Who writes such headline: “NHS braced for ‘capacity crunch’ as Tories set to miss GP recruitment target” (paywalled link)!

Do ‘Teh Tories’ actually hire GPs? Does the NHS sit on their collective hands until ‘Teh Tories’ tell them what to do? Moreover – aren’t GPs self-employed, paid for out of the NHS budget? Isn’t it a fact, trailed through the MSM for weeks now, that most GPs, regardless of doing F2F (that’s ‘face-to-face’, you ignorant boomers!) or phone consultations, are still only working half-time? And since when is any number in an election manifesto = a firm promise to be kept rather than just a ‘nice-to-have’ election sweet? We ordinary thickos out here beyond the M25 know that, but the Westminster MSM don’t. Mind you, their aim, ever since Johnson won the GE two years ago, is to topple him and the Tories, in the hope that Starmer would take us all back into the sacred EU.

Speaking of which: during the weekend just gone there were massive demos in cities from the Netherlands and Denmark to Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Croatia and even NI (link, also paywalled here and here) – all to protest against the latest covid restrictions, with Austria being on lockdown from this morning and a vaccine mandate for all to start on February 1st 2022. These demos turned violent – the photos in our MSM make them look like civil wars have broken out. Why these restrictions in yon countries should even be necessary when so many have had their jabs – no, don’t ask! ‘Incidents’ are rising – and “The unjabbed are the enemy” is the battle-cry of governments and MSM. 

The one aspect pushed in all reports is that the people participating in these demos were ‘right-wing’. Papers published in the EU have been emphasising this in their early reports – but proof there was none. To me, they all look like Antifa ‘rebels’. Interestingly, the photos from the Rotterdam demo show demonstrators looking more like the usual suspects from the North-African population which has settled in those comfy EU countries rather than proper, native Dutch. Of course, “we” must not say so, nor, as some Germans found out, is it permitted to point out that at least in Germany most of the unjabbed are to be found in those migrant groups which also just happen to be in hospital as ‘severe covid cases’. No – this ‘right-wing, populist, unjabbed’ meme is being used to bash all who do not want to be forced to get jabbed and who do want their civil liberties back.

Meanwhile back here in NHS-country we’re warned that the waiting list has risen to 6m and will get worse (link, paywalled) while at the same time we learn that the NHS Test&Trace machinery is still shelling out £1m a day to T&T ‘consultants’ … (link). You can bet your last shirt on the fact that this waste of money and resources won’t change, not when we learn at the same time that there’s going to be a ‘labour shortage’ because the ‘public sector’ – civil serpents to you and me – has been expanding by 250,000 new employees (paywalled link). This is linked to a “NHS land grab” because of the need to run the programmes of T&T, vaccinations, and of course their admin. Since they’re now under the umbrella of mandarins, these newly employed people will never go away but need to be ‘occupied’ – so expect more mandatory tests and jabs for whatever Whitehall finds next, to keep us under their control. 

Mind you, one can’t blame those civil serpents of just sitting on their hands! They are now working on plans for ‘road-pricing’ and ‘congestion charges’:

“Ministers have begun preliminary talks about road pricing as the Treasury looks for ways of replacing the £30 billion a year brought in by fuel duties, which is under threat from the switch to electric cars. Some in government want ministers to be “making the case” for road pricing as a way of avoiding a shortfall in the public finances while meeting climate commitments. They are likely to welcome a review of the issue by infrastructure chiefs as a way of normalising the idea of paying to drive.” (link, paywalled)

Electric or petrol cars, no matter: drivers will have to pay the Treasury for the ‘privilege’ to drive. Weren’t people who claimed that the green aim is to make everybody walk or use a bike accused of being horrible right-wing conspiracy theorists? That only ‘teh rich’ will be able to drive? Funny, isn’t it, how all those ‘conspiracy theories’ are more and more looking like prophecies which are being fulfilled by this government or rather by those who actually govern us: Whitehall.

That’s why the headline at the top of this article is so ludicrous: it makes no difference whatsoever which party leader sits in No 10 because in the end it’s: ‘Whitehall rulz ok’.



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