It has recently been officially promulgated that those who publish writings or documents disputing the veracity of Government rulings and assertions (said to be based on Science) regarding Covid 19 are actually purveyors of dangerous misinformation with the result that all those, often highly qualified, utterances are in modern terms “cancelled” or in effect treated as they if they never existed.

Of course, Covid Denial is not the only subject to suffer such treatment, nor even the first.

Personally, I have only recently become aware of the disease of hate (which is what the rejection of legitimate denial really is). Starting since Global Warming became an overt con, by those who invented the term. It began when big business and crooked politicians realised together they could enslave the peoples of the globe and at the same time weaponise an economic killing machine.

Much water has gone under the bridge since those early days and I have no intention of rehearsing all or any of the arguments (and there have been many major ones!) regarding the effects or even the existence of Global Warming. But I will say I have no argument that ever since coming into existence the Earth has sustained periods of global cooling as well as global warming, whether these aeons have been peppered by catastrophic events or it has all been a very gradual process, from one extreme to another, I have no information.

But, I do not accept that present apparent (?) Global Warming is substantially down to man-made usage and handling of the earth’s resources and that particularly carbon is the enemy.

Therefore I am classed and branded a denier.

However, my denying Covid and Global Warming are but the tip of an iceberg. I have a whole host of authoritative or other rulings that I and perhaps many others are at odds with.

For instance the collapse of government and other authorities in the militant face of the antisocial, to say the least, activities of the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement.

I believe in Brexit and the need to recover our full sovereignty as an independent nation standing on its own, and we must recognise that the EU were and still are the enemy who sought to make us a full part of their totalitarian state (forever).

To the Remainers I was a denier, now the boot is on the other foot; those that urge we should rejoin the EU have also become deniers.

I also deny some aspects of Diversity.

I also deny aspects of school education, particularly gender assignment and adjustment.

I also deny the government’s right to remove our democracy under the guise of covid emergency sine die.

I also deny alien faiths or religions the right to operate or proselytise dogma or laws alien to existing native customs or laws.

And so it goes on. There are many more instances which shortage of space limits opportunity to enumerate. I’m sure many of you will be able to add your own pet “denials”, but above all it must be hammered home: it is not wrong to take issue on maybe any subject in a free world, and those who seek to dismiss it as dangerous misinformation are completely in the wrong and following an evil purpose.

Without the oxygen of publicity which by the restraints placed on, and dare I mention it, often connivance of MSM (Mainstream Media) we deniers will continue to cry in the wilderness. We must learn to unite and put it together that we sing from the same legitimate hymn sheet.

Christians have an Apostles’ Creed.

Perhaps we beyond the pale should have something similar, which we can repeat to ourselves or even when meeting like-minded friends. I believe it would foster togetherness and perhaps bolster our own spirits when fighting this vicious enemy.

Anybody care to come forward with a comprehensive “Deniers’ Ditty”?



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