I am incandescent with rageI am raging not just because of today’s debate and vote in the HoC to take ‘no deal off the table’, I am burning with rage because of the Remainers’ blame games in the HoC and the MSM.

Reporters and ‘pundits’, especially the TV ones, have now lost all sense of proportion and don’t bother to even sound vaguely non-partisan. You just have to watch a few video clips of TV interviews yesterday, see e.g. this one before the vote and this one afterwards – these are our oh-so impartial ‘top political TV presenters’!

Yesterday, the Attorney General boomingly and valiantly tried to hide the impossible behind bluster and theatrics. It was obvious before the debate that there was no change: the backstop would remain. Here’s a good analysis, posted before the vote. That debate was actually quite impressive, with some excellent questions asked by Ian Duncan Smith, JRM, Owen Paterson and Nigel Dodds (DUP) – questions which Mr Cox could not answer. He was actually stuttering and spluttering for a minute, trying to answer JRM’s question.

Then came Ms May’s Motion … let’s spread the cloak of compassion over that and just mention in passing that she was barely able to speak. I don’t know if that was a real cold or psychosomatic … in the end, she lost the vote. Again.

Today’s main ‘theme’ in the MSM is to accuse ‘the bone-heads of the ERG’ of having ‘lost Brexit’ because, according to the collective wisdom of Remain, they ought to have voted for Ms May’s abomination of the WA …

But instead of blaming the ERG, why do our Remain MSM not ask how come the Opposition didn’t vote for the WA? If the ‘hardcore Brexiteers’ voting against are therefore, in their opinion, losing Brexit’, didn’t the Opposition lose Brexit as well?

It couldn’t be, could it, because the Westminster Bubble dwellers believe they now have a suitable scapegoat to blame for that which they actually want – ‘no deal’, an extension to Article 50, a GE and a 2nd Referendum!

They are trying to make us forget that it is they themselves who are destroying Brexit, not the handful of Brexiteers who keep repeating that it’s they, the ‘bone-heads’, who stand for us 17.4 million Brexit voters! As the inevitable Sir John Redwood posted in his diary yesterday evening: “Ask the same question and you get the same answer” … but that seems to be too arcane for the Remain establishment.

While this morning’s papers are full of self-serving declarations from MPs (I spare you the links), and while some political pundits in the MSM and the Tory Party are now openly musing about Ms May having to go (I spare you the links to those as well), some are trying to sort-of promote some sort-of last-minute compromise (see here and here) which is mainly about getting a ‘short extension to article 50 – until May 22nd, thus avoiding having to stand in the EU Parliamentary elections.

Add into this poisonous mix that Ms May, tabling today’s motion, said this was a free vote (see here, and do check out the comments). That means she has caved in to her Remain cabinet ministers who are adamant that No Deal must be taken off the table.

It matters not that this will undermine her position in negotiating with the EU even further. It matters not that we, the 17.4 million peasants, see how the Remain establishment is now overtly planning to abolish our vote. After years of negotiations with the EU it is simply unbelievable that the Remain HoC, in their ‘wisdom’, still haven’t grasped the simple fact that there’s another player sitting across the table, the EU – and that they are not going to play nice!

Here are some ‘indicative’, ‘meaningful’ quotes:

“On the EU side we have done all that is possible to reach an agreement. It is difficult to see what more we can do. If there is a solution to the current impasse it can only be found in London,” said Donald Tusk’s spokesman. […] “Should there be a UK reasoned request for an extension, the EU27 will consider it and decide by unanimity. The EU27 will expect a credible justification for a possible extension and its duration,” the spokesman said. The European Commission warned that any extension would need to take into account the “reasons for and duration of a possible extension”, which could include a general election or another referendum. (paywalled link)

Or take this:

“The European Union will put a no-deal Brexit back on the table even if MPs vote to instruct the government to rule it out, Brussels diplomats have warned. […] “Behind the scenes people are increasingly saying that it is better to call it quits, to have a clean break and start again with a blank slate,” one European diplomat said. (paywalled link)

However, en coulisse that hard EU front is crumbling as well:

“But behind the scenes, member states are questioning whether such a hardline approach is really viable. Experts believe that, if the UK plays its cards right politically, a managed no deal could emerge.” (paywalled link)

Here are EU ‘sources’ on how an extension to Article 50 might be manufactured:

“EU diplomats predicted that EU leaders would consider a British request for an extension and its length at a March 21 summit, the last before the Brexit deadline of March 29. EU-27 ambassadors will meet Wednesday morning to discuss the next steps. An EU diplomat said, “Only the European Council has the strength to bring the necessary clarity. Breakthroughs are much more likely to happen there than at a lower level.” (paywalled link)

If you had calmed down a bit by now, I apologise for making your blood boil again with that last quote. This is what our Quisling HoC has reduced our government, our nation to: a country which needs the guiding hand of 27 EU member states even to achieve ‘Remain’ … how sickening is that!

So we’ll have to waste another day on the spectacle of “Remain”  in the HoC today and tomorrow. There will be amendments, the Speaker will shout ‘order-order’ and it’ll be another day of sound and fury signifying nothing. One thing I promise: we’ll not let those bastards grind us down!


16 days until Brexit


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