I’ve forgotten where I read this quote but it seems about right to me:

“Communism gained power because it promised the middle and lower classes equality with the higher classes. Once Communism was in power however, it made everyone equal: equally poor.”

Furthermore, the type of Communism that the European Union and the United Nations seek to impose on us is what is known as Communism from above; in other words, Communism whether we like it or not and ultimately on a global scale.

Most of these regimes in history have gotten stuck in totalitarianism when people no longer believed the lies of their then rulers. On 23rd of June 2016, the people of Great Britain showed that they no longer believed the lies of the European Union and its leaders both in Brussels and their acolytes within our government, their regime was indeed making us all poorer.

After three and a half years of futile negotiating, we’re now at a dangerous stage, the stage at which a failing regime will turn more and more to totalitarianism to stay in power and fulfill its objectives. The European Union and its Quislings that are now most of our government have no intention of letting Great Britain leave this vile union.

Imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t voted for Brexit and Donald Trump hadn’t won the US presidency. US borders would have been opened up to the world and would have been swamped with immigration; the American people would have lost their country. A war would have been started with Russia, perhaps millions would already be dead.

Since the election of Donald Trump, loser’s consent has been abandoned and there have been continuous efforts by the globalist left to unseat a democratically elected president and undermine the democratic rights of the American people… a coup as it is known.

Firstly, there was the unsuccessful Russian collaboration hoax, now new attempts to impeach President Trump, these are quite ridiculous and doomed to failure. There have been constant attempts to weaponise the legal and judicial system in the US and use it to undermine democracy.

There are suggestions now, that soon, to stop the reelection of Donald Trump that there will be a full-on coup in the US. There are too many sources of this information and so I’m not going to reference them, but I do believe this to be true, Trump is said to be preparing for this eventuality en coulisse.

Here in Great Britain, we have been facing similar problems, in order to undermine the greatest democratic exercise in British history, the Brexit referendum, the courts have been weaponised. A lame-duck government has been refused a general election, further denying the people their democratic rights, Great Britain is a country stripped of executive power, the people neutered and in the late stages of a coup.

In an interview with Nigel Farage, it is said that the only reason that Boris Johnson tried to out Brexit the Brexiteers is to save some credibility for the Conservative Party when Brexit is betrayed, Johnson would like us to believe it wasn’t his fault. Nigel Farage now says that he doesn’t see how Brexit can possibly happen on 31st October 7, 2019, see here:

Nigel Farage – Boris Johnson Says We Are Leaving October 31st, But How?”

Another video here and I believe it, suggests that plans are going ahead regardless of whether we leave the EU or not, for the EU to take control of our military. Nobody seems to believe that we would surrender our military so easily and I’m sure that as usual, that is what the enemy is relying on, by the time people wake up it’ll be too late.

There is absolutely no intention of allowing Great Britain (we must make sure that it is great again), to leave the European Union in any meaningful way. It would be extremely difficult to stage a full-on coup in both the United States and Great Britain separately when it happens in one country, it’ll alert the people in the other.

Expect events in the final weeks before our supposed Brexit to become increasingly dramatic and desperate as the enemy remainers use our legal system to finally stop Brexit, simultaneously there will be a desperate push in the US to unseat Donald Trump: let’s hope that he is ready for it.

In Britain, with our military gone and a weak government stripped of executive power, we’ll be easy prey for Brussels, particularly if events go badly in the US, hundreds of years of democracy will finally come to an end. The people may or may not realise what has happened at first, unless of course there is violence in the final stages; don’t forget the European troops on our soil. When the public realise what has happened it will be too late and their freedom gone.

With both once Great Britain and our old ally the United States finally brought to heel by the globalists, the plan for war with Russia will resume, just like Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama were campaigning for (I’ll write about this another time).

It may seem that I’ve portrayed a hopeless situation and yes it will be difficult to stop it. Compare this though with a scenario perhaps next year or the year after, where your children, loved ones and close friends have been burnt, mutilated and poisoned by weapons of mass destruction. You will very soon realise that you are now ruled by psychopaths that don’t care one bit if you live or die.

Perhaps now is the time to do all that we can to leave the European Union and re-establish democracy in our country, we now face another D-day.

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