This is the last issue of “Letters to the Editor” for 2018. 

We would like to thank all our wonderful and prolific letter writers for their letters. They all get read, and if not all get published, that is due to restrictions of space and time, not to the quality of the letters.

We wish you all a Happy New Brexit Year, and hope to receive as many letters with your unvarnished opinions as we did in 2018!


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There have been a number of articles/letters in various journals including ‘Independence Daily’ that suggest we should have sympathy with Mrs May as she is faced with an impossible task. I find it impossible to have sympathy with someone who is entirely responsible for creating their own impossible positions.

First it was Mrs May that called a general election when there was no need and then she ran a disastrous personal campaign aimed at self aggrandisement. Never a winner with the UK electorate.

Second, in pursuing a publicised BREXIT she, with a substantial majority of her Cabinet who she appointed,  in fact pursued a REMAIN agenda, which played straight into the hands of the EU.

Thirdly, she followed a negotiating strategy that made every single mistake that could possibly have been made in the tactics she and her team followed.

All of this stems from the fact that she and the other ‘Remoaners’ could never accept the referendum result from which the real starting point for the UK and the EU should have been  that we will leave the EU totally and absolutely. No ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ BREXIT. Just BREXIT.

The only question that then arises is that,  given our new relationship, what is there on which both sides wish to cooperate and so need a sensible deal? This approach leaves us OUT but negotiating matters on which  we will agree to get back IN. This leaves the EU with no hand to play. Mrs May’s approach, left us IN and negotiating how to massage this to include an element of OUT in some areas. This leaves the EU with a strong hand. Two fundamentally different approaches. The first will succeed, the second will always fail.

Respectfully, Tim Pope


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I write as a Scot.

In a worst case Brexit scenario (indefinite vassal state), would it be constitutionally possible for England+  to vote to secede from the UK (and thereby the EU), as Scotland tried to do recently ?

By “England+”  I include Wales and NI for constitutional reasons.

Somebody, somewhere, might be able to enlighten us?

Respectfully, George Morton

(PS: I’d apply for English citizenship.)


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I believe that we wish to leave the political European Union that is controlled by Brussels, but trade with all of Europe, and not just with the remaining members of the planned United States of Europe, which intends to replace member states with cross-border regions.

However, it would be beneficial to both the U.K. and the remaining members of the E.U. if a bespoke tariff-free trading relationship could be struck up with Brussels. Surely this would eliminate the Irish Backstop ‘Sword of Damocles’ situation.

Until we step free from the shadow of the E.U. dictatorship, we should fly the Union Jack / Flag at half-mast, possibly below the Star Strangling flag of Brussels..

Season’s Greetings to you all,

Respectfully, Peter Ashcroft


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In the Times of Saturday 22nd of December Matthew Parris says that the UK will “fall down league tables”, unless it remains in the E.U – which itself is already in the least most successful continent, apart from Antarctica.

Since the advent of the Eurozone in 1999 the German economy has grown by around 32% while that of the UK has grown by 43%. Over the same period US, Canadian and Swiss growth rates have risen by 49%, 53% and 46% respectively.

Eurozone % unemployment has remained stubbornly at around twice the UK’s and the EU has been the least successful trade area in the world for many years.

That owes much to the one-size-fits-all Regulation and Eurozone straitjackets.  Since the E.U. is bent on Fiscal, Political and Military union, we would over time, be locked in to the same constraints.

Over 90% of the world’s population is outside of the E.U. and it is creating wealth at a faster rate. That is where the future lies.

It does not lie with a crumbling edifice run by an unelected politburo, which insists that the “era of our nation state is over.”

Respectfully, Roger Arthur


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