that new EU expression which was first used in the Luxembourg communique on Monday: “legally operational”! It’s odd that it’s being used without comment or explanation, right across the board, by our government and of course by our MSM.

The following quote seems to indicate that our government, for whatever reason, is playing down this leak:

“EU leaders received the backstop plans on Wednesday. While the documents are not legally operable, Downing Street said it intended for them to be a springboard for talks. […] Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, said after receiving them: “It is the basis of a deal. It is the starting and the arrival point.” However, just over 24 hours later, the EU leaked the critical memo, which said: “Such concepts fall short of satisfying all the objectives of the backstop.” Officials were also cited as describing the proposals as a “backward step” and “totally insane”. On Friday night Downing Street said the EU’s leak was “par for the course” […] The leak follows previous comments that the UK was not sharing papers because “the minute you share anything, you’re literally firing it to 27 capitals”. (paywalled link)

And lo and behold – EU officials leaked papers ….! In a fulminant editorial, the DT writes:

“Is the EU serious about finding a solution to the Northern Ireland backstop problem or not? They keep saying that they are open to new ideas but every time Britain offers some, they are thrown back in our face.”(paywalled link)

Yes, well – glad you noticed that! We’ve noticed that some time ago. It’s the EU way of stopping Brexit. They couldn’t have been clear about it. More:

“In Brussels, the backstop is obviously seen as the wheel upon which to break Brexit. The EU’s demands are thus as unreasonable as possible, and its behaviour as impolitic as it can be, precisely so that Britain will surrender to the logic that this just can’t be done. The EU bangs on about its commitment to the integrity of the single market: Britain is right to hammer away at its commitment to the integrity of the United Kingdom. We are not the ones who want to create problems, and the EU’s bureaucratic fanaticism is a reminder of why we voted to leave.” (paywalled link)

Good to know that some in our Remain MSM swamp finally acknowledge what the EU ‘negotiations’ were all about. We have known this at least since Chequers.

However, while we might look at those EU leaks and arguments as nothing new, par for the course, there’s serious treachery afoot. One is home-made, the other EU-made.

Some Labour MPs had visited M Barnier on Thursday. He saw them before he met with Mr Barclay. Now we read in the following quote how they have been aiding and abetting the EU in their hard-core stance. If it doesn’t make your blood boil when you read the following I don’t know what will:

“The MPs said Mr Barnier had been interested in the “parliamentary arithmetic” of what it would take to get a deal through and the potential stumbling blocks that might prevent them backing a Johnson agreement.” (link, paywalled)

Translated this means M Barnier received insider information and knows what and how much to concede to get the May deal through the HoC, with the help of the Remain Harlots.

It gets worse. Here’s proof that Johnson is preparing to present that May WA to the HoC, cosmetically tarted up, as we’ve been suspecting all along:

“Eurosceptic Tory MPs who refuse to back a new Brexit deal face being kicked out, the Daily Mail understands. Amid rising hopes of a deal, close allies of Boris Johnson are drawing up detailed plans for a Commons showdown at the end of next month. They say the Prime Minister is prepared to take the whip away from any Brexiteer ‘Spartans’ who refuse to fall in line.” (link)

It’s just a game of numbers for them, with the aim of having Johnson look like the ‘Brexit Deliverer’, no matter that this delivery is the Brexit Betrayal:

“Tory whips believe that the hardline strategy, coupled with possible support from Labour MPs who have voiced regret at their failure to back Theresa May’s deal, could be enough for Mr Johnson to push a deal through Parliament next month. […] But a number of other key figures, including ERG chairman Steve Baker, his deputy Mark Francois and the veteran Eurosceptic Bill Cash, have indicated they would vote against the Withdrawal Agreement even if the PM succeeded in stripping out the controversial Irish backstop.[…] Tory sources said that the votes on any Brexit deal next month could also provide a route back for the 21 Remainer MPs who were suspended. […] A string of senior Tories, including Theresa May, have urged Mr Johnson to allow the rebel MPs to return to the fold.” (link)

This then is what an ‘operational’ Brexit Betrayal looks like. I’m afraid it has a good chance of coming to pass. All the ‘negotiations’, the EU leaks, the ongoing rejections of anything which might get us Out, which will deliver what we voted for:  just smoke and mirrors! 

Yet another UK PM will be coming back from Europe with a white paper in his hand, declaring not ‘peace in our time’ but ’Brexit in our time’. There are too many Remain Harlots around to make this Brexit Betrayal possible. There are too many soft-core Brexiteers around who have become too tired to keep on fighting. 

Barnier knows exactly how far he can go, thanks to the Remain traitors in the HoC, to achieve our eternal vassalage. Johnson and his supporters know how to play their numbers game to look as if he’s ‘delivered Brexit’ when he has done no such thing. 

Apologies to all atheists and agnostics, but there’s this warning in the Bible: ‘put not your trust in princes’. Do we now put our trust in Johnson, the ‘Brexit Prince’, or indeed the ERG ‘Spartans’, who have been very quiet these past weeks? I think not!

Apologies for spoiling your weekend, but there it is, as we suspected: the Great Brexit Betrayal is underway. At least we’ve been forewarned …




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