On the last day of a turbulent year one is given to look back. I shall not do so here because I know that you, dear readers, are in possession of excellent memories – unlike those of the assorted generations and tribes one encounters in the jungles of the MSM comment pages and on social media. Especially the young’uns who know everything seem to’ve been blessed not just with the attention span of gnats but with the memory of  amoebas. For them, anything that happened before the weekend is ancient history. Sadly that also applies to our dear Rulers in Parliament, Government and Whitehall – but that’s another story.

So let’s look forward because at the stroke of midnight today we’ll enter Brexit Year come what may or indeed come what May thinks.

She thinks the situation is ‘urgent’ because she’s recalled Cabinet for January 2nd – not even the Twelve Days of Christmas are sacrosanct! The Nation was enjoying Christmas, Twixtmas and the coming New Year, Brexit news were scant but they were there for those who looked – albeit not in the MSM. There, we noted the usual suspects and the usual remainers out in force but even their screeches for a ‘meaningful vote’ and especially a 2nd referendum were lacking in volume and new arguments.

Ms May has allegedly used the Christmas Holidays to hawk around her WA Deal to Tories, apparently with little effect according to one of the surveys of Tory members, on behalf of their site “Conservative Home”:

What seems to be happening is that as the probability of No Deal increases, so does its support. Last month, it stood at 34 per cent, along with the Canada option.  This month, it rises to 44 per cent and Canada falls back to 26 per cent.” 

While I hesitate to regard this as a sign that Tory MPs will heed their members, it is at least an indication that the direction of travel, to the desired No Deal Brexit, is accelerating.

Meanwhile, the always indispensable Sir John Redwood – congratulations on his receiving this honour, and I relish using his title from now on! – has made a list titled “12 big wins from leaving in March on WTO terms” . Do read it – it’s short, and surely worth nailing at the doors of the HoC!

One delicious point of Brexit has not been picked up by the Remainers. We read that Brussels proposes to make the official EU languages ‘gender-neutral’ (see here) – a hugely important issue, fersure! One little fact though has escaped the massed mighty minds of the EU language police, as Tim Worstall points out here:

“As it happens for a language to be an official one a country has to declare that it is the official language of that country. And everyone only gets to pick one. Eire, for obvious political reasons, has chosen Erse – Irish Gaelic – and upon our exit there is no one who will still have English as the declared official language. Thus English stops being an official EU language despite it being the only one which people have in common.Thus official advice of how the EU institutions should use English is more than a little redundant.”

No bets on Whitehall implementing this latest EU proposal regardless …!

Here is another point worth making: it is simply not the case that “we” are as woefully unprepared for a No Deal as the Remainers will have it. You can be certain that this will be their ever more urgent battle cry: “crashing over the cliff” and all the rest of the various Project Fear themes will be coming back in full gale force. An anonymous Whitehall civil servant however assured the nation that the Civil Service is indeed planning for a No Deal, and he or she  asks the pertinent question if the Government actually wants us to think otherwise. Do Ms May and her Remainers, supported by the Remain MSM and the 2nd Referendum pushers, not want us to know that preparations are in full swing? If not – why not?

I can inform you though that they are indeed working on a No Deal outcome in Whitehall. I’ve signed up to a government email service before Christmas, and received 129 (!) emails between the 19th Dec and 28th Dec, addressing a multitude of aspects accompanying a No Deal. The EU is also preparing for it, albeit more in the way of fuelling ‘Project Fear’, in full ‘Punish Britain’ mode, as described here. Of course they are also doing all they can to ‘help’ May get her disastrous Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament because this is the best deal the EU can hope for.

So the battle fronts are hardening and we can expect more Remain shenanigans which will become ever more ludicrous. First out of the starting blocks: Mr John Brokenshire, moaning today about local councils apparently being unprepared to face ‘civil unrest’ when the ‘sun-seeking ex-pats’ come flooding back after Brexit … really! … and it’s the fault of Mr Phil Hammond for not handing out money (here) … let’s stay in the EU so that Zimmerframe-wielding ex-pats don’t have to riot in our leafy streets … you couldn’t make it up!

Remember this though when you’ve recovered from your Auld Lang Syne inebriations: the spectacle we’ll see in the Remain MSM are just hot air. There won’t be a 2nd referendum: they know they will lose. The unedifying shenanigans of Remain MPs of all parties will increase, but will the Tory MPs succumb to the Remain howls – or will they listen to their constituency members? Should there be a GE – I doubt it, time is running out and a prolongation of Article 50 will have the gravest consequences for the establishment Parties – then I foresee a rise in Independent Brexit candidates in Brexit constituencies, across the spectrum of all parties.

Here then are our resolutions for the Brexit New Year: keep vigilant –  read between the lines in the MSM – exchange and spread information – and let’s work our socks off.

Only three more months to Freedom!


We wish you all a Happy New Brexit Year!

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