Luke 2 : 8 – 11


Brexit and Christmas – do they go together? Especially now that we’ll be Out on the Last Day of the First Month of the New Year? One detail tells me that yes, there is a connection. That detail is the incessant doom-and-gloom-mongery which has been a constant theme accompanying every debate between Leave and Remain.

In the biblical Christmas Story which will be read out in the churches across the world tonight – in those places where Christians are permitted to worship without fear of prosecution by their governments, and in those places where the combined power of ‘progressives’ in the so-called ‘culture’ industries, in Education and the MSM, have not yet cowed Christians into hiding – we are told about an angel visiting shepherds in the fields with their flocks, to tell them about the birth of Christ.

The first words of the angel were “do not be afraid” – but for the last three-and-a-half years we’ve been told daily that yes, we must be afraid, very afraid indeed! Nothing, be it ever so absurd, was left out by the fear-mongers. You all remember these scary things, from crashing out over cliff edges to planes crashing to no planes at all, to no food and no medicines.

The hidden message was to be afraid, very very afraid, of Freedom. In a footnote I note that it’s strange how, given their performances in the HoC, the Scots are never told to be afraid of Freedom when they demand stridently their IndyRef 2.

I’m beginning to think that Brexit fear-mongering, Brexit doom-and-gloom-mongering has become a profession, that those ‘professionals’ simply cannot let it rest. We’ve told them in the GE in no uncertain terms that we’re not afraid,  so now they’ve switched their attention elsewhere. With incredulity I read:

“German drug importers have warned they expect Brexit to further exacerbate drug shortages in Berlin, which are already scarce and will further trigger a market “imbalance”. Jörg Geller, board member of the Association of Pharmaceutical Importers in Germany (VAD) and President of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Importers (EAEPC), said: “The scarcity on the European pharmaceutical market could worsen with the UK’s exit from the EU next year. “We fear that after Brexit we will no longer be able to buy medicines in the UK.” (link)

After having picked up my jaw from the floor I wondered how come that we in the UK, after Brexit, were going to have no drugs – people dying all over the place! – but now, after Brexit, it’s the EU which can’t buy drugs from the UK, drugs which we won’t have anyway because of Brexit? Are doom-and-gloom mongers being paid to produce a daily dose of ‘Fear’ regardless, facts not being necessary? 

Another aspect tied to the fear-mongering has always been that we in the UK would become meaningless on the world stage, that Leavers are ‘Little Englanders’ who dream of the past glories of the British Empire. How one can be both a Little Englander and an Imperialist at the same time is an enigma which those doom merchants never explained. Let me add in passing that it’s certainly strange how the Scots are never labelled ‘little Sco’landers’ when demanding “Freedom for Sco’land”.

Then there were the dire warnings about riots in the streets after Brexit. Funny that – given that there were and are riots across France, for over a year now, under-reported in our and the European MSM. There was no ‘Frexit’, was there!

In his end-of-year essay the great Douglas Murray, writing in the DT, first looks at the change the GE and the Brexit Legislation has brought to our country and then says:

“For what is remarkable is that when looking at where Britain now stands on the international stage, everything has changed. For three years our friends around the world have been first shy and then flagrant in the laughter they had at our national expense. Britain – a country which had a reputation for order and efficiency – had over recent years come to look like a country stuck in an inescapable rut. The glee of certain EU partners – at the Brussels level in particular – was rarely disguised. Look what happens, they gloated: Britain had voted to leave the European Union and then got into such a comprehensive fix that it should by now be perfectly obvious that it was only British membership of the European Union that had ever held Britain together. A suggestion which at least diverted attention for a time from the other members states’ various woes. Yet look across the continent now.“ (paywalled link)

Indeed – look at it! Look at France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy –  look at Brussels itself where it has suddenly dawned on the remaining member states that they have a month to get their act together and work out a strategy for the coming trade talks, with panic setting in (link). It’s their turn to be afraid, very afraid – and unlike us, they have an actual reason: that ‘Hard Brexit’ we’re not afraid of will damage them, not us. Douglas Murray concludes with these wise words:

“Of course we should remind ourselves not to gloat. Of course it could have been us only a couple of weeks ago. But how fast the fortune wheel of global politics spins these days. Just a few weeks ago Britain looked in real difficulties. Today we look like perhaps the most stable kid on the international block. So yes, count our blessings this year. By remembering what might have been.” (paywalled link)

Precisely! Personally and secretly, like Willie Whitelaw, I’m ‘gloating like hell’. And perhaps, over the holidays, the Establishment who have tried to sell us ‘Fear, Gloom & Doom’ might ponder how ineffective that was and why: We the People have trust in ourselves, in our Nation. We are not afraid! 


Merry Christmas!


Photo by archer10 (Dennis)

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