Written by Mary Curran



With Input on Constitutional Issues from the Coordinator of Democracy Defined, Kenn d’Oudney 






At this time when the treasonous claim of “parliamentary sovereignty” is all too often heard, the English (cf.  British) Constitution’s authors and the People’s forefathers, common and ennobled, knew, understood, defined and prescribed within the 1215 Great Charter and its subsequent (early) statutory re-iterations, the sole peaceful means known to humankind for annihilating tyranny and establishing Equal Justice for all. This is through the implementation of the long-proven-effective emancipatory mechanism, Judicium Parium (pronounced joo-diss ee-oom) to which we now refer as the Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury; or for short as, Trial by Jury (proper noun, capitalised).

Thereafter the reins of power passed from Parliament to political parties and party machines, then to civil servants and the Cabinet, then finally to Globalists and International bankers. “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws,” is attributed to Mayer  Amschel Bauer, 1744-1812. He took the name ‘Rothschild’ (‘red shield’) and ‘founded’ the usurious bankers’ ‘House of Rothschild’. Political parties are subject to the caprice and covert dominion of those who finance them. Our Liblabtory MPs do not represent our interests; they serve their party as salesmen for their package of policies, under pain of being deselected.

“When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has  no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain.” — Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France. Ref. The Money Masters text and video, Bill Still & His Honour  Justice Patrick Carmack Esq. See Democracy Defined: The Manifesto ISBN 902-1902848280.

They call that “democracy” and say we can’t complain because we voted for them. Not true; we have  been defrauded and something has been mis-sold to us as “the will of the people.” This has reached its climax in the current “Covid” tyranny which, I like to think, is not the will of the people. Government is getting away with evil rules; statutes that trample on our inalienable common law  rights and Magna Carta which provides explicit protections to all citizens (not just to the ‘barons’  challenging King John. The latter is widely disseminated disinformation antithetical to the British  Constitution). This situation has been developing for centuries. Contributory factors are:  Ideas originating in the French Revolution; these are now taught to schoolchildren here instead of  Magna Carta and Common Law. The idea of “the divine right of kings” has been mimicked by the perfidious  notion of “parliamentary sovereignty.” The quality of the representatives depends so much on the awareness and mentality of the electors. Suffrage in the hands of the populace is a useful protection of We the People, but only so when it is put into effect with reliably trustworthy methods, starting with scrutinised personal presentation and signature of paper ballots (no digital or at-distance voting)… Without effective social resistance since Victorian times at least, statists have relentlessly promulgated the storied Marxist and National Socialist ‘belief’ that the demand for the State to “do more” is a “bottom-up”  movement. This duplicitous construct is intended to camouflage the ulterior motive driving the predatory clandestine clique’s bank-owning principals; men who seek absolute global socio-political hegemony.

Nevertheless, the average man and woman now sees the nefarious behind-the-scenes shenanigans for what they are: de facto, they are source of our intended Orwellian subjugation and psychological, if not physical, incarceration; viz. the “Great Reset”; UN Agendas 21 & 30. This has led to the present grotesque total State interference in every cranny of our lives: Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago revisited. Separation of powers between the Head of State (Constitutionally-constrained Executive Monarchy),  transient Administrations (i.e., PM, Cabinet, Legislature, MPs; Lords), and the Judiciary, has become more and more eroded. Statutes passed arbitrarily by the executive now replace those formerly debated in  Parliament in accordance with common law principles; the legislature has been sidelined. And nowadays,  the judiciary suppresses the Constitution’s Trial by Jury Justice System. Under the Illegality of the Status  Quo, the judiciary is not answerable to the People. On the contrary, judges always side with the majority in  the legislature for the judges are subject to the legislators by impeachment, and on whom they depend for  lucrative salaries and careers.

Since Victorian times the Monarchy has progressively become weaker, letting itself be dominated by a  self-serving Party System. Not the Monarch as before, nowadays The Party machine selects ministers.  Ministers are driven by advisers, lobbyists, globalists and Cabinet civil servants. The Cabinet’s original function was to provide a cabinet setting to coordinate policies across various departments, but now everything is being merged under their control: military, security, health, criminal justice, etc.

Parliament once grilled, warned and advised ministers, but no longer. One may ask whether there is now any ethical or lawful basis for ministers of the Crown to continue serving. The highly susceptible party system has caused much of this breakdown.

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