What despicable spectacle the HoC presented us with yesterday! There are no words to describe the utter disgust I have for that lot, who in their vanity are destroying not just Brexit but our Parliament and our democracy.

Yesterday afternoon I watched live the unmitigated, utter shambles which the debate and voting produced. Add the MSM and the twitterati into this poisonous mix and, with so many others, I ask: where’s the modern-day Oliver Cromwell when we need him!

Before I jump into this morass, here are two general observations, non-partisan and without prejudice:

1 while Mr Gove (T), who presented the Government’s motion, gave way to many MPs from all parties, Mr Starmer (L) only took those from the opposition benches. Make up your own minds as to what this means should Labour come into power;

2 for uninformed, unadulterated displays of meaningless, virtue-signalling ‘speeches’ you cannot beat female Labour MPs! They are however extremely good at heckling their ‘sister’, Ms May, who was croaking her way through her speech. Courtesy? An unknown concept …

The papers are full of the actual results (here is a concise report, scroll down a bit) and of the Parliamentary mayhem. The ‘free vote’ allowed by the PM was suddenly deemed too dangerous and at the last minute MPs and ministers were told to vote against the now amended government motion. Well, they didn’t … So now, thanks to these traitorous remainers, the government was told by Parliament not to leave the EU without a ‘deal’ under any circumstances, at any time …

Before you throw your tea mug against the wall in rage, or kick, God forbid, your dog or cat, watch this video clip where JRM explains patiently to a BBC girlie what this actually means: this motion does not change the law, which is – still – that we leave the EU on the 29th of March. The inimitable Sir John Redwood makes the exact same point in his diary entry for today.

It’s indicative for the indescribable ignorance of most on the opposition benches, Mr Corbyn included, that they believe Ms May can be forced to get that extension by obeying ‘the will of parliament’. That, btw, is what today’s debate and vote is about: to ‘force’ Ms May to go and beg the EU for that extension. These morons again disregard that the EU is not going to play ball!

To crown it all, Ms May is offering yet another vote on her WA! Yes indeedy – this vote is to take place on  March 20th, a day before she goes to the meeting of the EU ambassadors to ask if they will graciously grant us an extension … (see here).

Under apocalyptic headlines of ‘chaos’ and ‘meltdown’ The Times reports (paywalled):

“Theresa May is preparing a third vote on her Brexit deal after holding secret compromise talks with the DUP and Brexiteers. Tory MPs who voted against the deal are understood to be having private discussions with Stephen Barclay, the Brexit secretary, and Geoffrey Cox, the attorney-general, over possible changes to the legal advice. It is thought that these changes could allow them and the DUP to support Mrs May’s deal if another vote were held.”

This latest version of Ms May’s abomination will include a ‘long extension’, as the (paywalled) DT reports:

“Mrs May said MPs would be able to vote on Thursday for a “short, sharp” three-month delay, dependent on them voting for a deal on or before March 20. The vote would contain provision for Mrs May to ask the EU for a longer delay at the European Council meeting on March 21, but that would mean Britain having to take part in the European elections in May. MPs are expected to vote in favour of a delay on Thursday evening.”

Confused? Yes, me also as well likewise …

The EU reactions are also ‘indicative’, or even ‘meaningful’, and equally confused:

“The European Union will reject a delay to Brexit unless MPs decide whether to hold a second referendum or change course for a softer Brexit. Michel Barnier, the EU’s lead negotiator, warned that European leaders would not agree to an extension next week if MPs do not hold votes on the future of Brexit. The move could push Britain towards a no-deal exit.”(paywalled link)

Here’s another quote:

“The European Commission said Wednesday night’s Commons votes were ‘not enough’ to rule out a no-deal exit, which remains the default outcome on March 29. […] A European Commission spokeswoman said last night: ‘To take no deal off the table, it is not enough to vote against no deal – you have to agree to a deal. We have agreed a deal with the prime minister and the EU is ready to sign it.’ (here)

If I read the tealeaves correctly, this means M Bernier will only ‘allow’ an extension if Ms May say there will be a GE and a 2nd referendum. Do the Tory Remainers understand this? I do have my doubts … but am sure Labour does …

The reactions amongst EU politicians are actually quite hilarious. They are being faced with a possible, if not probable, participation of the UK in the upcoming EU Parliamentary elections if there’s a ‘long extension’. Mr Verhofstadt does not want to see Nigel Farage back in the EU parliament, what a surprise!

Under the jaw-dropping headline “Brexit: Europe fears for Britain’s democracy”, The Times (paywalled) reports what German EU politicians say. Unbelievably, the Germans ascribe this ‘chaos’ to Ms May caving in to ‘hardcore Brexiteers’! You really couldn’t make it up …

I relish this quote:

An apocalyptic mood on the other side of the Channel was most clearly expressed by Manfred Weber, a leading German MEP from Angela Merkel’s party, who said the priority was now to get the UK out of the EU at the end of the month so that the “British chaos” would not spread into Europe.” (same paywalled link).

Good grief – if we’re so dangerous, why not kick us out! It’s what we want!

Manfred Weber is the presumptive successor of M Juncker , btw. – but he won’t get that juicy job should Brexit be scuppered by a long extension which would swamp the EU Parliament with British Brexiteers as well as the ‘orrible ‘populists’ from Italy, France, Germany and all the countries with EUrosceptic parties.

The MSM here and in Germany and France may be full-on for Remain, but the people are not fooled. So the Brexit game is not over yet by any means. ‘Project Fear’ is now gripping the EU politicians as well.

I’ll watch today’s proceedings in the HoC so you don’t have to. Meanwhile it’s

15 days to Brexit!


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