Lissen carefully – I shall say this only wunce: after the horror of Johnson’s “Peppa Pig” speech yesterday (you can watch the video here) it surely is time for the famous ‘men in grey suits’ to remove him from his post. Anybody else – Ms Patel excepted – would do better!

Of course, being an inveterate ‘conspiracy theorist’ – it’s what happens when one’s read too many thrillers – I suspect that this shambles of a totally messed-up manuscript was done on purpose by some ‘helpers’ inside No 10. Even Johnson cannot be that inept. Apparently ‘senior Tories and No 10 aides’ are starting to think about going to do the righteous deed and remove him then so be it (link, paywalled). Mind you – I had to giggle when I saw a comment post pithily observing about Johnson: “Long Covid and Long Nut Nuts” …

Far more interesting is that In an astonishing follow-on to yesterday’s report on 250,000 new civil serpents having entered the mandarin express (paywalled link), there are two articles actually attacking Whitehall. The most important observations came from Lord Frost who said this to the same CBI conference – before that ‘Peppa Pig Speech’:

 “I can’t share the views of those who think we can treat the private sector as just a convenient way of keeping the public sector running. It isn’t just a source of taxes. Nor is it a bunch of people who will inevitably do bad things unless the Government keeps a very close eye on them. We can’t carry on as we were before and if, after Brexit, all we do is import the European social model, we will not succeed.” (paywalled link)

Well said, Frosty! However, he’s only described what we’ve observed and talked about over the years. Here’s the other dig at Whitehall, this time by Ms Bingham, the ‘vaccine tsar who got the vaccines off the ground. She writes in The Times that:

“Civil service “groupthink and risk aversion” leaves the country exposed on future threats from climate change to cyberwarfare […] She attacked a “devastating lack of skills and experience in science, industry and manufacturing” in government as she accused civil servants of treating business with “hostility and suspicion”.” (link, paywalled)

Yes, well – anyone who’s watched the shambles of the government’s ‘scientific’ approach to covid for the last two years knows that this also is nothing new. It also goes for the MSM and all those new ‘health and science editors’ who regurgitate covid propaganda without any analytical thought. But then again – what did Ms Bingham expect when science education in schools and unis has been denigrated and downgraded for decades? After all, ‘science is hard’, so it ain’t for girls or ‘modern males’. It’s far easier to repeat sciency propaganda, from ‘climate catastrophe’ to ‘transgender issues’, because one can create lovely campaigns and demos, twitter storms and witch-hunts included. 

It’s no surprise that Whitehall is supine when it comes to those ‘scientific issues’ – issues which civil serpents don’t understand but which people are finally recognising as instruments to dismantle our society.

I was sick when I read that the ‘scientists’ at the Tavistock clinic who’ve been responsible for this epidemic of young ‘trans’~people have been using the crudest possible way of gender stereotyping. The DM reports under this headline: “NHS’s only gender service for children believes all girls who don’t like ‘pink ribbons and dollies’ must be transgender, whistleblower claims” (link). Here’s The Times which seems to have copied from the DM:

“Dr David Bell, who was a governor at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, said that his former employer was acting as a “gateway for puberty blockers”, putting young people on a pathway to medical treatment. […] Bell said that adolescents not conforming to gender stereotypes were treated as if they had been born in the wrong bodies.” (link, paywalled)

This raises two questions. One: why has Dr Bell not been ‘heard’ by our sciency MSM? Apparently, he’s been criticising this sledge-hammer approach since 2018 and there was even an article in the Grauniad earlier this year (link). The other is: why have parents allowed this to go on, why have they permitted their children – girls, mostly, to take those puberty-blockers with all the implications for their long-term health?

What is the matter with our “Westminster Elites”, from Whitehall, the NHS, the MSM to government ministers, that they’ve let themselves be driven to implement what can only be described as health crimes, from ‘transgender’ policies to covid ‘measures and jabs-for-all

When will people realise that it’s not about ‘following the science’ but about abusing science to destroy our society? That the only weapons to fight this are free debates and  a proper science education without regard to ‘gender’ and ‘woke’ issues?


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