One can’t leave the Remain MPs alone for one minute without their producing more mischief! By now even the most gentle person, disinterested in politics or indeed Brexit, must have realised that something is fundamentally wrong with our political system when our elected representatives keep plotting to thwart the will of the sovereign – us, the voters. The new ‘plots’ are created by the LibDems and by the usual Remain Tories and their Lab allies.

One can sort-of understand that the Libdems, or rather one of their leadership candidates, Sir Ed Davey, want to prove that they exist and that they have Remain clout. So let’s take a look:

“Sir Ed Davey, who is battling with Jo Swinson for the right to succeed Sir Vince Cable as the party’s leader, said he was working on a plan for a government of national unity led by veteran Labour MPs Hillary Benn or Yvette Cooper. Sir Ed told a Westminster hustings organised by Lobby journalists that the new administration would be formed if there was a vote of no confidence in the current Tory government. By setting up an alternative PM to Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn entering Number 10, Sir Ed suggested it might help secure the support of 25-30 Tory MPs for the confidence motion. The new government would only exist for around six months to legislate for and deliver a new referendum on EU membership.” (paywalled link)

This is nothing but a pipe dream to get into the headlines, as Sir Ed Davey knows full well and as his ‘confession’ makes clear:

“I’m not suggesting everyone is jumping to this idea yet, it will take some persuasion. It would envisage a non-front bench MP probably from the Labour party being the Prime Minister, being called to the Palace. The Palace would have heard from Parliament that that MP had a significant number of support from the Conservative benches – 25, 30 MPs probably – that they also had support of the other opposition parties. That could lead to a government of national unity which paved the way for the legislation to enable a People’s Vote.” He said the leader “probably has to be a Labour MP because most of the MPs supporting this government of national unity would be Labour, so ultimately it’s a challenge to my Labour colleagues, many of whom understand Brexit, and the no-deal Brexit that threatens us, would be deeply damaging to their constituents”. (paywalled link)

Good grief! What a way of presenting the LibDems as perfect coalition partner for a Corbyn government … T he BoJo-Hunt campaign must have become too tedious for words already for this ‘proposal’ to be given place in the MSM. There’s only so many times one can report on BoJo’s  haircut and his socks, after all … Yesterday the Tory Party streamed their hustings – if you missed it (I did), you can watch it here, and read the comments.

Far more important are news about plots promoted by the Arch Remainers in the Tory Party. The first one might go down like a lead balloon:

“Under the new plan, MPs would be forced to come to Parliament over the back of September and beginning of October instead of holding the party conference. One Eurosceptic told The Sun: “This is all about giving MPs more time to stop us leaving. This gives the likes of Oliver Letwin and Yvette Cooper more days to do whatever they can to block a No Deal on October 31.” One senior source told the paper that the plan was discussed by Commons Leader, Mel Stride and party whips earlier this week.” (link)

What pious reason: giving those poor, overworked MPs ‘more time’ – because three years obviously wasn’t sufficient … what did they do in all those years? Posture and screech?

The other plot however is more serious. It has two aims: to stop Johnson if possible and, if not, to stop him from doing what he’s promising: to take us out on the 31st of October. The Times has the (paywalled) report. Firstly, here’s why this threat is feasible:

“Every July MPs have to approve government requests for money to fund government departments and other services. Without this approval the government would eventually run out of money, experts said last night. The votes are due to be held at 7pm on Tuesday night.” (link, paywalled)

So far so good, and in the good parliamentary tradition of scrutinising the government. Now see how the Remain MPs are planning to thwart it – and above all, why:

“In a cross-party move to thwart the frontrunner in the Tory leadership race, the Commons will vote on a plan to prohibit government spending in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The plan is being backed by Dominic Grieve, the former Tory attorney-general, and Dame Margaret Beckett, the former Labour foreign secretary. If successful, it would deny the government funds to pay for key elements of public spending including schools, welfare benefits and international aid. The Times understands that Labour will back the move when it is put to a vote in the Commons on Tuesday.” (link, paywalled)

It’s another turn of the screw by the Arch Remainers in LabCon. Shackle Johnson should he become the new PM even before he’s put anything on the table for the HoC to look at … unbelievable. There’s more:

“Rebels will be hoping that enough Tory MPs opposed to no-deal back the plan and bind the hands of whoever is elected as party leader next month. Under parliamentary procedure, MPs have to approve all government expenditure — known as estimates — twice a year. But an amendment to the latest government estimates, which is to be voted on next Tuesday, makes these contingent on either Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement being passed or the Commons voting to leave the EU without a deal. If the amendment is passed, a future prime minister could be forced to secure approval from the Commons for a no-deal Brexit or face the shutdown of large sections of the public sector.” (link, paywalled)

Or … the next PM could call a GE …! After all, we know that such ‘approval for a no-deal-Brexit’ won’t be forthcoming because this Parliament want us to Remain, notwithstanding the EU Referendum result or the manifesto promise of LabCon in the 2017,  to honour the Referendum result.

I wish I knew what drives these ‘rebels’, the Grieves, Clarkes, and some Labour MPs. Are they only defending their EU ‘payments’ with tooth and claw? Why are they trying to please their EU paymasters, no matter the damage done to our country, to our political system? There was a name for such politicians, from a certain period in the history of the last century … There’s more – do spare a thought for poor Mr Corbyn who is being torn by his MPs as well:

“While Tory MPs may be reluctant to bind the hands of Mrs May’s successor before they have even entered negotiations with Brussels, it nevertheless opens a new front in what is likely to become a critical battle between the government and parliament in the run-up to the October deadline. Sources involved in the move said that it was a “simple matter of whether the government wanted any money or not”. However, it also presents a challenge to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader. This month a parliamentary attempt to give the Commons a chance to try to legislate to prevent a no-deal Brexit was blocked by Labour rebels. More than two dozen have also written to Mr Corbyn to warn him that they cannot support his new policy to hold another Brexit referendum, demanding that the 2016 result must be honoured.” (link, paywalled)

I am amazed by the vigour and energy displayed by the Arch Remainers. I am also amazed (not!) by the kindness the MSM who refrain from calling out the Grieves et al as ‘hardcore remainers’.

I do wonder though why these MPs were and are incapable of showing this same commitment to such manifest threats to our democracy as voter fraud and fraudulent postal voting …

In four weeks we’ll know who the May Successor will be. In four weeks the HoC will go into the summer recess. Meanwhile, MPs surely will have to visit their constituencies to discharge their duties  and ought to be reminded of their Brexit Manifesto promise. The threat of an early GE has suddenly vanished from the MSM, but it surely hasn’t been discarded by the Johnson-Hunt strategists.

Perhaps it’s time to tell the constituent MPs that, unlike them, we have long memories. This time, unlike in 2017, we have an alternative come the GE …




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