A new “Green EU” flag …?


We knew, did we not, that Remain would not give up but would do everything to torpedo Brexit. We knew that we’d have to keep watching what Johnson really does as opposed to what he says. We knew that the MSM would go on driving the Remain agenda by selective reporting.

Today we observe a three-pronged attack which ostensibly is about Johnson and Dominic Cummings, but in reality it’s about getting Brexit ‘not done’, hopefully by removing one of its main architects.

The items today are the Reform of Legislation, overturning the early release of terrorists; the attempts of getting rid of Dominic Cummings, and of course “Climate Emergency” and that Summit in Glasgow later this year.

Starting with the proposed legislation, here is a non-paywalled report. The government is apparently considering to by-pass the ECHR. The usual suspects are already lining up, bemoaning the general heinousness of such step and threatening ‘legal challenges’. I had forgotten that we have Mr Blair to thank for this situation:

“The Prime Minister wants to pass legislation over the next 10 days to stop terrorists being automatically freed half way through their sentence without going before a parole board, under rules introduced by the Labour government in 2003. […] If the suspension of the ECHR was successfully challenged, the government could leave the ECHR – something previous prime ministers including David Cameron and Theresa May both considered before the Brexit referendum.” (link)

One wonders if that is what the usual suspects, accredited Remainers, really want. When one reads that MI5 and Scotland Yard had the Streatham terrorist ‘under observation’ from the moment he stepped out of prison (link, paywalled) one wonders if those ‘human rights’ lawyers realise that they are putting the ‘rights’ of terrorists above our right to be safe on our streets.

One wonders how come the MSM who are so keen on blaming the bloodbaths in our cities on a lack of police officers don’t connect the dots: officers who need to surveille early-release terrorists can’t also be on the beat to stop stabbings. And then, in a generally factual report, RemainCentral shows again their zealotry in getting rid of Mr Cummings:

“Boris Johnson could suspend the European Convention on Human Rights to keep convicted terrorists behind bars under plans being considered by Downing Street. The government could apply for a “derogation” from the convention as it prepares to overhaul sentencing for terrorists to reduce the risk to the public. Dominic Cummings, Mr Johnson’s most senior adviser, is said to be pushing for the suspension. He has previously called for a referendum on it.” (link, paywalled)

This obsession with Cummings – the “Rasputin in No10” – means RemainCentral looks at ‘events’ solely with the question of ‘did it help Cummings or not’. Thus they come up with this:

“But despite the promise since Mr Johnson’s emphatic election victory two months ago, ministers have ruefully noted that Mr Cummings has been on the losing side of the most significant domestic arguments that has landed on the prime minister’s desk. He vehemently opposed giving the go-ahead to the HS2 rail network that he described as a “disaster zone” and was a hawk on allowing the Chinese firm Huawei access to the UK’s 5G networks. […] Meanwhile his radical plan to slim down the Cabinet and create a trade and business ministry has also been ditched.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – those Ministers … doesn’t this look like a concerted effort of briefings against Cummings with the aim of weakening Johnson? Could one surmise that some believe that, once Cummings has been got rid of, Brexit could still be turned in BRINO?

Here are two more arrows fired at him, one being that storm-in-a-teacup about some journos not being allowed to attend a briefing. You can read here what Mr Glover has to say. If stopping uninvited hacks from attending is ‘censorship’, then throwing out uninvited dinner guests means they’ll starve, right? RemainCentral points the finger at Cummings, also tying him to the sacking of that COP26 director:

“Mr Cummings has got much of the blame for Downing Street’s agressive [sic!] media strategy in which ministers have been banned from the Today programme and newspapers barred from official briefings. His handling — and the subsequent briefing — of the sacking of the government’s climate tsar Claire O’Neill is also seen to have badly misfired. She chose to use Today to take her revenge accusing Mr Johnson of “not getting” climate change on the day the prime minister was due to launch COP26.” (link, paywalled)

And so we arrive at today’s final destination: ‘Climate Emergency’ …! There’s a report that Johnson has asked both David Cameron and William Hague to take the top role at that COP26 shindig, but both refused (link, paywalled). One wonders why … perhaps they also ‘don’t get climate change’?

RemainCentral hasn’t – yet – blamed Cummings for their refusal, but being true Remainers, they busily overlooked EU news which rang my alarm bells. Recall that at Davos Ms vdLeyen proposed what she called a CO2 Border, meaning that the EU is planning to impose tariffs on countries which are CO2-sinners. Now we read that the EU is going to use that cudgel in the forthcoming trade negotiations:

“Brussels negotiators are seeking to lock Britain into European Union rules on climate change as tensions rise over a future trade deal. The bloc wants Britain to set up an independent watchdog to ensure it sticks to green commitments and it called on the UK to remain as part of its carbon trading market. […] The UK’s Committee on Climate Change already monitors progress in reducing emissions and reaching targets. The Government would be expected to report such data to Brussels after Brexit, according to the EU’s negotiating mandate.” (paywalled link)

This is the aim, these are the shackles – and I don’t dare to assume that Johnson is going to stand firm because “Climate” trumps every political and economic consideration:

“If targets accepted when the UK was a member state or future agreed goals are not reached, Britain could face punitive measures from the EU – including fines or even the temporary suspension of market access.”  (paywalled link)

‘Fines’ for non-compliance, but see the carrot dangled in front of our negotiators: it’s money, ahem: ‘revenue’, if only we stick to the EU:

“The EU wants Britain to consider becoming an associate member of its Emissions Trading System (ETS). […] But membership requires an acceptance of the EU’s rules and close ties to EU climate policy after Brexit.” (paywalled link)

Close ties indeed, and rule-taking ‘after Brexit’ – just what Remain craves! Meanwhile, the EU Trade Commissioner gave a speech, reported in The Express, advising our Remainers:

“The Irishman said businesses and voters should hold the Government to account and demand a “clear picture” of the economic costs of any future decisions to diverge from EU rules. He added that a recent suggestion by the Prime Minister that he would pursue an Australia-style deal was “code for no deal”.” (link)

I confidently predict that the Remainers on the opposition benches as well as our spurned TV journos will gobble this up and screech yet again about the ‘cliff edge’ of ‘No Deal’. ‘Tis odd thought that we’re not urged to ask Johnson and  indeed any of our ‘Climate crisis’ warriors about the future costs of those anti-CO2 policies.

Expect government and opposition and indeed the MSM to indulge in an orgy of Green virtue signalling, hoping that we uneducated peasants won’t be able to compute the costs of those wonderful policies for ourselves, our wallets. Being virtuously ‘green’ and free of CO2 sin – will it mean again that one can stay warm and starve or eat and freeze?

Should Johnson however cave in to those ‘Green’ EU demands, we’ll know for certain that he’s sold us a Brexit dud. Keep vigilant and 




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