During the next days, weeks and months we will endeavour to enlarge on Brexit News and Brexit arguments in a Daily Column. This is the first one.

In all the uproar about Bercow’s unprecedented (this time the word is justified) behaviour yesterday, allowing the Grieve amendment to be tabled in spite of the advice given him by his officials, there is one little point overlooked by the Remain MPs and our commentariat which should make the blood of any Brexiteer boil:

“However, officials in Brussels pointed out that if the Brexit deal is agreed by Parliament, it cannot be overridden or amended by future Parliamentary votes, meaning Mrs May’s offer to MPs would have no legal basis.” (Source)

Let that sink in!

You can read Mr Grieve’s reasoning on the why and therefor of his amendment here while Quentin Letts doesn’t mince words in his column in the DM – worth checking out!

Here and here are good explanations why this Grieve amendment and the Speaker’s behaviour are such grave threats to Parliament and Government in general.

Meanwhile, Labour calls for a GE to avoid a ‘No Deal’ Brexit which means that Ms May’s government would be forced to crawl to Brussels to ask for an extension to Article 50 – which thus means, as we all know, that we’d be tied even longer to the EU juggernaut. And the reason for that, according to Labour’s Keith Starmer, is that ‘we can’t do it’ in the time available. They had only over two years to do it in!

Even Ms May’s minions now realise that her WA ‘deal’ will be defeated in the vote next Tuesday:

“Miracles do happen but the Prime Minister will need a spectacular one to avoid a crushing defeat next Tuesday on the deal she has negotiated with the EU. It’s clear the intransigent Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), on whose support she relies, is not impressed by such titbits as she has been able to toss in its direction. Nor is there any evidence that hard-line Brexiteers are weakening in their opposition. They will surely vote in large numbers against her next week, as will a few Tory Remainers.” (Source)

So – if Ms May gets defeated it’s the fault of the DUP and ‘intransigent’ Brexiteers, Remainers are blameless … doesn’t it look more and more as if the whole exercise is now about keeping Ms May in and keeping us ‘IN’?

Here’s why there’s a push for a GE:

“More than a dozen Conservatives MPs have made clear they would back a no-confidence vote and force an election if Mrs May tried to leave without an agreement in place. But Brexiteers are advising Mrs May to ensure the UK leaves in March by using her discretion to decide the date of any national vote – setting it for April 4.”(Source)

The reason for setting this date (April 4th) is positively machiavellian:

“The extraordinary tactic would mean even if Parliament forces an election, it would be dissolved during March for the campaign. As there would be no sitting MPs on March 29 when the UK is due to leave the EU, they could not prevent the UK crashing out. In effect the scheme would mean Mrs May forcing no-deal Brexit, frustrating the resistance from cross-party Remainers. During the campaign the government would still be in place – and the civil service is allowed to continue implementing pre-existing policy. The move would spark a constitutional crisis, Cabinet resignations and leave MPs up in arms. But one Cabinet minister who supports the plan told MailOnline ignoring the will of Parliament would be justified to avoid ‘destroying the last bit of faith in politics’. The public are saying, “just f***ing get on with it”,’ they said.” (Source).

According to the comments the minister is right …

Meanwhile, the Remainer establishment is still screeching about ‘cliff edges’ and ‘crashing out’, so the inevitable Sir John Redwood reminds us again about trading on WTO Rules – to be read and distributed! (See also reports here and here and here.) Why is a No Deal so hated and feared by the Remain establishment? Loss of their EU ‘income’, perhaps?

So – is it time to get ourselves Yellow Vests? James Delingpole in his article on Breitbart says:

“I do wish that bunch of “yellow vest” protestors hadn’t chased after Anna Soubry the other day. Not because I don’t sympathise with their frustration but because I think they are being played.”

Do also watch PJW’s latest video, where he points out what the French Government is doing and planning to do. If Macron ,“Mr EU”, establishes such law then you can bet that this will become a directive for the whole EU and guess what: since we’re still “IN”, thanks to the Remainers,it will become law here as well.

One can’t help feeling that this is exactly why they want us to Remain.


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