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Aww! So sweet! It’s as if the various chief editors of ‘Our MSM’ have decided that “we” needed a bit of cheering up, so they plaster that lovely photo of The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, looking at a card made by their three great-grandchildren, over their front pages. Covid? Don’t worry! Brussels? Nah – not important. A review of that BC documentary yesterday? Forget it! Yes, I watched, even though my eyes were dropping out of my head. My review is below.

I was going to take a look at the ongoing EU Trade negotiations, but yesterday the talks were thrown into disarray because one of M Barnier’s staff was tested positive for covid and now everybody is in quarantine. Ah well, there’s always Zoom, isn’t there! Speculations were rising immediately, about BJ possibly caving in and trying to push through Parliament a Law which will allow him and of course ‘our friends in Brussels’ to dither on and extend that Transition period beyond December 31st.

I’m sure even the ghost of the Covid HoC could be induced to scramble and push through a Law suspending the one they agreed to in January, namely making the last day of this year the last day of the transition period. After all, the Remainers in Parliament, covid-sequestered or not, will surely work full out to make that happen!

Still  there are a few snippets hidden in the reports from our indefatigable gossip-listeners in Brussels, with scant impact. We did learn however that apparently preparing for a no-deal Brexit wasn’t on the horizon of EU member states:

“A number of member states are understood to be planning to demand the European Commission publish its emergency ‘no deal’ Brexit plans because there are less than six weeks to go until the end of the year.” (paywalled link)

There are other member states however who seem to have had enough of Barnier’s posturing, ‘leaning’ on him “not to do a deal just for the sake of his legacy and be prepared to walk away if the terms are not right.” (paywalled link). But please – do have a heart for the unfortunate EU ‘officials’ and the EU Parliament who need time, more time and even more time:

“A senior EU official warned that if the deal is not agreed by Monday, there will not be enough time to translate the agreement into the EU’s 24 official languages for ratification.” (paywalled link)

Let’s hope that Frosty stands firm and that BJ doesn’t knife him in the back by caving in to the pitiful wails of EU officials and member states who need time because 11 months of transition weren’t sufficient to prepare, never mind translating the agreement. Covid surely wold be the perfect ‘excuse’ …

And thus, with an elegant swerve, we’re back with covid. First – the ‘good’ news’: ‘Our Sacred Cow’ will set up hundreds of centres across the country where people can be vaccinated. If that doesn’t fill you with confidence already, there’s more: 

“The NHS is said to be launching a major recruitment drive to hire up to 40,000 thousand staff to administer the Pfizer vaccine. Trained medics and nurses will be top of their wish list. But retired ­doctors and nurses and those who have first-aid skills from their jobs, including firefighters, police community support officers and members of the Armed Forces will also be targeted in the recruitment drive, the Sun reports. The vaccination army, who will be trained, will be supported by an additional 30,000-strong team St John Ambulance volunteers, the paper adds.” (link)

Wot – no recruitment of vets and veterinary nurses? ‘Trained’ PCSOs and firemen will give us jabs? Has nobody in ‘Our NHS’ ever heard of abscesses forming when injections aren’t given properly? Some of them can be very nasty, needing treatment and thus surely putting a burden on ‘Our Sacred Cow’? When you see the frightening report in this morning’s LockdownSceptics, on the conditions in the T&T labs, with numerous breaches of Health & Safety regulations (link) then this does not exactly bode well for the running of that mass vaccination experiment. 

Moreover, the Vaccine Producers still haven’t submitted their results to the regulators in the US and here, but they ‘will do so within days’. Production in Pfizer’s plant in Brussels has already started, according to German papers. “We” have already ordered 40 million doses, and money is no problem even though that Pfizer jab will cost £15 per jab (two are needed), compared to our home-grown Oxford jab which’ll cost around £2.30. 

“We” have the money, especially since there’s been a little leak regarding the Spending Review. According to this leaklet, Rishi plans to freeze pay for public sector workers. I do love the way the DT reporter writes:

“The Chancellor is understood to be preparing to announce in next week’s comprehensive spending review that there must be pay restraint across the public sector.” (paywalled link)

That sentence is so precious! Nothing is actually known, but let’s get all those WFH public workers riled up anyway. It’s only fair, Rishi is alleged to argue, because of the economic hits private sector employee have suffered. However, ‘Our NHS Heroes’ will be exempt, so that’s alright then. “We” are surely happy to pay for all that with more taxes, aren’t we!  

