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And so it goes on, roads over-used and under-maintained, schools of indifferent standards with classes ‘supported’ by a teaching assistants, the only thing parents (taught themselves in the same failing education system) seem worried about, are ‘key stage’ results and whether Dominic and Justine will get into university, as ‘Dominic so wants to study climate change and Justine is adamant that she will do nothing but archaeology.  ‘Thank the lucky stars both have been accepted by their ‘university’ of choice with grades of two ‘D’s and a ‘C’. The big worry of course is ‘how we will support them?’  It looks as if we will have to ask grandpa and grandma or take out another mortgage extension.’ There is another way of course, the offspring could get involved in a career that will actually produce something eventually, earn a salary and do something worthwhile, but that is apparently anathema to many young people these days.

I have no idea what motivates or interests many people obsessed as they seem to be by self-interest, reality TV and consumerism, which itself appears to be a means to an end. The annual orgy of Christmas advertising has now been unleashed and there is no better example if you watch or are force-fed their advertising of what these big internationally owned companies think of the gullibility of their customers.

The political parties are doing the same thing, aided and abetted by their close friends in the media, the good life if you vote for us, you can have this, Brexit or not, controlled immigration, new funding for the NHS, a new police service, millions for this, millions for that, all smoke and mirrors of course funded from that magic funder – you, the tax paying public, while approaching senior members of the Brexit party with ‘jobs’ if they will stand down.  If the voting public stands for that sort of behaviour we may just as well run our country on the lines of a banana republic of which seemingly over the last few years we have been seeking to emulate.

Will all this affect the way that St. Mary on the Wold votes next month?   I don’t see any change myself. I’ve seen one ‘vote Conservative’ poster so far, it’s at the end of a long private drive to a house that was on the market earlier this year for well over a million and a half pounds, which says it all really.

Most here I guess will continue to vote for Boris as ‘he’s our best bet and has worked so hard to get this new agreement’.  The fact that the incumbent conservative MP has flip-flopped this way and that way and ducked every issue, seems lost on them.  That’s if they are interested enough to look at what has been said, ignored, promised or lied about. Most have little idea except what they have been force-fed by the broadcast media.

The main objections that anyone who voted leave should have about the new ‘Boris’ treaty, seem to have been put to one side, in sure knowledge that Boris will give them a continuation of their nice comfortable life.   As for that Corbyn lot, they would rather be ‘dead in a ditch’ to coin a phrase than vote for him. They didn’t vote for Farage when he was UKIP despite the then local UKIP prospective candidate being a very experienced person.

As far as St Mary on the Wold (as in many other places in middle England) is concerned, it will be business as usual, often pretended dislike of the EU, total animosity for Corbyn and no appetite to vote for the Brexit Party because ‘that’s a risk’ so they will do as they are told by the media, which they apparently often don’t like or trust, while knowing even less about the background or motives of the ‘political correspondent’ writing the articles but, like their trust  in the NHS and faith in the BBC and Sky, they can trust them just as grandad did when the ‘chips are down’.

I have watched these people do nothing for years, smug as they are in the knowledge that their house prices are going up, the public services, the emergency services, will see them alright, immigration will do no damage, HS2 will pass them by, as will the cost, ignorant or not bothered that, if the EU, along with its friends in the HoC and the three main parties, succeed in stopping Brexit, if the Euro fails – which looks likely – and the EU imposes a central treasury along with taxation to fund its monetary stability pact and military aspirations, none of it will affect them, safe in the knowledge that when push comes to shove, Boris will look after their interests just as the Conservative Party has in their dreams done since the referendum!

If St Mary is a microcosm of middle income, middle England, I would say that the residents of Audi Avenue and Volvo, will vote in a Conservative government without a sensible opposition and that, despite what the propaganda machine says, means they will, sooner rather than later get a very nasty shock indeed. As for the alternative, with some sort of hung parliament with the anti-Brexit LabLib, if that’s what they want, I trust they will enjoy the fruits of their labours.

But, in the meanwhile, there are wonderful Christmas lights to see, along with wonderful Christmas items on sale in the shops to continue the illusion that we are ‘all doing very well’, as Mr. Grace in Are You Being Served would have said.  How about a four-foot plastic Christmas tree for indoor use complete with pretty lights, a real snip at £480.

Voting, it seems, is like marriage: do either for convenience or without thought and pay and repent at leisure.

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