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Witnesses have testified that vote counting software originated in South America and was specifically designed to cheat and the Director of Strategy and Security at Dominion Voting Systems which provides ballot counting technology in some 30 US States has posted vicious far left obscenities on social media and (having been exposed by a Data specialist Joe Oltmann) then rushed to wipe his social media posts.

No wonder. Some of his choice contributions to democratic politics in the USA were: “Trump f…..ed” “F…. the USA” “F… the police with lyrics” “Cop killer is a great song” “(Trump is a) fascist asshat blowhard” “Texas a land of racists idiots and mysogenists”. He also stated on the Antifa group he supported

“Don’t worry Trump is not going to win. I made sure of that”

Here is the link to Michelle Malkin’s interview with Joe Oltmann.

Eric Coomer, the Dominion Executive exposed therein is also a major shareholder in the company. Like so many in the far left corporatist movement he makes substantial profits from his politics! He has a PhD and holds several patents in voting system technology! – well what do you know!

His nemesis, the Data expert Joe Oltmann, predicted the Trump win in 2016 and was convinced the data he examined indicated a win again in 2020.


As Catherine Blaicklock showed in an article on the Salisbury Review website, when computer counting systems were examined at the Dallas 2018 election:

 the log showed all sorts of warning signs – just as in an aeroplane warning that something is wrong.  1741 times the computer warned of a ‘time-stamp mismatch’, meaning that a vote had been tampered within two dates – in this case up to 48 hours after it had been originally entered.  1027 times over three days, the computer warned that ‘votes exceed ballots.’  

In other words, there are now more votes than people who cast those votes – and each of these warnings were for a collection of votes – 50, 100 or more votes per computer warning. Multiplied by the 1027 times this occurred, it is a vast number.  160 times over two different dates, the computer warned. ‘Precinct already updated.’ 96 times ‘Replaced’ was warned. 12 times ‘Collect audit data failed.’

There were hundreds of other code warnings stretching from the day before the election, through election day, to the day after. The audit logs showed serious interference in an election nicknamed ‘The Blue (Democratic) Wave’. At first they thought that it could just be bad software so they compared Dallas with San Antonio which uses the same software. They did this because Dallas was the important Republican Ted Cruz race whereas San Antonio was blue (Democrat) already so there would be little need for tampering.

Compared to the 1027 warnings in the Republican contest that votes had exceeded registered voters, they found zero instances where this happened in San Antonio – conclusive evidence of serious tampering and not of a software malfunction.  Twice on election day the entire database in Dallas was wiped out and reloaded. This did not happen in San Antonio.


The former Democrat Governor of the State of Illinois Rod Blagojevich told Newsmax TV last week that election fraud runs deep and is widespread in large Democrat-controlled cities.

“I don’t think it’s just confined to Philadelphia…Coming out of the Democratic Chicago political establishment I know how they operate,” he said. He pointed out that Democrats typically control the political apparatus that counts the votes, the polling places, and the people who count the votes.

He claimed that Democrat-led polling places stop counting votes when their candidate is behind and in the middle of the night “the stealing starts.”


In January 2020 the Secretary of State for Texas found that the Dominion System was so vulnerable to hacking and fraud that he refused to certify it. To quote from the official report:

The examiner reports identified multiple hardware and software issues that preclude the Office of the Texas Secretary of State from determining that the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system satisfies each of the voting-system requirements set forth in the Texas Election Code. 

Specifically, the examiner reports raise concerns about whether the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system is suitable for its intended purpose; operates efficiently and accurately; and is safe from fraudulent or unauthorized manipulation. Therefore, the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system and corresponding hardware devices do not meet the standards for certification prescribed by Section 122.001 of the Texas Election Code.


In a recent interview Lt General Thomas McInerney exposed the so called Hammer surveillance programme which was developed to monitor terrorists. It was a Signals Intelligence programme and was classified and used to spy ILLEGALLY on US citizens and the Trump campaign in 2016.

Scorecardwas an “app” developed for the Hammer programme and used in the last election specifically in Florida – then, said McInerney, in the Democrat primaries to defeat Bernie Sanders *** and now in this election in the battleground states.

On the 1st November, before the election, prompted by an informant, General McInerney had warned the Trump campaign of its use.

The Scorecard computer programme is used in VOTE TALLEYS (not computer voting). The worrying thing today is that even those who vote by old fashioned pencil on paper are exposed to computer fraud because those pieces of paper are counted by computer programmes!