Next, let me mention briefly two covid ‘initiatives’ which demonstrate that our ‘betters’ in Parliament and the NHS have lost the plot. Yes, it’s about Christmas and how “we” will be punished should ‘covid rulz’ be relaxed for those days, but ‘hospital bosses’ go even further:

“Chris Hopson, chief executive of the hospitals’ group NHS Providers, said that even a limited Christmas relaxation risked an “uncontrollable flood” of cases that could mean hospitals run into severe difficulty treating emergency patients at the busiest time of year. [… He] said that even before winter hospitals were “beginning to struggle” with infections and a backlog of treatment from the spring. He warned of a “perfect storm” if cases rose in January as hospitals hit their busiest time of year.” (link, paywalled)

Ah – that annual ‘busiest time of the year’! We recall that the cries: ‘wards are full’ are always coming at that ‘busiest time’, due to respiratory illnesses such as flu and pneumonia. Strangely enough, these illnesses seem to have vanished, as if covid has replaced them.

Why though are hospitals ‘already struggling’, after months of time to prepare, as if winter respiratory illnesses were a complete surprise? It’s like the annual breakdown of life as we know it when a quarter inch of snow falls – because that has never happened before and comes as a total surprise. 

That’s the background for the proposal of this ‘health czar’. He believes that the Tier1 and Tier 2 restrictions weren’t effective enough, and therefore:

“Tier 3 should be the new baseline and that “in some places it wasn’t tough enough so you do need a super tier, Tier 4”. […] Describing a full relaxation in which people could do Christmas shopping as a “nightmare scenario”, he said that “even a few days with very few restrictions would be a problem”.” (link, paywalled)

‘Covid Nightmare at Christmas’ – can we have this a size smaller? Perhaps the GCHQ spooks will tell BJ not to go there – they do know what the Nation thinks about that! Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt has come up with a ‘Plan B’ … speak of foot-in-mouthitis! His plan is that:

“Everyone should be tested for coronavirus every month to give people “freedom passes” to resume everyday activities, Jeremy Hunt says.The former health secretary today urges Boris Johnson to set an Easter deadline to return to more normal life through mass testing with rapid home testing kits, even if vaccines have not come through by then.” (link, paywalled)

‘A Freedom Pass’ – seriously? To make this palatable, he proposes that all those who need to quarantine themselves ought to be paid their full salary. Ah well – Rishi will find the money for that, I’m sure! He’s already extended that furlough scheme to March. 

And so, finally, to that BC 2 documentary. I watched it. It was horrendous, a typical BC propaganda effort, where ‘vox populi’, i.e. three families, were given their say about the loss of one of their loved ones. One was a black gentleman, because the BC ain’t racist. They all blamed BJ … what a surprise.

Yes, there was that professor saying they used data from wikipedia, but there was worse to come. The scientists dropped remarks inadvertently, no questions asked to follow up, which had me gasp. Moreover, I was aghast at the constant, cringe-worthy combination of arrogance, defensiveness and fake humility these scientists displayed. They ‘had no data’ – everything was so difficult!  If they’d only known … and yes, if they had known they’d have demanded an early Lockdown. ‘Herd immunity’ wasn’t mentioned once even though this was a huge issue in those days before Lockdown.

One of them, Labour-affiliated, let drop a remark which made me wonder if all those scientists, generally modellers and mathematicians, a.k.a. epidemiologists, had ever left their ivory towers. He told the BC that those modellers ought to have known that they’d never get current data from the NHS, that the NHS ‘doesn’t work that way’. Ah. As for the care home scandal – well, one modeller confessed that care homes simply weren’t on their horizon – until it was too late. Words kept failing me!

The summary was that in any case they were ‘only scientists’ and nothing was their fault. Ministers made the decisions, not them, and thus the BC was able to point their big fat finger at BJ: everything was and is his fault, never mind that he got patently bad advice from SAGE. The question was never raised of why only a charmed circle of compliant ‘scientists’ were involved, why eminent clinicians and statisticians were left out in the cold.

So let’s do as BJ and Hancock, as the ‘expert covid correspondents’ have been saying all along: let’s ‘follow the science’! Let’s be compliant, get tested and vaccinated and let’s have that ‘Freedom Pass’. Let’s not demand to be permitted to kill granny at Christmas …

Above all, let’s label any scientist who questions this whole “test, trace and vaccinate” set-up as an ‘anti-vaxxer’ who ought to be fined if not jailed, and let’s put muzzles on everybody: real ones in our streets and virtual ones online.

Happy days … not!





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