There’s justice, innit! Johnson, his wifey and Sunak were all fined for transgressing the covid rules, hallelujah, or summink like that.  A quick scan of the headlines in this morning’s papers at the usual place (link) shows that the Westminster establishment wants Johnson gone – only he says he won’t.

He has the ‘support’, if one can call it that, of the Red Tops. The SUN, DM and Express quote him, giving the war in the Ukraine as reason to stay. I’ll cite the BBC’s summary of those headlines, for the record:

“The headline accompanying his image on the front page of The Sun is: “I’m sorry…. but I have work to do”. It says he has vowed to stay on to focus on Ukraine and the energy crisis, and the paper’s editorial argues that he should be allowed to do so, saying: “Now let’s deal with the real issues”. The Express calls the prime minister “a true leader”, and says now is not the time to bring the government down. The Mail criticises the opposition for calling for Mr Johnson’s resignation – “Don’t they know there’s a war on?”, asks its headline. It also says the police inquiry has been branded a farce.” (link)

So, according to Johnson and the Red Tops, “we” are in a war? How did that happen? Were there debates in the HoC, for example on our armed forces entering the Ukraine? I must have missed those! Didn’t Mrs T May resign while the war in Afghanistan was still going on? What about the last Labour PM, Mr G Brown or indeed yon Cameron, David, never mind the architect of our miseries, that T Blair?

All left office while our lads were actually and officially fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.You might say that was different – it always is, isn’t it, when one wants to or has to defend one’s untenable position. After all, there had to be those GEs which had to be run. So are we to believe that Johnson thinks the Tory Party couldn’t possibly manage to run a campaign for his successor ‘because there’s a war on’?

My point is that sending armaments to Mr ‘e is not the same as having our lads bleed and fight on foreign grounds. If it were, if we’re officially ‘in a war’, then the HoC ought to kick Johnson out for waging such war without consent of the sovereign, us, as represented in the HoC. 

There’s one other voice raised in support of the cry that Johnson ought to stay: Toby Young. Here’s the link to his statement on twitter. He claims that Johnson wouldn’t’ go for another covid lockdown as e.g. Gove or Hunt would. I didn’t listen/watch to the whole interview but would only observe that leopards don’t change their spots, that Johnson’s subservience to SAGE is too well documented to assume he’d not lock us down in a thrice if it suited his agenda.

Lockdowns, now that the instrument has been put on the table, aren’t only useful to ‘combat covid’. They can and will be used equally successfully for issues such as ‘climate emergency’ and Carrie’s Net Zero green agenda. I’m sure our wonderful Whitehall mandarins have the plans for such ‘restrictions’ already on file. Whoever will end up in No 10 will use that instrument of coercion.

Since ‘Teh War’ has been mentioned as reason for Johnson to stay in office, I’ll quote the first sentence of yesterday’s entry in Redwood’s Diary because it is symptomatic of the wilful ignorance of our leaders. Redwood wrote: “It is good news that the Ukrainian army and people have lifted the siege of Kyiv.” (link) – yes, really. One might ask if MI6 has dictated this sentence.

However, a cynical interpreter, keen on detecting skulduggery behind every word, might insinuate that Redwood has perhaps penned these words in the knowledge of Johnson’s fine and subsequent refusal to go because ‘there’s a war on’, in order to kill off that argument before it was made. After all, how can there be ‘a war’ when the brave Ukrainians have fought off the bad Russians all by themselves already? Sorry, perhaps I’m giving too much credit to the mighty intellect of our ‘leaders’. 

There is one other, suspicious remark by Johnson which ought to make our whiskers twitch: he wants to stay in order to deal with the ‘energy crisis’. It’s now unmistakable that yes, there is such a crisis – but why on earth should we let the person who manufactured  that crisis in the first place stay in office ‘to deal’ with this self- created mess? 

We’ve not forgotten COP26, we’ve not forgotten that gas prices rose in the late summer of 2021, to such an extent that Sunak had to promise ‘relief for the poorest’ in his Autumn Statement. That was well before the war in the Ukraine kicked off, that was before the West went for sanctions on Russian energy exports.

It is in this context of the self-created ‘energy crisis’ that Johnson’s plea to stay becomes so ominous. Here is a scathing analysis by F. William Engdahl,a strategic risk consultant and lecturer writing for the  publication ‘;New Eastern Outlook’. Under the title “NATO Sanctions and the Coming Global Diesel Fuel Disaster” he observes:

“At the end of the first week of Russia’s military action in Ukraine, with no sanctions yet specific to Russia’s diesel fuel exports, the European diesel price was already at a thirty-year high. It had nothing to do with war. It had to do with the draconian global covid lockdowns since March 2020 and the simultaneous dis-investment by Wall Street and global financial firms in oil and gas companies, so-called Green Agenda or ESG.” (link)

Mr Engdahl’s analysis is worth reading in full. What ought to interest us, especially in view of Johnson’s refusal to resign, is the connection to the lockdown policies here and across the EU and USA which disturbed the global supply chain so severely, affecting diesel supplies even then. Are we really going to believe Johnson, creator of this mess, will be able to clean it up?

I’m afraid we’ll see Johnson stay in No 10, at least until after the Local Elections next month. By then, the famous ‘men in grey suits’ might have got their act together and might have sorted out who will wield the back-stabbing knife. Alas, none of the Tory big beasts are even remotely suitable to take over. They are all tainted by their fence-sitting and their spineless submission to the robbery and destruction of our civil liberties.  As for Labour … the mind boggles when one looks at their front bench. 

Even if Johnson were to go, nothing will really change as long as people believe there’ll be another ‘Prince’ in whom they can trust, another political ‘celebrity’ whose name they recognise because they produce soundbites and tweets by the minute. Perhaps we’ll even see a former PM making a comeback, she of the intriguing, fashionable shoes and modish, clunky, fake jewellery necklaces.

Now there’s a thought to frighten even the most placid horse …

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