We know that votes can be switched. They were in Michigan as 6,000 Trump votes switched to Biden. The “glitch” was corrected but it must have happened elsewhere.

We saw that in 5 critical swing states in the early morning of the day after the election the method of fraud revealed by Rod Blagojevich (above) was put into action and there was an inexplicable halting of the counts in five states – after Trump seemed to have a healthy lead!

In Wisconsin between 3.30 and 4.30am they “found” 140,000 mail in ballots for Biden. In Michigan they “found” 200,000 mail in ballots for Biden. In Pennsylvania they “found” 1m mail in ballots and they virtually all turned out to be for Biden.

As the head of President Trump’s legal team Rudy Giuliani has said:

The whole reason the key battleground states called it quits on Election night saying they would resume counting in the morning was to get the GOP observers to leave and come back the next day. Meanwhile, they continued counting throughout the night, and witnesses have already come forward, and we have seen videos posted on social media, to prove that, and there’s also the fact that while these vote counting centers were supposed to be shut down, Joe Biden’s numbers began skyrocketing during those time periods.

*** In fact all the controversial swing States where Democrat Party fraud is alleged in 2020 went easily to Biden when he defeated Bernie Sanders in the Democrat Primaries in Spring of 2019!

To add to this history of defective voting systems we have an academic who studied the security of vote recording systems:

“Ten years ago,I was part of the first academic team to conduct a comprehensive security analysis of a DRE [direct-recording electronic] voting machine. We examined what was at that time the most widely used touch-screen DRE in the country, and spent several months probing it for vulnerabilities. What we found was disturbing: we could reprogram the machine to invisibly cause any candidate to win. We also created malicious software — vote-stealing code — that could spread from machine-to-machine like a computer virus, and silently change the election outcome.” — Alex Halderman,professor of computer science and engineering at the University of Michigan.


I quote from an excellent summary on the Gatestone website of the rigged ballots cases being brought by the Republicans.

“We’re fixing to overturn the results of the elections in multiple states. President Trump won by not hundreds of thousands of votes but by millions of votes that were shifted by this software that was designed expressly for that purpose. We have sworn witness testimony of why the software was designed — it was designed to rig elections.” “It’s the software that was the problem. Even their own manual explains how votes can be wiped away, it’s like drag and drop Trump votes into a separate folder and then delete that folder.”— Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor and a member of President Trump’s legal team.

“The software that they use is done by a company called Smartmatic. It’s a company that was founded by Hugo Chávez, and by his two allies who still own it. It’s been used to cheat in elections in South America. It was banned by the United States about a decade ago. It’s come back now as a subcontractor to other companies to sort of hide in the weeds.” — Rudy Giuliani, President Trump’s personal attorney.

And why, given past acknowledgement of fraud and unsafe systems by mainstream media are they suddenly silent when it comes to one of the most important Presidential votes in US history? Because they have joined a political movement many of whose members regard their opponents as evil and for whom ANY means is justified to remove them – regardless of the cost to American democracy. Take this admission by one of President Trumps’ most vicious opponents – the New York Times which today ridicules any suggestion of voting fraud:

“The concerns about possible ties between the owners of Smartmatic and the Chávez government have been well known to United States foreign-policy officials since before the 2004 recall election in which Mr. Chávez, a strong ally of President Fidel Castro of Cuba, won by an official margin of nearly 20 percent.” — The New York Times, October 29, 2006


The Republicans have prepared some 20 cases of alleged election fraud in several States and U.S. Attorney General William Barr has authorized federal prosecutors to probe alleged irregularities.

As Graham Summers a lawyer writes on “Gains Pains and capital Gains”:

Two weeks ago, Justice Alito of the Supreme Court of the U.S. ORDERED the State of Pennsylvania to segregate and count separately any ballots that arrived after 8PM on election night.

This is a legal order from the Supreme Court of the United States. If you disobey it, you can go to prison. And because it’s a federal violation, the lawsuit isn’t going to be “Joe Schmo vs. John Doe,” it’s “the United States of America vs. Joe Schmo.”

My sources tell me that for Alito to order this without any comment from other justices suggests the Supreme Court as a whole is supportive of his action.

If you are looking for a reason as to why the media rushed into announcing Joe Biden as the President Elect Saturday (the day after Alito’s order), this is probably it.

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