The dire state of of our Nation in regard to the most important event we face, Brexit, is aptly mirrored by the dire state of our MSM whose Remain support is beyond doubt. The DM is full of gossip about Remain v Brexit Tories; Liam Fox has written an article for the DT in support of Ms May and Dominic Grieve has written in The Times (paywalled) about his Brexit-wrecking amendment. More on that below. The interesting snippets I’ve gleaned from all that dross give another textbook lesson in how to manipulate public opinion.

For example we’re told in a screaming headline in the DM that Jacob Rees-Mogg is going to support May’s WA. One has to delve into the text to find what he actually said:

“If I had to choose between no deal and Mrs May’s original accord, I would have no hesitation of opting for no-deal Brexit – but even Mrs May’s deal would be better than not leaving at all.”

Heinous, isn’t it! But never mind, the DM has splashed an ‘insider report’ from that ‘champagne party’ in JRM’s house last Tuesday. “Aristocrats’ drink champagne while ‘the plebs’, represented by Grieve of all people have a pint.

An article by Iain Dale, LBC presenter, is so manipulative that one wonders how it got past the editor. Repeating that ‘champagne bash’, he has the temerity to write that ‘working-class people’ are appalled by the ‘Brexit-Betrayal’ of those champagne-swillers and puts the blame for “Brexit-wrecking”, that is for manufacturing May’s huge defeat in the HoC on JRM, Sir John Redwood and BoJo.  He thinks that Leave must be on Ms May’s WA terms  – surely the debate about why that is the worst possible deal cannot have passed Mr Dale by! – and since ‘that’ defeat he sees the only option in an extension of Article 50! I told you yesterday that this ‘option’ will be pushed by remainers in the coming weeks – and here they are, out of the starting blocks already.

Enter Mr Dominic Grieve MP, writing in The Times (link above). After a resume about what happened these past weeks in the HoC, he comes up with his solution: the HoC to take over to extend Article 50. He does write that every option needs to be scrutinised, even

“[…] the preposterous idea of an “orderly” no-deal Brexit when even some of its proponents know any such proposition would trigger immediate economic chaos.” (my bold)

‘Preposterous, presumably, because he doesn’t want it. Do the Grieves et al actually believe the various ‘Project Fear’ scenarios? It would seem so, even if we plebs don’t.

He continues:

“Steps can be taken to mitigate the risk of crashing out with no deal. And parliament must now unite around urging the government to request an extension of article 50 so that we can find the time and space to think again. I have made no secret of my support for the People’s Vote campaign but it is important to recognise that this idea may well gain support only at the end of a process when every possible Brexit option has been explored. I do not doubt that legislating for a new referendum is a difficult decision and the last resort for many MPs.

We must, however, pursue this debate with courtesy, listening to those of other views and finding areas of common interest, but keeping our own preference in mind. I am convinced on grounds both of common sense and the national interest that a new public vote will be helpful to resolving this crisis.” (my bold)

Translated: we will let you Brexiteers talk but our minds are made up: annul Brexit by extending Article 50 and having another Referendum.

But that is small potatoes compared to the behind-the-scenes machinations to get this Grieve amendment tabled. I’ll quote at length from the article in the Times which is behind a paywall:

“Leaked emails obtained by this newspaper show that Dominic Grieve, the former attorney-general, has been in secret communications with Colin Lee, the clerk of bills, with the explicit intention of suspending Britain’s departure from the European Union.Lee drew up three versions of the plan for Grieve — each of which would overturn centuries of parliamentary precedent — and then swore him to secrecy.” (my bold)

The report continues:

“Emphasising that their communications should remain secret, Lee wrote to Grieve at 6.12pm on Wednesday: “What follows is just for you and you will understand the terms.” – His wording makes explicit the goal of pausing Brexit. “We have been thinking that legislation is needed, but it occurs to me that the substantive motion, say calling for article 50 extension, could be made,” he writes.[…] The plotters will meet at 1pm tomorrow in the office of Hilary Benn, Labour chairman of the Brexit select committee, where they will decide which version to table.” (my bold)

Note well that, yet again, an unelected civil servant is plotting to wreck Brexit!

It is tedious to mention that our ‘friends’ in the EU are sad and ‘only trying to help’ – from Mr Verhofstadt in the DM to Ms Merkel’s ‘support’ in the DT – or full of blatant scorn  in the Times. We’ve heard it all already …

Meanwhile, out here in Brexit Country, the Tory Brexit wreckers – the Boles, Grieves, Soubries et al – face a catastrophe. Should their plots succeed, with the help of their Remain friends in LibLabSNP, or should May get a fudged WA through because of ‘Project Fear’, the Tory Party will be finished. Here’s a report in the DT, here’s a report in The Express, both quoting a letter to the Tory Party Chairman. The DT comments:

“The letter, like many similar angry missives dashed off from associations since Tuesday night’s humiliating drubbing, strikes at the heart of the growing schism between Tory high command and the party faithful.”

“Conservative Home” underlines this with reports from their survey of members:

Our survey. May’s Deal. A majority of Party members would support it were the UK able unilaterally to leave the backstop – But the majority for such a solution is slender. And well over two in five respondents reject the deal entirely.

Our survey. A second referendum is as unpopular as ever amongst grassroots Conservatives.– Nine in ten respondents to our survey are opposed – just as they were in December.

Eight in ten party members oppose extending Article 50, according to our snap survey – The message from our Party members’ panel is clear: activists want no change to exit day – and delaying it would risk a backlash.”

Nothing could illustrate better the divide between the Remain politicians and Remain MSM! Nothing could illustrate better the contempt of those inside the Westminster Bubble – MPs and MSM – for all of us outside.

Their blind allegiance to the EU is based on ideology, not on pragmatism. Politics by ideology is what happens on the continent. We Brits were famed for our pragmatism! Where has it gone? Above all – why does no one ask the Remainers why staying in the EU would be good, given that France is burning yet again?

Perhaps the Wreckers are pragmatic, though: losing their EU funding pots must be more important than the will of us 17.4 million Brexit peasants …


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