Firstly and most importantly: today at 10.30am the Supreme Court Judges are going to deliver their verdict on the Prorogation case. We’ll be watching and reporting here on INDEPENDENCE Daily. Secondly, there was the Labour AGM which we need to look at.

That AGM finished amidst chaos and rebellion about Brexit. The MSM were full of reports and descriptions, headlines trying to outbid each other, screaming about ‘stitch-up’ as Corbyn did his customary fence-sitting, backing a 2nd referendum but not backing Remain as official policy.

Here’s a list of links to relevant articles, for the record. The non-paywalled ones are here, here and here – the paywalled ones (you can at least read the headlines) are here and here.

The sketch writers from the paywalled broadsheets had a field day. Their descriptions are hilarious. Savour the quotes below – who knows if they’ll be allowed to write like that if Corbyn and McDonnell manage to get into No 10 …!

First, here’s Quentin Letts in the Times:

“A mad few hours ended with raw, red palaver — politics tartare, so undercooked it was still growling. Delegates ululated and howled, tonsils flapping as they yelled at the session’s chairwoman, Wendy Nichols. Sister Wendy, if we can call her that, was being accused of some kind of a fix. “I’m not going to be shouted at,” droned squat, square-jawed Wendy. Oh yes you were, dear heart. The conference was going tonto. […] It was a day of exhausting vehemence. Almost no one spoke in moderation. Everyone was apoplectic. Tories were “systemic torturers”. Capitalism was “the problem” behind everything. Next to this lot, a kitchen of overheated Sicilian chefs would look like milquetoasts.” (link, paywalled)

Next, Michael Deacon’s sketch in the paywalled DT:

“Imagine if there actually is a second referendum. Labour’s rallies will be a sight to behold. “What do we want? NO IDEA! When do we want it? NOT A CLUE!” […] Labour delegates spent over four hours trying to decide what their approach to Brexit should be. […] What followed was raucous, angry, steamingly tense – and hysterically chaotic. Three separate delegates started their speeches by being furiously critical of the EU – before demanding their party campaign to stay in it. An interesting message to try on the doorstep. “The EU is an imperialist elitist neoliberal cabal! Vote Remain!” (paywalled link)

Deacon’s concluding remarks are for keeps – once you’ve finished laughing and picked yourself off the floor:

“The most memorable speech, though, came from a delegate who said that she’d like a second referendum, but didn’t think there should be one, and so would vote against both motions – yet wasn’t going to tell anyone else which way to vote, because “you’ve all got your own opinions”. In effect, she was simultaneously for, against, and neutral on every argument. […] The question no one seemed to be considering was whether the EU actually wants Britain to stay. Countless Remainers were waving placards that read, “REMAIN, REFORM, REVOLT”. I’m not sure the EU would be entirely keen on that plan. (“Jean-Claude, if the Remainers get their way, they’re going to start a revolt against us. Give Johnson whatever he wants and get them out of here!”)” (paywalled link)

Given the shamelessly socialist policies promoted and decided at that AGM – see this essay and this report, both not paywalled – it is perhaps not so astonishing when we read in The Times that senior Labour members have doubts about winning a GE:

“Senior shadow cabinet members are carefully positioning themselves amid mounting concern that Labour will lose the general election and Mr Corbyn will be forced to stand down. […] Shadow cabinet Remainers are now seeking to attempt to win back the party through “fair processes” by finding a leader they can rally around.” (link, paywalled)

And that ‘leader’ might well be Lady Nugee, a.k.a Emily Thornberry – she of the EU-blue dress with a necklace of EU stars, worn on Saturday:

“Emily Thornberry has outflanked Sir Keir Starmer in the race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn as the next Labour leader by showing “leadership” in championing Remain at its party conference, a shadow cabinet minister said. The shadow foreign secretary has made a succession of prominent interventions at the party conference in Brighton as she pushed for Labour to back staying in the European Union.”(link, paywalled).

Fence-sitting or not: Labour has become Remain, and if their vision of staying in the EU, as EU colony, is not sufficient to frighten you off voting for them, then their blatant socialist policies should do it. 

Back to the serious question of the Supreme Court Verdict later this morning! Boris Johnson is on record saying that he won’t resign should the decision go ‘against’ him – here, not paywalled, for example – and here in some detail:

“Mr Johnson on Monday night insisted he was right to suspend Parliament, which had been sitting for the longest period since the Civil War. “We must have a Queen’s speech,” he said. “We have a big domestic agenda. We have to get on with tackling the priorities of the British people. It is absolutely absurd to be totally fixated on Brexit. […] When it comes to Parliamentary scrutiny, what are we losing? Four or five days of Parliamentary scrutiny, when Parliament has had three years to discuss these issues. […] So – Donnez-moi un break, is my message to those who say there will be no Parliamentary scrutiny. It is absolute nonsense.” Asked if that meant he would not be proroguing Parliament a second time before Oct 31, Mr Johnson said: “I am saying that parliament will have bags of time to scrutinise the deal that I will be able to do.” (paywalled link)

That’s that then. Further on Brexit and Johnson’s UN visit, we read that BoJo again refused an electoral pact with TBP (paywalled, here), we read that Mr Tusk was again ‘mocking Johnson’ and his negotiating policy on the Backstop (link), we read that the ‘European Affairs Minister’ of Malta, one of the tiniest EU member states, told ‘Britain to speak with one voice’ on Brexit so that the poor EU members can understand what’s going on (link) – oh dear, can he and his advisers not read British papers? 

Mind you – he has a point when we read how the EU PMs and ministers read from the same Brussels songsheet, e.g. that the papers and proposals from Johnson are ‘insufficient’ according to this non-paywalled report on Johnson’s meeting with the two M’s where he ‘failed to make a breakthrough’. Obviously, the latest new expression needed to be wheeled out by the EU yet again:

“Mr Barnier said the EU ‘remains open to talks and progress’, but that the UK side had yet to come forward with proposals which could offer the basis of a solution.’Based on current UK thinking, it is difficult to see how we can arrive at a legally operative solution which fulfils all the objectives of the backstop,’ he said, following talks in Berlin with German foreign minister Heiko Maas.” (link)

With all that going on, it’s not surprising that the following observations from Ms May’s chief of staff, Gavin Barwell, hardly made any waves. In a radio interview, he confirmed what we suspected all along:

Mr Barwell explained the backstop was brought in as an “insurance policy” by the EU but noted it wouldn’t have been necessary if they had both talks at the same time. The two topics were negotiating the divorce arrangements followed by the UK and EU’s relationship in the future. Speaking to Radio 5 Live, He said: “I think one of the things that I would reflect on is the original phasing decision which was something that the EU pushed very hard for.” (link)

Here it is: the EU dictated to Ms May how Brexit was going to be negotiated – from the start! And Ms May, sidelining her DexEU Department and ministers, caved in – right from the off, under the guidance of Mr Robbins for Whitehall, and her chief of staff for Tory Remain, Mr Barwell. Coming straight from the horse’s mouth, this vindicates us. Our analysis was correct, from the start!

So take heart: it’s not us Leavers who are conspiracists and uninformed thickos! We’ve been right all along, and I’m now certain that our suspicions as to Johnson’s ‘deal’, i.e. WA Mk IV, are fully justified. Take heart, keep at it and



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