Yesterday afternoon, the knaves, the clowns, the fools went and did it: whipping the Cooper Bill through the HoL and HoC and gaining Royal Assent.

Yesterday morning was indeed the calm before the storm, as we suspected (here). We learned that Ms May, not content to phone the heads of the 27 EU member states, is today going to crawl to Madame Merkel and M Macron (paywalled, here), to plead her cause.

No surprise there: Ms Merkel, the originator of that WA as we now all understand, has of course a vital interest to see this corpse dragged across the line. Don’t think though that this is a visit for Ms May to be petted after crying on Madame M’s shoulder. This is about telling her the cost for agreeing to the delay she’ll beg for:

Britain will lose its say in future EU budget talks and trade deals as the price of another Brexit delay […] European leaders have started to spell out the price for agreeing to the delay.” (paywalled link)

Here are more details:

“Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, said that agreement to another delay “hinges . . . on assurances from UK on sincere co-operation”. That assurance is expected to take the form of a letter that, in effect, commits the government always to vote with the majority of other member states. EU leaders will also make clear that it will not reopen talks on the withdrawal agreement during any extension even if Mrs May is replaced with a hardline Brexiteer.” (paywalled link)

Let that sink in: Ms May, for her place ‘in history’ (in infamy, more likely!) will acquiesce to the destruction of our centuries-old conventions, customs and precedents. ‘Mother of Parliaments’ no longer. The EU bureaucrats know precisely what they want:

“If there is a wild Brexiter as a new Tory PM, they would be able to do nothing until after March 31, 2020, unless they subscribe to the withdrawal agreement,” a senior EU official said. “We will simply not hold talks. If a new British leader refuses these terms it will simply be ‘no deal’ on the date with plenty of time for us to prepare.”(paywalled link)

That’s what ‘sincere co-operation’ means, EU fashion: no talks. And that’s not all:

“If the UK does not hold European parliament elections because of a big defeat [in the local elections]  then it is ‘no deal’. Britain will be out either at the end of next month or at the end of June,” the source said. (paywalled link)

It looks as if the EU isn’t even bothered by a  probably mostly anti-EU “populist EU Parliament”, and why should they. Worry about that UK ‘parish council’? Hah!

Ms May will also visit the modern wannabe Napoleon Mr Macron. Again no surprise there although this assessment in The Times today made me laugh bitterly – savour it:

“President Macron has played the bad cop throughout the Brexit negotiations, and is doing so again, making thinly veiled threats to veto Theresa May’s request for another extension to Article 50. Some commentators have suggested that he is wooing a strand of domestic opinion keen to see the French head of state stand up to Britain. The truth is more complex. Mr Macron believes the EU can only regain credibility if it demonstrates a capacity to improve living standards.” (paywalled link)

Why then are the Gilets Jaunes still demonstrating in France? Some economic improvement should have reached them by now, surely? The real reason, methinks, is this:

“Mr Macron is already said to be fed up with European summits devoted to Brexit rather than to his own plans for EU reform.” (paywalled link)

Nobody is talking about his grandiose, nebulous EU projects – oh diddums! Not to be outdone, M Barnier, who was visiting Dublin yet again, urged May and Corbyn to come to an agreement (paywalled link):

“The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator said that the political declaration, which sets out the terms for negotiations over the future relationship, could be reworked very quickly if cross-party talks between Tories and Labour were successful.”

Of course it can! Hasn’t the Cooper Bill ‘precedent’ shown clearly that, given enough EU stick, our supine Parliament can bulldoze through in record time whatever Brussels demands?

This, dear readers, is our future if we stay in: Brussels dictating to our political leaders and to our Parliament. We remember how that worked out in Italy – we salute you, Signor Salvini! – but let’s not forget that we’re not Italians …

When we read about the skulduggery afoot here at home, we know where the latest Labour demand is coming from:

“Labour will demand that Theresa May “Boris proofs” any concessions made by the government to break the deadlock in cross-party Brexit talks.” (link, paywalled)

Well, why not! After all, precedent was broken already with that Cooper Bill, so why not break precedence by unconstitutionally binding a new government to the decisions by a former government? It’s what the EU demands, after all!

Wrecking our Parliamentary customs doesn’t matter any longer – they’ve tasted the blood of unconstitutionality. Now Labour are coyly dancing around the question of a ‘confirmatory vote’ (?? no, me neither!) dangled in front of them by the Tory negotiators:

“However Mr Corbyn has said a second referendum should only be held to avoid a no deal or a “disastrous Tory Brexit”. (paywalled link)

Take note of that new expression: a ‘disastrous Tory Brexit’. This will soon swamp our MSM who have been so successful in ruling the debate by using “crashing out” and “falling over the cliff edge” that even presumably intelligent MPs believe it’s true.

The other successful meme is of course that of the ‘hardcore Brexiteers’ in the ERG. Incredibly, some ERG members themselves have swallowed this hook, line and sinker, and have resigned from the ERG:

“28 MPs split from ERG due to ‘unicorn hardline element endangering Brexit’ – The Eurosceptic European Research Group remains in chaos after 28 MPs broke away from the group on Monday.” (here)

In conclusion, we can state today that the EU, thanks to Ms May, has pulled the rug from under all the economic and legal experts who’ve warned here and on the continent that a No Deal will be no disaster. After all, what do experts know!

The rug has also been pulled out from under Mr Rees-Mogg’s thought that “we” can make life “bloody difficult” for the EU if we have to stay: no chance! Mr Mark Francois’ hope of keeping Brexit alive thanks to EU members (here): no chance!

Our supine political establishment, with the help of our enemies from across the Channel, are on the point of being victorious in slaughtering our centuries-old customs and conventions. Our MPs don’t care because they are ignorant of what they are destroying. The French though might finally be able to avenge Waterloo while the Germans can triumph over us, the victors in WWI and WWII.

But what about ‘we the people’? Not French, not Italians, alas, but content to pay the Danegeld of which Rudyard Kipling warned?

Apologies for spoiling your day …


Brexit Betrayal + 3 = No Brexit

KBO regardless.

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