Money – that’s the latest weapon in the Remain Cabal’s attempt to destroy Johnson. The “#Metoo” attempt to get him to resign has fizzled out, so the Arch Remainers are now using unsubstantiated accusations of Johnson wanting a No Deal Brexit so his ‘rich friends’ can become even more rich …! 

I’ll get to the money issue below, let me first mention a few items which illustrate the ongoing Remain Cabal’s feeble flappings. 

Item #1: a leak! The letter written by Sir Mark Sedwill to his civil servant colleagues has been leaked (here, and paywalled here). The take-home quote is:

“Rest assured, I am mindful of my own constitutional responsibilities, but I will continue to resist attempts to draw the civil service into the argument. These are political issues and they are for politicians to resolve.” (link, paywalled)

He won’t write that begging letter to the EU then. That’s a bit of a setback for the Remain Cabal who had hoped to get Sir Mark Sedwill to write that letter should Johnson prove to be recalcitrant.

Item #2: the shambles that is the Remain Cabal. Over the weekend we heard from several ‘members’ about their cunning plans, from a VoNC to a new Benn Law. Yesterday, it turned out, they couldn’t agree on anything – what exquisite demonstration of their own incompetence. Read all about it here!

Item #3: Hopefully we have now reached ‘Peak Grieve’. He’s everywhere, with a ludicrous claim that The Queen would sack Johnson if he doesn’t ask for an extension (here) and with one that is poisonous but rings true:

“Dominic Grieve has said Labour refused to form a caretaker Government to oust Boris Johnson because they are afraid of losing the money they get awarded as an opposition party. […] The party reportedly receives £7.9million in what is known as “short money”.” (link).

It’s only our, the taxpayers’ money, so why not have us pay extra to compensate them, for the privilege of stopping Brexit!

Item #4: lastly, Johnson is reportedly going to present his Brexit proposals to the EU, asking at the same time that they rule out an extension, here, and paywalled here and here:

“The prime minister will publish a legal text spelling out his proposed alternative to the Irish backstop within days as negotiations with Brussels enter a crucial period. He has privately made clear that an agreement should include a commitment from the 27 other EU nations that they will not allow another Brexit delay. Mr Johnson’s intention is to confront MPs in parliament with a binary choice of agreeing the revised deal or ensuring that Britain falls out of the EU without agreement at the end of the month. If he succeeds, the prime minister will, in effect, nullify the Benn Act, which compels him to seek an extension to Article 50.” (link, paywalled)

Our helpful ‘friends’ in the EU, allies of the Remain Cabal, immediately made clear that this won’t happen – not that they’ve actually seen the text yet:

“Senior EU sources told The Telegraph that unless Mr Johnson’s proposals made massive strides in their direction, the sides would be “simply nowhere near” an agreement. […] Sources in Brussels added that there “was no time left” to create bespoke arrangements for the border, with a final text needing to be nailed down by Oct 15 in order for it to be agreed in EU capitals and the European Parliament.” (paywalled link)

That’s the usual ‘Non’ then. Leopards, after all, don’t change their spots, so why should the EU rescind their perpetual ‘Nein’.

And so to “The Money”. If you believe the Remain Cabal, Johnson is in cahoots with multi-billionaire hedge fund managers who are speculating on earning zillions should we ‘crash out’.

It all started with a few sly remarks by Philip Hammond in The Times, who based his extraordinary claim on something said by Rachel Johnson, BoJo’s sister. She sounded vague when she made that claim, but  Hammond has taken it as pure fact:

“[…] his sister has reminded us, he is backed by speculators who have bet billions on a hard Brexit — and there is only one outcome that works for them: a crash-out no-deal Brexit that sends the currency tumbling and inflation soaring.” (link, paywalled)

This is all the ‘evidence’ Hammond provides: no names but ‘Johnson’s sister said’ …! That sufficed for the Shadow Chancellor, Mr McDonnell, to ask an ‘Urgent Question’ in the HoC yesterday. For my sins, I watched the whole thing, and it was as tedious as ever.

The aim by McDonnell and the rest of the Remain Cabal was to get an ‘independent inquiry’ because Johnson must be got rid of, one way or another. The Treasury Secretary Mr Simon Clarke , new to his job, did an excellent job of dismantling that ‘question’:

“Simon Clarke […] described the claims as a smear. […] He said the government did “not accept there is any prospect of a conflict of interest”. He rejected demands for an independent investigation into the claims.” (link, paywalled)

Time and time again Mr Clarke told the screeching harridans on the opposition benches that there was no case, that this was a smear not based on facts – to no avail. I wasn’t surprised that he could not make headway. We surely know by now that opposition MPs simply do not listen but use such occasions to peacock about.

Sadly, they do not get it that their attitude just reinforces our opinion that they are wilfully blind and deaf and are driven by one thing only: prevent Brexit,  by smearing Johnson with anything that comes to hand, be it ever so ludicrous.

In a coruscating article Dominic Lawson demolishes this whole “conspiracy theory”, giving chapter and verse of where this smear originated and that it was investigated by the Financial Times which found these allegations baseless:

“To quote the FT: ‘The inference is that hedge funds have used their financial might to influence the outcome of Brexit via political donations and are now standing to benefit from short positions in UK companies. The problem is, it doesn’t make any sense.’ […] As the FT concluded, this ‘investigation’ seized on so avidly by the opponents of Brexit is ‘firmly in the realm of conspiracy theories’. (link)

Do read the whole thing, it isn’t paywalled. Having watched McDonnell and his cabal supporters I can only state that nothing is beyond those ever more desperate Brexit wreckers. Demanding an inquiry of the PM based on insubstantial smears, at a time when he has to negotiate with this oppostet parts in the EU: what a disgusting way of trying to undermine his position. 

You cannot tell me that these people don’t know that their smears and slurs are watched and read on the Continent. We know that one of the reasons the EU won’t budge is that they believe the Remain Cabal’s representatives when they tell them that they can and will get rid of Johnson.

There’s one more item on ‘Money’. Robert Rowland MEP writes in the DT:

“Hidden in Theresa May’s discredited Withdrawal Treaty, ex-Chancellor Philip Hammond (then also on the Board of Governors of the EIB) gifted it €7.5bn of taxpayer’s money for no concessions.  He then accepted a 12-year repayment of €3.5bn with no interest, from a bank making €5bn profits in just the last two years. The ultra-Remain ex-chancellor was prepared to leave the UK credit card open over a decade to ensure the EIB can continue to lend on non-commercial terms to the EU 27 at UK taxpayer risk.” (paywalled link)

Before you read the next bit, please put down you cup of tea or coffee:

“The UK is also treaty-bound for another €36bn of “callable capital”.  This is money we will pay to underpin the EIB if the eurozone collapses. Under May’s Withdrawal Treaty, the UK taxpayer would be on the hook for the next 12 years. And it gets worse. Loan note holders have the right to recover from solvent guarantors. That could be a massive hit to the UK economy, long after we are gone, if the euro or the eurozone economies collapse.” (paywalled link)

This was done by the conniving knave Hammond, who has just smeared Johnson with unsubstantiated rumours. Do Corbyn and McDonnell and the rest of the Remain Cabal know that Hammond has stuck us with this? Why are they not up in arms against this sell-out? Don’t they need this money to ‘end Tory austerity’?

I am puzzled as to why our eminent financial journalists are so … ‘un-keen’ to delve into this aspect of our financing the EU. Perhaps they could also ask what financial gains the Arch Remainers, from Hammond down, will make if we Remain. It’s a fair question. After all, they surely have nothing to hide, have they!




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